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  • Molten x theFamousfims
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    This is a molten x Brian story Molten secretly likes Brian and Brian likes molten read my book to find out what happens next

  • Bryan x pat oneshots
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    to lazy to make a cover- request pls-

  • Bryan x Pat oneshots
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    I'm bored, so yeah, comment what you want and I'll do it, the story you want, have a good day

  • 'A Magical love Story' A Lefty x Molten Story Lemon/Smut
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    Lefty is an animatronic and Bryan is human everyone has a special ability having more than one ability is very rare only 5/10000 have more than one ability. Lefty is one of them he has 5 Bryan has 3 abilities and two special someone's have 4. Lefty has to split up with Bryan for a mission Lefty feels like something ba...

  • ●Thefamousfilms One-shots/Ships●
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    I was bored soo yeah???

  • The owners child
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    What would happen if Bryan had a kid?, what would happen if he didn't tell his friends about him?, what if molten found out?, to find out more read!

  • 𝙱𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚍𝚢❥︎☻︎ a famousfilms story
    183 6 3

    there was once a boy named bryan... He was a young teen in a horrible world but different things happen to different people, after all he was not ment to be in this world anyways....

  • //REWIND\\
    2.4K 89 10

    The title gives it away. I can't think of a real description yet.

  • Love Can Be A Challenge
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    This is a story of a 20-year-old man and he owns a theme park and has a secret that he doesn't want to say and then he started to catch feelings for his green hair friend named Jon but there are challenges that they must face like Glitchtrap and some unexpected guests and things ..... will they face it together or...

  • molten x bryan
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    credit to @_Galaxy_UwU_ for book cover request are always allowed

  • [Read Desc]TheFamousFilms Fnaf6&7,Origins of Olympus, FairytaleOrigins Onshots
    13.8K 251 35

    [Discontinued until Further Notice] I will accept Fluff and smut but just know I'm not so good with this Btw this is to make up for my slow updates TheFamousFilms fnaf 6 and 7, FairyTale Origins, and Origins of Olympus All belong to The Youtuber by the name TheFamousFilms This book belongs to me Please report to me...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crush
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    Jon x Bryan

  • Into The Unknown
    244 19 3

    Bryan had been drawn to the woods his whole life. As a child he had memories of things only seen in fantasy books, though he was sure that was his imagination. He had avoided the woods for a long time since being a child. His parents had moved him to the city and told him and his brothers the danger of the forest. Whe...

  • Sno,ooo And Fnaf Oneshot
    2.8K 122 6

    Hello there I really wanted to make a story I decided to make this oneshot of the famous films

  • [TFF]Crack on a Highway
    1.4K 50 6

    The Glamrock Animatronics decided that the only way they could get answers about their past was at Freddy-Land. Only problem is, how will they get there? Well they... In this story, Jon does not yet know about Bryan's death, and Bryan's death has not been publicly announced to the world. Molten is still acting as Br...

  • Jon x Bryan (Fanfic)
    339 23 4

    | CURSING AND INAPPROPRIATE SCENES | So, basically this is a fanfic, about Bryan x Jon, but in collage

  • Demigods and Animatronics
    720 27 8

    Freddy Land an amusement park that animatronic reside with the owner Bryan Films. it was supposed to be a normal day...... ya no. the portal malfunctioned and now Bryan Films along with Shadow Freddy, Molten Freddy, and Circus Baby get sucked in only to end up in a whole different dimension. will they be able to get o...

  • TheFamousFilms FNAF AUs
    73 4 2

    This is a book about my ever changing TFF AU. The more I think about it, the more my AU evolves, so I decided to make a book on it. Also, I'm sorry if there are a lot of mistakes. Most of the time, these are being written at midnight, and I kinda just wanna get it over with before I change my AU even further. Plus, I'...

  • ❣♥❤❤Lost soul❤❤♥❣ ( TheFamousfilms fanfic)
    1.9K 82 12

    It's been at least a month and a half since Bryan powered on. He's just a shy bean and hasn't regained his memory still. When molten comes he gets his memory but an hour later, His memory from being at the Mall pizzeria returns♥. Molten is now determined to get his friend back. No matter the cost.. Bryan still has fa...

  • Who's Showtime Bryan? (TFF) {DISCONTINUED}
    1K 33 6

    What happens when showtime Bryan suddenly remembers his past? What if he goes to freddy land and sees everyone after so long? How will they react to seeing him? Find out in this fanfiction!

  • Bryan's Stress [] TheFamousFilms AU
    411 14 4

    This story takes place after the video "I'm not crazy" a AU where Bryan doesn't need to die but is in a worse state Contains a lot of Angst

  • •⏱Turning Back Time⏱•
    1.7K 43 12

    Just read the story to find out how desperately Molten wants ;&($@2 back.Cover made by me and sorry if get any part of the timeline wrong.

  • [Insert Title Here] TheFamousFilms Fanfiction
    687 28 5

    Warning: May include adult themes such as mentions of PTSD. Bryan finds himself in a rather...tricky situation. He and his friends were about to close the portal for good this time but a particular event made it all go downhill. Instead of closing the portal, Bryan finds himself in the past! "What the hell did I get m...

  • The Apocalypse has Returned
    287 15 5

    It had been 2 and a half years sense the last zombie apocalypse and Bryan now had a somewhat good life going with the pizzeria and Afton trying to kill him yep just a normal day at Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria or at least Bryan thought but what happens when some of the animatronics find a zombie and bring it inside the pi...

  • "Who are you!?" TheFamousFilms
    4.1K 140 44

    Bryan's death had broken Molten's heart, So when Jon sends Molten to the Star Mall to find Bryan, he is shocked to find Bryan doesn't remember anything. Story Cover Credit to Nothing_Hallow.

  • An Owner Secret
    8.6K 282 21

    🎉*Completed*🎊 Bryan have been hiding things from everyone. After the whole thing with afton at his old place bryan have been hiding that he was more poplar in school & collage then everyone thought and know more then what he lay on. Soon some of bryan's old friends have come to visit the park and have cause some p...

  • Twisted Memories | TheFamousFilms |
    132 11 1

    What happens to a person when they have finally put the past behind them just to have it return? Warning this book could contain: Mentions of blood/Gore Mentions of abuse Death Swearing And mistakes

  • TheFamousFilms FNAF 6 Lies AU
    171 6 1

    Bryan is an animatronic, and he never knew. Springtrap hid the secret from him. (Of course) Characters belong to TheFamousFilms

  • Reborn.
    1.1K 28 2

    When Bryan gets killed by Twisted Bonnie, what will his friends do to revive him and perhaps even Molten, too?