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  • A Hero: Izuku
    19.4K 373 54

    Izuku Midoriya, some call him waste, a failure, nonsense, DEKU. As it turns out pain might be the path to glory. Sometimes it takes death to live. This is the story of Izuku Midoriya. Hope you enjoy!

  • Dont Bully Me Nee-San's.
    2.7K 110 2

    (Similar to my "Shy Nerd" story.) What happens when three Rabbit girls meet a shy boy named Izuku Midoriya and tease the living hell out of him, along with a student president who is very strict but is secretly in love with the boy? Well I tell ya one thing, its going to be a crazy ride for this cinnamon roll! Join m...

  • Reincarated as Alucard from Hellsing (Male Alucard X High School DXD)
    21.1K 420 14

    This is my First time to make this fanfiction book and i do not OWN Hellsing and High School DXD as well the pictures i will put here BTW i am going to try my best to make this story an active one and i will make sure i can update my first story and plus i am really new at making an fanfic story

  • Naruto The New Sage Of Six Paths
    232K 3.4K 21

    Naruto brings back Sasuke but gets banished for completing the mission find out what happens in my new book Naruto the new sage of six paths Best Rankings #1 Banished #1 Narutocrossover

  • An Astronomical Gift (MHAxBen10)
    3.3K 60 7

    Decided to do one of these cuz I've been reading a Ben10xMHA and think they're really cool, so I'm doing one my own way! Spoiler alert for if you haven't gotten past the hero killer fight! The omnitrix will have the original 10 aliens (Heatblast, Four Arms, Grey Matter, Ripjaws, Diamondhead, Stinkfly, XLR8, Upgrade, a...

  • The Outcast Mage
    2.2K 70 4

    in a world filled with magic there were many magical creatures, but the main three creatures that stand on the top was Elfs masters of bow and wind magic, beastman with their unbelievable strength and lastly humans, the one creatures who magic can vary from different types, but one day a boy who was born with a type w...

  • A Legacy's Shadow
    34.6K 379 14

    izuku yagi is a boy who learn at the age of 4 the sad reality of this world that people with quirks have all the power while quirkless person are left behind, being bullied for 10 year by his former childhood friend katsumi et shoka and his sister izumi didn't made him give up on his dream . the image is from here htt...

  • Wrath, Violence, and Love. (Izutoru)
    3.4K 225 7

    Izuku Midoriya. Quirkless. Has been his entire life. Always will be. And yet, that's not all. He's bullied. Despite the impressively shitty hand life had dealt him, he still pushes forward, trying to become a hero. But when he gets shot down by his idol, then berated for attempting to save someone who he thought was...

  • MHA: All for One AU.
    58.4K 1.3K 20

    A MHA au where Izuku is trained for 10 months by Stain instead of All Might. This Izuku is a lot stronger and more confident bur doesn't inherit One for All....turns out Izuku did have a quirk...All for one. While this Izuku still believes in heroes....he will have a much darker reality then before...

  • Betrayed and Broken Hero Turned Pyro Huntsman
    135K 2.2K 35

    Izuku was cheated on by the 2-A girl except for Momo with the guys of 2-A. He was heartbroken about this, but things turned for the worse. He was then kicked out of U.A for injuring Shoto and Bakugo. He then went to become a vigilante and was approached by a man who gave him an opportunity to be something different th...

  • Iron Man Izuku
    7.9K 227 7

    A story where Izuku Midoriya is marvels Iron Man. It starts at the sports festival, where Izuku reveals his genius to the world. let's see how his life unfolds

  • The New Girl I Loved Before
    6.2K 222 16

    Life in a different universe where kids weren't parasites, but highschoolers of Klaxosaur High.

  • Betrayed Love:Izuku Midoriya
    152K 1.8K 19

    Betrayal can be a fatal blow to your soul and mind Izuku Midoriya the most poor,shy,timid,innocent boy in class 1a but thats all they think what if a certain girl that he likes and becomes his lover cheated on him with his own best friend And his bestfriend Betrayed him Laughed at him Framed him for a crime he nev...

  • The Honor Hero
    11.9K 336 9

    Izuku gets framed for stealing files and giving them to the league. He was going to be arrested but his friends helped him escape. Katsumi, Ochaco, and Momo go with him to help clear his name. But then their capture by the league and get sent to another world.

  • Overwatch Abuse Hero
    66.9K 1K 17

    Izuku is quirkless meaning he cannot become a hero. His parents neglect him for being useless. His sister and friends use him as their own punching bag. He lives in world entirely made of heros. One day he's found by Overwatch agents. After explaining his home life they take him. His family won't see him until UA Univ...

  • An Auraless Inventor (Izuku X RWBY)
    71.6K 1.6K 50

    Izuku Midoriya has wanted to be a Huntsman for as long as he can remember. Unfortunately for him, his Aura is so weak he can't protect himself from an annoying fly let alone a rabid Grimm. But, for what he lacks in Aura, he makes up for in intellect and genius. Can his weapons and gadgets protect him from the dangers...

  • BNHA Alternate Timeline: Symbiote and Friends
    1.3K 23 7

    !WARNING! There will be swearing and gruesome scenes. You have been warned. Follows the the general BNHA timeline with a few changes. Change 1: Bokugo never was a bully to Izuku. Infact, he remained his best friend and is very protective of him (like an older brother, not any of that gay shit). This also isolates h...

  • Anyone can wear the Mask. Even You!
    7.6K 127 11

    Basically Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse, with Izuku Midoriya. Izuku Midoriya is a quirkless kid living in a world of Quirks, he was often bullied but had his friends there for support. When he get's bitten by a radioactive Spider. And more Spider-Themed heroes show up, he will have to rise and become the Spider-Ma...

  • Symbiotic hero: sick Venom
    61.2K 663 23

    Izuku was quirkless, useless, unwanted... He... was chosen? When izuku was born without a quirk he was forgotten because people cared for his two sisters Izumi and Irene more, but one day when he was going to be killed by a slime monster two slime creatures came to his rescue and now the three are partners who will c...

  • Perfect Bond (MHAxPOKEMON)
    1.2K 32 7

    In the world where 80% Of humanity has a power called quirks and 20% doesn't have powers which are referred to "Quirkless", Izuku Midoriya is a boy which has a dream to be a Hero like his idol All Might but that all changed when he found out he was quirkless, Despite that he had gained a strange power that let him sum...

  • Izuku the Vanquisher
    232K 6.9K 51

    What if Izuku never grew up with a loving family? What if he was raised by a former hitman and mercenary? Follow how this young (yet deadly) mercenary returns to Japan after many years as he tries to live a normal life that he was once denied... No pairing decided (yet)

  • The Emerald Archer
    17.9K 398 23

    Izuku Midoriya is the Green Arrow. I own nothing in this story

    63.9K 1.2K 46

    At a young age the man I respected most in this world was taken from me and my mom. At that Moment I made a solemn vow that what happened to me would never happen to anyone else ever again. On that day I became vengeance, I became the night, I became Batman. All characters belong to their respected companies

  • The Amazing Spider-Deku
    8.7K 257 10

    Izuku Midoriya was one of the 20 percent of the world's population that are quirkless. The only friend he has is Ochako Uraraka, and is bullied by the explosive power house, Katsuki Bakugou. One day on a field trip he is bitten by a radioactive spider and is given great abilities despite being quirkless. After his fat...

  • A second chance ( Bnha fanfic )
    109K 1.4K 20

    Izuku Yagi is treated as a pathetic waste of space and gets rejected by his favorite hero. He decides to run away where he's stabbed to death. .. Read to find out more.

  • The Demon and The Hero
    34.9K 615 10

    Izuku was bullied by his sister and friends when he was little. After a few months later while being chased by them he ran into a girl. She had long red hair and teal blue eyes that glowed brighter then the moon at night time. After running into her and seeing that she had suitcases with her he wondered why before fin...

  • Downward Spiral (Izuocha)
    8.8K 319 62

    This is a FanFic that will touch on heavy subjects such as depression and self harm. It picks up from the end of season 4 of the anime and will have just 1 major spoiler from the manga, but events shall be changed. It is original, although it has taken inspiration from other stories and personal thoughts and experienc...

    Completed   Mature
  • •[Izuku The Unpredictable Hero:Overwatch]•
    8.1K 111 5

    Izuku Yagi Is A Quirkless Human In A Superhuman Society. His Sister Izumi Yagi And Her Friends Shoko Todoroki And Katsumi Bakugou Bullied Him For His Dream Of Becoming A Hero Without A Quirk. His Parents Ignored Him And Focused More On Izumi. And When He Was 5 He Had Enough He Ran Away From His Home And Meets A God Th...

  • Bell Cranel Master Of Heroes
    37.3K 701 12

    Bell Cranel is a 14 years old boy who wanted to be a hero after the so called death of his grandfather he came to orario to fulfill his at being a hero he got accepted at the Hestia familia as their only member

  • The Beast Unleashed (My Hero Academia)(Hiatus)
    65K 1.3K 28

    Izuku Midoriya has been bullied his entire life for being quirkless and has been descriminated by many for being "powerless", but what if he had a power all along? What if he had a power that allowed him to become the strongest in the world, but it could only come out when he lets his anger free? What will happen onc...