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  • Short Stories-Is it Love?
    251 10 1

    Smut. One-shots. A collection of NSFW stories featuring Is it Love Characters.

  • The two Wolves - Sebastian Jones
    928 40 11

    This story is discontinued, but I made a rewrite called The Wolf's Girl

  • The Wolf's Girl (Sebastian Jones Fanfic)
    802 37 10

    Sasha Mayson, an ordinary college student who can't cook and survives off of take out. She doesn't try to make herself be known. She just hides in the background. Or at least tries to. For some reason, this ordinary girl has caught a wolf's eye. He can't seem to get her out of his head. What happens when he finds ou...

  • After Class Lesson
    705 19 1

    Professor Jones offers Bella some after class lessons :) Sebastian x Bella oneshot smut All characters belong to Studio 1492

  • The Siren's Voice Calls
    3.1K 109 21

    An Is It Love? story of a young woman with a dark secret. When that tragic incident occurred she made a choice to run away from home for good. In doing so, it brought her to a small town called Mystery Spell where she met the Bartholys and the town's University professor of Myths and Legends, who all had a secret of t...

  • Is It Love - Drogo
    623 16 3

    IIL fan fiction

  • Sebastian Jones - Is It Love?
    3.9K 66 6

    Fanfiction i dont own is it love

  • Is It Love? Drogo Fic
    942 40 6

    It was dark, so pitch black that you couldn't even see your hand in front of your face. I was cold and the temperature was dropping faster amd faster as the night progressed. The taxi had stalled after the driver had hit a dear and we'd went into a ditch and rolled through a cornfield and stopped at the edge of some f...

  • Shadow In the Night
    1.6K 32 5

    23 year old Jayde Ortega gets sent to Mystery Spell by her brothers Matt and Daryl Ortega to protect her from their old gang. while there she becomes a nanny for the Bartholy family while attending the University. What will happen when she catches the eye of a certain blond haired vampire and starts falling in love w...

  • The Shapeshifters Mate
    404 20 2

    Raven Gold is an immortal shapeshifter and a huge prankster. She moves to Mystery Spell to become a student teacher in Sebastian Jones's Myths and Legends class. She is immediately intrigued by the sexy Professor, will they fall in love?

  • Dark Temptation
    587 17 4

    A Viktor Bartholy fiction based off the Mystery Spell Is It Love games Created by 1492 studios

  • Endless Desire - Is it love? Colin Fan Fic #1
    30.3K 845 23

    This story picks up at the end of chapter 11, and follows my variation of events. Rated R for Sexual Content, Violence and Language Characters belong to 1492

  • Dark Desires: A Viktor Bartholy story
    2.6K 66 10

    Rose Spencer just got hired as Viktor Bartholy's personal assistant and she knows his secret he is a vampire but she has no clue he's an original vampire. Rose is far from being defenseless though she has telepathic and telekenetic powers to protect her. Will Viktor fall for this unusual human who stands up to him or...

  • Professor Sebastian Jones - Is It Love? Fan-fiction by SB
    122K 2.9K 88

    A fan-fiction story inspired in Is It Love? Games of 1492 Studio. Khawla Jones is a newbie in Mystery Spell and at Mystery Spell University. As everybody in the city, she holds many secrets... More than she knows. Khawla falls deeply in love with her Myths & Legends' Professor, but her heart is also shaken for his e...

  • Nicolae Bartholys love
    1.5K 32 8

    Having a difficult past is something that Nora needs to get away from but has Nora ran in the direction of death. (there is sensitive content! Proceed with caution)

  • Drogo's POV
    95K 2.2K 34

    Vampire Bad Boy, Drogo Bartholy, never thought he'd love again after the death of his first love many, many years ago. Until he ran into a mysterious girl at a bus station. Will she live long enough for him learn more about her? Or will she become another victim of his unruly sister? The story from Drogo Bartholy's p...

  • Mystery spell: Drogo The original story (Game Walk Through)
    68.8K 1.1K 37

    Maaya decided to move to Mystery Spell to follow the exciting and esoteric course of its unusual university. Hired as a nanny for the Bartholy family, she is in charge of looking after little Lorie. Her hosts, three rich and quite eccentric brothers. Who arouse the curiosity and fear of the inhabitants of the city who...

  • A Perfect Duet - is it love? Colin Fanfic #3
    10.7K 341 18

    The final installation! Will everything work out? As always rated R for violence, sexual content, language. You know all the fun stuff Characters do not belong to me, they belong to 1492 & is it love?

  • Dark Angel
    1.2K 24 5

    21 year old Stormy Stevenson moves to Mystery Spell to work as the new librarian at the University. When she meets a sexy dark haired vampire named Peter Bartholy she quickly finds herself falling for him but will his dark past prevent him from falling for her?

  • Is it love? Ryan Carter - His side of the story!
    261K 3.5K 38

    This is a faithful Fan Fiction, based on Is it Love? Ryan Carter game and a crossover between other Is it love stories. Carter is a lonely, controlling, centered and good man. He's living his life as his settled it. Everything is under control and perfect fine, until he met a certain PA, which turns his world upside...

  • Jingle Bell Rock-God (Colin One-Shot)
    505 17 1

    A fun little Colin/Amber One-Shot supplementary Story with a christmas twist. 17+ for language and sexual content Characters copyright to 1492 100% fun fanfic

  • Nicolae Bartholy - Fanfiction
    25.5K 537 43

    This is a fanfiction about Nicolae Bartholy. It is my interpretation of the story behind the visual novel 'Is It Love? Nicolae', by Claire Zamora, and how he feels towards the MC in the story. I try to stay as close as possible to the original story line, but I think that I will alter the story at a certain point. I s...

  • Is-it love? Sebastian
    184 3 6

    Margot is passionate about archeology since her early childhood and is attracted by the mysteries and legends surrounding different civilizations. To realize her dream of becoming an archaeologist, she moves to Mystery Spell to learn from the most famous professor in the field: Sebastian Jones. Because of her parents...

  • The bartholy brothers 18+
    18.5K 566 33

    Nina brovak moves to mystery spell after her mother is killed and her father goes missing.whilst there she falls in love and meets three brothers peter,drogo and Nicolae. But Nina has a secret of her own .In a story of witch's,werewolves and vampires how long can she keep her secret from the world as she has never k...

  • Is it love: Peter Bartholy
    14.8K 418 45

    This story is based on the "'Is It Love?' Mystery Spell: Peter" interactive novel. there are two characters you follow one is main story line And Peters Pov follows a similar story reference to ZenLadyB writing. They can be enjoyed together or separately. Reader Advisory: Sexual content, blood, violence, and harsh la...

  • Vampire Season: The Beginning **with CHOICES**
    5.7K 316 35

    Nicolae, Drogo and Sebastian Fanfic. *Mature Content* Let's go back to the beginning. Was Eve the root of all evil? For the Bartholys, a family of vampires, Evangeline Grace Good was the sound foundation of a frail bridge between their supernatural lives and those of humans. Blending and interacting with mortals was...

  • The Magical Touch of my Professor
    8.8K 277 13

    Bella had met this mysterious man in a cafe yesterday.She was convinced that she would never see him again. Little does she know...she meets him the classroom! All Characters belong to 1492 Studio

  • Obey.
    1.3K 103 24

    River E. Carter is the perfect son a father could hope for. He is intelligent, has perfect manners and he is a gentleman with every young lady he meets. River has also a big secret. He is a she. Forced by her dad to be the son he never had since the age of 4. Now in Mystery Spell for her first year of college, River...

  • Her Heartless Gangsta
    960 28 5

    Rayne Martinez aka Viper is a former gang member turned informant to bring down her former gang. At an Illegal street race she meets Daryl Ortega but little does she know they both used to be in the same gang. Will they fall in love or will Vipers fear of getting close to anyone prevent it from happening

  • Get A Little Wet {Sebastian x MC smut}
    676 29 1

    Bella comes come to find Sebastian in the shower....naturally she decides to join for some wet fun Sebastian and MC smut one shot. Characters belong to 1492 Studios,Ubisoft