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  • My Twisted Arranged Marriage || P. Jimin x Y/N
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    Being a wife of a kpop idol seems very happy. You might think that youre lucky to have a husband that is an idol. Yes, Y/n taught that when it was the time of her marriage with a kpop idol name Park Jimin.But that didn't last long because Jimin didn't stay faithful to Y/n. He promise her that she will be the only wom...

  • ''We were 8'' -K.TH. -
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    "i wish you would remember me." ________ Do not expect a happy ending,...but what if it's there? °°°°°°° start: 28.4.2020 end: pls no hate

  • Park Jimin ONESHOTS imagines
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    Park Jimin Only May contain +21 if you hate it you may go away just block, don't report ========== Rangkings; #25 - shortfanfic #07 - shortfanfic

  • My Stepbrother Park Jimin
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    "If there is one thing I know, it's that jimin is not my brother... He is.. more."

  • Tested
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    What is gonna happen when the twin lycans save two humans and fall for them against the rule of the pact. Will these humans stay and fight or leave the girls for dead?!?!

  • fucked up | taehyung
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    "don't you think what we're doing is kind of fucked up?" "yeah, but it'll be our little secret, babygirl..."

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    When you left your lover without giving him a reason why, he came back as your sister's husband few years later with one sentence coming from his mouth "I will make you suffer"

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  • No Escape! °Girl×Boy°
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    Ein 16 jähriges Mädchen Namens Jena wird jeden Tag von anderen Schülern zum Sex gezwungen und erfährt eines Tages das sie schwanger ist, die Frage ist nur von wem? Von ihrem festen Freund oder von irgendjemandem? Boy×Girl -Missbrauch -Beleidigungen

  • The Black Prince
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    Y/N, a girl that recently got transferred to a new high school,finds her friend Jisoo and goes for a walk with her during break on her first day and talk about the groups of the students,when something caught her eye.Better say someone....Someone,who is always alone,never talks to anyone,always with an expressionless...