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  • ichigo x grimmjow
    23.7K 734 9

  • The Crows Mate
    237K 6.5K 44

    One night Naruto is woken up because he felt sweaty and hot so he decided to get up to splash cold water on himself to cool off but just as he got out of bed he closped on the floor due to weak legs. Once he hit the floor he slick started to leak out of him and he was stuck but then a figure that was wearing a black c...

  • So, You Wanna Learn About Alphas, Betas, and Omegas: Handbook to the Omegaverse
    24.4K 255 6

    A loveforpreserumsteve guide to the omegaverse. -Explains terms typically used in the omegaverse -Clarifies the anatomy of certain individuals -Handbook that I, loveforpreserumsteve, will be using when writing a/b/o dynamics

    160K 5.2K 46

    A new school law passed segregating Omega and Alphas in sports, all teams are now male and female. No matter their secondary gender. This causes some hard feelings and some parents pull their children off the volleyball team to play on more traditional teams. Can the Karasuno high crows make this their year or will p...

  • The Omega Pop Star
    39.3K 1.3K 43

    Izuku lives with his adopted father Toshinori Yagi (alpha) who is a famous actor and model that goes by All Might and his mate Aizawa Shouta (omega). Izuku is a new Pop star and after some incidence that has happened to Izuku his Toshinori goes to his mates body guard agency to hire some body guards for Izuku.