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  • tales of a [mixed] girl
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    In which a mixed girl details 20 years of being asked to choose one or the other. Feeling like she never fit in anywhere. Wondering where she belonged and wondering if there was anyone who could relate. This is 20 years of struggles. Raw, honest, and unfiltered. I will not sugarcoat my words because not once were they...

  • Kaushiki's soup for the literary soul
    687 243 14

    🥈 Second Place in The Rare Awards Poetry, 2020. 🥈 Second Place in The Creator's Choice Awards, 2020. A collection of poems, an eclectic mixture of emotions and pain. Different types of poems for diverse emotions. But no requited love poems or happy ones. You can find some heartrending and dark ones, though. Also, so...

  • lover.
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    poems from a lover poems for a lover. cover by @-ichor

  • See Me (Poems And Short Stories)
    52.7K 4K 133

    We use words everyday. We speak, and we express ourselves in many ways. Yet, sometimes there are no words to truly explain how we feel, think, and act. Sometimes, no matter how we try to explain, they just don't get it. Well, there's a reason why art exists. It is a common way people express themselves. People may int...

  • Melancholy Thorns
    2.7K 382 22

    Poetry is an outlet Millions of words devised into emotions It means thousands of things And simultaneously nothing at all. Someone once told me "the older the eyes, the heavier the burden." For those that feel lost in this world........ - I hope this helps - • 1st Place Winner of the Splash Poetry Awards - Decem...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sugar - A Collection of Poems
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    "if i fed you spoonfuls of sugar would it make the bitterness in your heart leave" a collection. of poems. of stories. of poems telling stories of their own. [lowercase intended] x featured in @ec_poetry's Premium Books reading list x