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  • ✨𝘽𝙅 𝘼𝙡𝙚𝙭 (𝙨𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙤𝙣 𝙩𝙬𝙤) 𝙛𝙖𝙣𝙢𝙖𝙙𝙚❤️✨
    9.4K 57 8

    Hey whores✨ if you're reading Bj Alex s2 you're in luck of reading the 🔥hottest🔥 season yet ,Dong gyun and Ahn jiwon and are on vacation on an island and when they come back,is something they never expected"

  • Bj Alex/MD FF
    35.5K 365 8

    Bj Alex and Bj MD Fanfictions (Book 1/5) . . . Disclaimer: This is only for fun, none of the events happened in the original stories and there are no spoilers whatsoever, this is only a work of fiction and the characters aren't mine. My friends have been asking me to write fanfics for them, soo yeah, they wanted me to...

  • Don't let go
    10 1 1

    The Japanese Skater Yuuri Katsuki who placed Second during grand prix final how will he do this time?? Legendary Victor Nikiforov back on ice???

  • Mine (Victuuri Smut)
    10.2K 153 5

    Yurri didn't win Gold but who says you have to wait until marriage?

  • bruises & red strings ☽ │sugawara x reader
    26.9K 928 5

    To you, that Red String of Fate was bull. And you only hoped that if it was true, that it lead to someone else other than to the abused Sugawara Koushi.

  • Adstin smut in le alphabet
    4K 51 5

    Yea just read :p

  • Instagram ~ Victuuri/Viktuuri
    94.6K 3.3K 22

    Yuuri has idolized Victor from afar for so long and everything changes when his childhood friends kids upload a video of him skating to an old performance by Victor himself, it blows up everywhere and Victor is suddenly fascinated by this boy.

  • Change
    15.1K 583 4

    "When a mommy and daddy love each other very much, they make a baby" "But you and mom don't love each other How the hell did you make one?" // *sequel to when he loved me*

  • Birthday Sex [Victor x Yuri lemon]
    43.7K 408 1

    Written on 11/29/16 My little baby Yuris birthday. :3 I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES/GIFS ALL CREDS TO OWNERS FOR MATURE READERS ONLY

    Completed   Mature
  • Yuri!!! On Ice Messages
    4K 219 11

    Messages, group chats, Viktuuri, various ships, innuendos, fun stuff. | Much Gay™ | Admittedly, there's smut and mature themes in a majority of the chapters--I'd say about 4/5 chapters are at least maturely themed.

  • Call Me Daddy [Yuri x Victor Lemon]
    29.3K 290 1

    Another more kinky story, you guys wanted more daddy Victor so I shall give you more😋 Again, my laptop is broken so I have to use my phone, I'm sorry for whatever my auto correct does or I mess up on.

  • YOI Sex Headcanons
    4.5K 85 14

    Exactly what you think this is. If you don't want to see sexual stuff or my opinion on how characters would act, then don't read. Simple as that lol.

  • Remembee how we met?
    90 19 5

    "I'm never using omegle ever again." Yuri katsuki mumbled to himself while closing his laptop. He took his phone out and opened his twitter to log in. Sign in. Email/Username: @VictorsHugeAss69 Password: IloveKatsudon While you were away... Victor Nikiforov @V-Nikiforov: Hey, everyone~~ I just discovered this site cal...

  • My lovely stalker
    66.1K 1.6K 23

    Yuri has a stalker but not any stalker....victor. Who would kill anybody who gets close to Yuri. Victor at first seems like a nice neighbor at first. Until all of his love ones sowly go missing and soon he finds himself lock in the basement? This is fuck up....I'm not gonna lie. So dont be surprised when you read so d...

  • Irresistible ~ a Viktuuri lemon (COMPLETE)
    82.7K 937 7

    A lemon for you all

  • Viktor Nikiforov x Reader
    29.4K 810 8

    (look at the title^^) Also, this story is rated Mature, but there's only one chapter with any lemon in it, so y'all can still read this. Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the plot

    Completed   Mature
  • Victuuri Smut
    123K 1.8K 7

    Yuuri has been having some 'Thoughts' about Viktor all day.... they aren't exactly sfw ;). Until a little later those thoughts become real....

  • Yuri On Ice-Victor x Yuri Smut
    34.3K 474 2

    Victor watched as Yuri was practicing. Victor wanted to take their relationship to the next level. He wanted to be more than a coach to Yuri. Little did Victor know, Yuri wanted to be something more to Victor... First smut story, so please don't judge! I am a fangirl when it comes to Victor x Yuri shipping! I love th...

  • Victor X Yuri
    37.9K 686 1

    Yuri !!! On Ice . Have you ever wondered what happens after the Grand Prix Finals... Well heres something naughty~

  • Victuuri Smut (Drunkin' inlove)
    37.7K 439 4

    After the competition.Yuuri thought about confessing what he feel for Victor in the hotsprings before Victor goes to Russia. But he cant tell him.Instead he tried to drink and get drunk so that he can say what he feels for Victor more honestly.(Gone Wrong)Do Victor feel the same way? We Were Born To Ship Victuuri!

  • Baby On Ice √ (mpreg) (boyxboy) (VictorxYuri) (yaoi)
    472K 14.9K 10

    #angst Everything was perfect as if nothing could rip their happiness apart. The time they had spent together were something Yuri couldn't have asked for more. Until one day Yuri woke up on his bed, finding the lack of his lover's, no, his fiancé's presence beside him. Not just on his bed, but his world. [R+] "Seco...

  • Victuri Smut
    69.5K 989 5

    It's exactly what the title is. If you clicked it you know what's coming. ;) enjoy CREDIT TO THE ARTIST WHO MADE THE COVER I kind of made this s joke why does it have so many reads I'm confused but thank you :)) ♡♡♥♥

  • Love Can Really Give You Wings.. Viktuuri AU
    250 49 12

    Yuuri Katsuki is a top assassin in the Executioner League... With everything he could ever want... How come he feels so empty? There was a yearning... A longing... In his heart... Yet... That longing must be found in another... With eyes of blue...

  • dorks//victuuri
    85K 3.4K 58

    yuurikatsudon- um, do I know you? v-nikiforov- I don't know, do you? {lowercase intended, 1/11/17} {this was once #2 in aesthetic? :,)} TW: extreme mentions of homophobia, anxiety, depression, toxic relationships. stay safe 💛

  • Bloody kiss (Vampire au) {Viktuuri/Victuuri}
    17.4K 556 29

    The modern world of today isn't what you think anymore.... 'Do you believe in supernatural?' People always ask me that question and I always awnser the question that I do believe in it, because I was almost dead by one and boi did I saw how that bloodsucking creatures looked like. They were disguised as normal human...

  • this is educational
    58.8K 1.6K 18

    Yuri is a bright and cute teatcher. A normal guy who teatches at a high school who might have a thing for the principal. Yuri can't let he's feelings get in the way though. He is going to lead these kids to their futures. Kids deserves the best education so they can get the best careers. Thia is all he can think...

  • Just going a little crazy
    29.2K 880 7

    Yuri is a therapist. Oh no you must be thinking the therapist who work with people who have PTSD or depression. No yuri a different therapist. Yuri a therapist for the crazy people. You know he works at the asylum. Now yuri most fascinating patient is victor. The serial killer who kill more than 200 people (and still...

  • Complicated love (Viktuuri/Victuuri au)
    3.6K 214 20

    Yuuri Katsuki, a 16 year old male that have zero experiences of love, moves to another country with his mother. His mother had divorced with Yuuri's father, because of his drinking state problem as they moved to Russia, far away from Yuuri's father. The ravenett boy was quite upset to move away from his previous frien...

  • The broken minded lovers~{Viktuuri/Victuri}(Mafia au)
    1.2K 93 12

    {Part 2 book} Where did I lose my mind like my lover? It's quite surprisingly that I'm a bit more saner than the Devil himself. The flashing lights and the blood curdling screams. It was perfect...almost like a beautiful dream. We were busy having such a wonderful date. Where we were killing the people that we terribl...