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  • The Heroic Rabbit and The Demonic Raven (Izuku x Raven)
    59.8K 927 7

    Deku and his class were doing their normal thing of listening to their teachers about heroes, when the LOV attacked them. As they were fighting, Deku saw that his friends were weak, hurt, and tired and that the rest of the heroes were not here to help yet. He made the decision to fight off the villains until help came...

  • Girl Scouts (Hiatus)
    386 9 2

    Darcy and Lisa become Girl Scouts. I don't own the Loud House..It belongs to it's creator and Nickelodeon. Cover given by @Kalobburnett

  • Bill's Reluctant Bride 👰
    78.3K 1.8K 13

    Dipper always helps his family with EVERYTHING, but what do they do for him? This question comes to mind when Bill tricks Ford with an offer too good to be true. Will Dipper come to love Bill or will his family save him? Read to find out. I don't own anything from Gravity Falls, It belongs to Alex Hirsch

  • So It Was All A Facade, I Should Have Known......
    49.9K 834 7

    "Traitor! Why did you even come to U.A.?!" "No, it wasn't even me..." "I can't believe I dated a Villain!" "Momo..." "You should be ashamed to even call me your sister!" "Izumi, I never did anything!" "I can't believe you would have the audacity to do this to the Midoriya Family!" "Akatani, please believe me!" "I WILL...

  • Izuku midoriya the betrayed stand user
    42.1K 582 8

    Izuku midoriya was framed for stealing U.A files. When izuku went to his homeroom. Some people started to yell traitor. One of his classmates try to hit him, but his stand awakens. What will happen to Izuku

  • Dont hide.||Human!Sans X Chara.
    12.5K 228 18

    Hello!This story is inspired by Cursed_Aki666 Go check them out!

  • an unexpected couple (izuku x saiko)
    49.2K 476 6

    no ones doing this so here you go

  • The Four Magic Louds
    38.6K 685 36

    After learning how her family treated Lincoln after Lynn accused him of being badluck, Rita sends Lincoln, Leni, Lucy and Lily to live with their cousins. But when they arrived...The four siblings learned that they all had magic. Will they use their powers for good or use them for revenge against the Louds sans Rita? ...

  • Loud In the City
    94.4K 1.3K 43

    After his family locked him out of the house, Ronnie Anne comes for a surprise visit and discovers what his family has done. After saying some choice words, she takes Lincoln towards her house before they visit the city. Will the Louds get him back or will Lincoln stay with Ronnie Anne? I don't own the Loud House, the...

  • Lincoln's Life in the Great Lake's City
    49.4K 533 21

    Rita has finally see the true colors of Lynn Sr. and decides to divorce him and take Lincoln, Leni, Lola, Lana, Lucy, Lisa,and Lily with her to Great Lake Cities. Where she meets and marries Lincoln's real father...Lugar Kenneth. I don't own Loud House or it's characters...They belong to Nickelodeon and the creator. I...

  • Lori's Redemption (Hiatus)
    41K 150 6

    Save the date AU After Lincoln returns home, he comes face to face with an outraged Lori Loud who is heartbroken after Bobby breaks up with her. Long story short...Lincoln is placed in the hospital and Lori's bond with her siblings and parents is broken. Realizing her mistake....Lori has to gain forgiveness, but the o...

  • Anger Issues
    58.9K 600 23

    The Loud sister's have been a massive pain towards the whole town of Royal Woods. And it's time that they knew that. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters...they belong to it's creator and Nickelodeon. I also don't own the photo used for the belongs to their creator

  • How NSL Should Have Happened
    109K 1K 28

    This is another NSL fanfic that shows a different take from the first NSL fanfic that I've made which is still ongoing. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters, They belong to the creator and Nickelodeon. I also don't own the picture used for the belongs to it's creator

  • The winged deku
    11.4K 256 11

    deku has wings

  • The Spellbook Hero
    257K 6.5K 44

    Name: Izuku Quirk: Witch's Library Quirk description: quirk first manifested as a book written in an old language he couldn't read as he got older more books appeared with different type of spells and in different dead or old languages I'm writing this on my phone so there will be typos you have been warned everythi...

  • Forbidden Love(Up for adoption)
    89.5K 1K 14

    Izuku is dating Itsuka and only Class 1-B knows about it and they accept him and treat him like Family.What happens if Class 1-A finds out? Will they reject her? Or will they accept her? Or will deku have to run away.. From hero..... to a Singer?!?!

  • He's Leaving!!
    107K 2.3K 30

    Izuku Midoriya is apart of Class-1A. He has All Mights quirk and plenty of friends. However when he gets home one day from school his mom tells him there going to America! Izuku doesn't want to leave his classmates and they don't want him to go either. ~One Year Later~ What happens when Class-2A (because there in ther...

  • The name's Karma.
    480K 19.1K 38

    Izuku Midoriya, a shy, timid boy with a yet happy and cheerful personality. Karma, the man that could make the devil shudder in fear. _____________________________________________________________________________________ After realising that society saw everything in only black and white; it's either you are a Villain...

  • The Dissasembling Hero: Deku
    6.3K 156 2

    Izuku will have Overhaul's quirk. Izuku will also adopt Eri early on (She will already be adopted the first chapter) and Overhaul doesn't have his normal quirk but instead has a fire quirk and won't actually be a villain. Izuku killed Overhaul and adopted Eri. Izuku will also act like class 1-a's dad and because of th...

  • the green demon
    148 3 1

    I'm terrible with this so tldr deku gets framed meets bill cyhper gets his powers and hagakure also finds the pinetree books and sommons izuku by acident.

  • The School Idol And Her Prince
    20.8K 265 9

    An Izuku X Nejire (Yes another one from yours truly.) Yep. That's it.

  • A Little Blood and A Little Heart A My Hero Academia FanFic (Toga x Izuku)
    21.4K 299 4

    Izuku thought that he'd never find a girlfriend, but one person watches from the shadows waiting to be noticed.

  • Secret life of Izuku
    36.1K 614 4

    Izuku's decides to visit people from his past

  • Shiketsu Chief
    65K 2.5K 8

    Midoriya Izuku in Shiketsu high

  • Our Illegal Band (Bnha)
    105K 3.8K 33

    (Vigilante!Deku, dekubowl, litteral dick All Might, dadzawa, dadmic, Shindeku, and OC's) You know it's ironic that we're only trying to fix up how heros do things and even have heros and villains alike that agree but it's illegal. Excuse me? Society is quite fucked when middle schoolers are told to kill themselves, he...