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  • The Alpha Next Door ✓
    798K 27.1K 34

    Dee Evans is only 16 years old when she finds out she's mated to her best friend, Dominic-- The charming Beta of their small pack in the summery town. Dee's always been the girl who has her nose in a book and her head in the clouds, and when Dominic rejects her, she struggles to fight back-- And is left emotionally sc...

  • Just a Maid
    489K 20.1K 42

    Alanna is the new maid for the bratty daughter of the landlord of Vienna. She hates her job and feels like her life is going nowhere because she's just a maid. Apparently from what her boss says, a useless one too. But, meeting the daughter's incredibly attractive boyfriend changes that point of view. Alanna soon real...

  • Maid For You
    1.5M 62.7K 58

    "GET OUT!" After kicking an egotistical, rude (albeit gorgeous) jerk out of her store, Cassie thinks she's seen the last of him. Too bad he's a prince. And that she's his maid.

  • Sold To The Gang Leader
    23.3M 606K 44

    Natalie Chambers didn't know about her father's gang, that is until he sold her. What Natalie didn't know is that he sold her to, one of the most dangerous gang leaders around. Carter Grayson. {PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY IDEAS} Achievements #12 in Romance

  • Maid For You 2
    643K 32.1K 57

    Cassie used to think that her life as a maid for the terribly gorgeous Prince Coleman was complicated. She had no idea what was coming. Now with the crafty Queen Klara showing favor towards her, Cassie must navigate through the waters of nobility, class, and social elevation all while keeping up with her duties as a m...

  • His To Keep (COMPLETED)✔️
    787K 25.2K 41

    "What's your name?" He gently asked as he approached me, the rage and hatred that had once painted his features now gone. "A-Avery," I stammered out, my body slightly shaking out of fear. "Avery," he repeated, my name sounding beautiful as it slid past his lips. The moon trickled through the treetops and illuminated h...