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  • The Lucky Switch {Gream/DreamNotFound}
    207K 9.6K 21

    For as long as George can remember, he's always felt like an outcast. He'd learned to be cautious when letting new people into his life, never allowing anyone to get too close. As time passed he gradually got used to relying solely on himself, but he still desperately wished he could just put himself out there a littl...

  • Stuck Together (DreamNotFound / Gream)
    258K 9.1K 37

    [COMPLETE] Clay invites his best friend George over for a week just before major travelling restrictions are put into place. The problem? Clay has recently developed feelings for George. Now they're stuck together by themselves. Will their friendship last? -- Please read A/N for more info, but major stuff: If either G...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Transfer Student | Dreamnotfound
    274K 7.5K 15

    george x dream highschool fanfic here's where the previous/original cover is from!: @4oh3-dot-zip check them out! they also have dreamnotfound stuff! since then i have changed the cover to be my art :))

  • promise me - dreamnotfound (discontinued but with an ending)
    98K 4.9K 19

    it's so far in the future. like, cars-don't-exist-anymore kind of far. population is massive. there is a 3% chance of you walking down the street without bumping into at least one person. so when comes the future, come more rules and expectations. clay, alias dream, is a criminal on the run. he failed his Trial, and m...

  • Isle of Dreams (DreamTeam + BBH FanFic) [COMPLETED]
    220K 8.7K 52

    #1 minecraftyoutubers (06-21-2020 to 07-05-2020) #1 sfw (08-26-2020 to 10-08-2020) #1 thetrio (07-20-2020 to I forgot) #1 bromance (09-27-2020) Pictures are not mine! Credits to the rightful owners! Yes, this is a DreamNotFound/Gream fanfic. Warning ⚠️ (You have been warned.): Do not read the book if you do not like...

  • Don't Call Me Sweetheart (DreamnotFound)
    69.9K 3.4K 7

    A fic in which George finally gets flown down to Florida and a friendly flirting competition breaks out. But it's just dudes being homies right? Then why does it begin to feel real? Mature for language use. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimers: i do not live in Florida and this town is completely fictional. excuse any...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing Snowflakes (DreamnotFound)
    153K 8K 15

    After a few careless words, George suddenly finds himself needing a boyfriend for the holiday season to bring to his family back in England. Clay, being the great friend he is, plays along with his friend's crazy plan of pretending to be dating for the four weeks. What could possibly happen? Mature for language use. ~...

    Completed   Mature
  • rain || dreamnotfound/gream
    239K 8.8K 21

    Bro dream, George, or whoever... PLEASE DONT EVER READ THIS I ACTUALLY BEG YOU PLEASE DONT Dreams lost but he doesn't know what to do about it. So he resorts to shutting the world out.

  • Undiscovered [DreamNotFound]
    369K 11.5K 21

    George and Dream have always been good friends - bonding over plugins and Minecraft and YouTube. However, George begins to feel something...different. Different feelings for Dream. A feeling in the pit of his stomach when Dream calls out his name. George is afraid to admit this. How could he, anyway? NOTE: Contains a...

  • Stay Inside (by my Side) : Gream/DreamNotFound
    276K 12.5K 28

    Quarantine hit just as George flew into Jacksonville, Florida for a business trip. Usually, he and Clay met up once or twice to hang out before ultimately resuming their own lives. This time, though, George's hotel shuts down and his return flight gets cancelled in the midst of the pandemic. Thankfully, his best frien...

    Completed   Mature
  • Text back (Being Revised)
    482K 14.5K 21

    WARNING: Some chapters contain triggering subject material. Reader discretion is advised. Dream has feelings for George, and he accidentally confesses whilst recording a video. 💖 Sapnap approved 💖 (He read this and thought it was cool) Cover by: Nical/Cricut tysm

    Completed   Mature
  • Minecraft, But You Can't Leave - DreamNotFound
    761K 30.5K 28

    "Today, we play a coded version of Minecraft VR in our minds. Our goal is to survive as long as we can and beat the game. Enjoy." ❗️❗️various warnings❗️❗️ -Strong blood / violence / character death (virtual and not too graphic!!) -Strong language (nothing you wouldnt hear on a livestream) -Alcohol use (very slight and...