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  • Hermitcraft Shots
    247K 8.4K 102

    A compilation of Hermitcraft oneshots! I'll update whenever inspiration hits, so buckle up boys. All art (if there is any) is mine! Quick note, all of these stories are strictly platonic! I write them like best friends, so there will be intimate moments, but that's what real friends do! (Particularly if they're Rendog)

  • Faith [dorkapye God AU]
    7.5K 486 6

    "But... gods can't die right?" Badboyhalo sighed; he would regret his next words. "Yes, Skeppy, we can. If one of us were forced to drink a mixture of wine and god's blood, we could be killed." "But how?" "Not now, Skeppy. Let's talk about something else." --- If minecraft youtubers were gods, sounds like fun. --- AU...

  • Mcyt Oneshots
    83.2K 1.6K 18

    Money back guarantee if you don't like the first chapter. Jk no refunds. Anyway, oneshots: dreamnotfound, skephalo, dream6d, technoxwilbur, ehhh others? Greamno? Plus whatever you request- (I don't do smut) *I'd recommend being at least 16 before reading but hey it's your choice. Let's hope some jokes go over your he...

  • Hermitcraft S7 Shenanigans
    104K 4.4K 146

    welcome to the chaotic hole of hermitcraft season 7! shipping will be present here (not irl shipping, just the personas) and any other warnings such as angst will be put if need be <3

  • Hermitcraft stories
    41K 1.6K 74

    Short connected oneshots, some with shipping and some without. A book of stories I write about Hermitcraft member's Minecraft PERSONA'S. There are many shipping stories, I write fluff, lime, rarely smut, and angst. Many of my stories in the same AU/world which is a really basic Minecraft one, but many stories too that...

  • Hermitcraft Things (S6/S7)
    39.3K 1.1K 26

    So I got hooked with Hermitcraft and of course my first thought was to spread my obsession through a book :,) Basically a bunch of random stuff, one-shots, AU's, headcannons, notes, incorrect quotes, and everything else I'm forgetting. Shipping is welcomed here, but I respect that they are real life people who have t...

  • Hermitcraft Stories & Stuff
    54.5K 916 41

    Just stories, headcanons, fanart, and more about Hermitcraft! *This book will contain shipping, but only of their Minecraft personas*

  • Dan Into The New World-A Hermitcraft Au
    1.7K 87 14

    " We have a new hermit to join us! Say hello everyone to Dantdm! Aka. Dan!" ***** Hermitcraft is a place where crazy events lie , from wierd experiments to the weirdest of wars. But what happens when Dan takes place in such times, when darker times pass over? ...

  • Hermitcraft Nonsense
    86K 2.6K 59

    Apparently all my books that aren't full fanfics are going to be "Nonsense" books? XD Theories, Short Stories, Oneshots, and more! Starting S6 and continuing into S7!

  • Claustrophobic | Skephalo
    305K 16.1K 50

    The zombie apocalypse has been going on for over a year now, with new and improved monsters showing up at every turn. Zak is a 19-year-old survivor who, until meeting Darryl, believed he was the last man standing. Darryl, a 24-year-old monster hunter, lives for the thrill of the chase. He never expected to meet Zak...

  • Midnight Birdsong [Dreamnotfound AU]
    1.3M 43.6K 43

    George is hopelessly in love with Clay, but he doesn't know how to express his feelings. Clay is concerned and confused about why his friend is avoiding him. High school first love, plus a sprinkling of drama. Dreamnotfound, Skephalo... If you enjoy a slowburn, you'll like this one. ___ High school AU (Contains other...

  • Controlled Mafia AU - A Hermitcraft AU
    480 26 6

    ||Currently on Hiatus|| He got had a nightmare of someone new, but it had just been a nightmare. Well it would seem so if the he hadn't felt off, if the sever hadn't felt off. They had fell into a game they never knew they had signed up for now the Hermits have to stay alive and watch out for someone with the sprial...

  • Hermitcraft Oneshots
    34.3K 879 21

    A bunch of Oneshots and short stories based off of Hermitcraft.

  • A Lot More Hermitcraft Stuff
    125K 3.4K 201

    oh look, a third book of Hermitcraft stuff :') ships, smut, fluff, angst, all that stuff will all be present here

  • Hermitcraft OneShots
    2.7K 85 2

    Various hcr one shots :) hit me up with requests! (please be season 6 only! I only have some knowledge on other seasons) I am not English so I'm not very good at it. Ch1: Convex Hug! (Scar/Cub) Ch2: Sorry (Jevin/Grian)