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  • Amy Rose x Male!OP!Abused!Hedgehog!Reader
    1.4K 14 4

    Yeah, I promise I'd make it this week, so THATS what I'm GOING to DO! Will add more to description later.

  • The Scars we share
    74.1K 1.8K 15

    this is about a boy and his childhood friend and what paths they both walked because of there situations one being raised only to be the next number, one hero, the other being put down for being quirkless

  • Bnha x op male reader (Bakugo's older brother reader x ???)
    1.9K 23 7

    What if you were dreaming and accidentally got killed by God? What if the dream you were dreaming became your new reality? Well you don't have to imagine follow y/n l/n as he experiences this and more. The first chapter is a poll/character info it will be updated after the poll is over.

  • MHA x Male Reader
    184K 4.9K 49

    The world of heroes and villains changed when you, y/n, had a quirk like none other, every quirk in existence. When you attend UA to become a hero, a lot of obstacles block your path, from fourth wall breaks to your past coming back, you're still determined to be the best hero ever. #1 in Shadows - 10/27/20 #1 in Vill...

  • All For All (Male! Reader x BNHA harem)
    99.3K 1K 9

    I don't own any of these pictures, I only own the story and the plot, and you own yourself. You are the son of all for one, but you don't steal quirks but copy them. You have decided to be a hero and your future seems bright !!!Warning will contain lemons in the future!!!

  • Born With The Fifth Power(Dragon Ball GT Harem X Xicor Reader)
    3.3K 52 9

    Xicor was the 3rd true youngest son of Kakarot When He tried to take vengeance on him the kamehameha's clash was so great it broke Xicor into a reality where every guy was a genderbent version of themselves?!Xicor will have to thrive in this new world and maybe even find some women who like him more than a friend? (I'...

  • Male Gogeta reader x Highschool Dxd x RWBY
    35.9K 542 11

    A Saiyan that has been locked up under the school of Beacon Academy where gets tortured and treated like a slave by the headmaster and the devils that hes friends with but what happens when two saiyans find the two in the basement and save them.

  • A speedster at UA (speedster male reader x my hero academia)
    6.7K 67 5

    You are the son of Barry Allen the flash and you recently moved to japan and you go to UA high in order to become a hero but a few enemies from your father's past return along with some new ones. A/N: I do not own anything the only thing I own is my ideas

  • A Dragon and Speedsters Sadness (Returned)
    139K 1.5K 38

    A young little girl with blonde hair was abused by her own family. but she isn't the only one. a young boy is being abused himself. so let's see what we get

  • Male Reader Time Breaker X Dragon Ball
    77.5K 1.2K 15

    + After a great fight he had, he had no choice but to sacrifice himself for his family and friends but instead he arrives at a place he does not recognize, due to this event he loses the opportunity to see his family for thousands of years.He will return to defeat a great threat that even his father could not overco...

  • Potters (Hermione x Male Reader)
    303K 8.8K 82

    Basically Harry has an older brother, who ends up with Hermione. And I don't own these characters except the few I may make up, the rights to them belong to J K Rowling, this is just a fan re-write. (Please don't remove story) @Raider0401 made this for the blurb: Away, away in Hogwarts, among the willows and pines, sh...

  • Unrivaled Fury - Low Class Saiyan x Female Saiyan Harem
    228K 4.8K 61

    What if the saiyans on planet vegeta learned how to use the power of the mighty super saiyan and finally ended frieza and his years of using them as slaves and made themselves the strongest race in the universe. This story is about a low class saiyan who lost his parents in the fight against frieza and is left to fend...

  • God Of God's (Saiyan Male reader x My Hero Academia)
    23.4K 219 10

    You are Vegeta's adopted son.You were found in the middle of space, frozen and dead.Fortunately Whis was the one to revived you with the help of Bulma.You were violent and deadly but with the help of Vegeta's 'friends' you learn to be a respectful warrior and God.But not on Vegeta's or Goku's level.The Omni-King saw p...

  • Dragon Ball: Generation Saiyan
    29 0 2

    What if the Saiyans listen to Bardock. In this story, King Vegeta actually listens to Bardock sending Raditz, Kakarot, Vegeta and Broly, the baby he spared to Earth. A successful mission gone awry, a dark premonition coming to pass...Just when Frieza arrives to destroy the planet, King Vegeta figures it's too late to...

  • son of Goku (male reader X dbz, DBS
    4.6K 34 9

    y/n son of Goku and Chi chi he is much like his father but smarter (lol) he's going to be strong just like his father

  • Piggy Oneshots
    51 2 1

    Uh.. Nothing to say here

  • Male Saiyan Reader X DBZ/Super Harem
    14.1K 96 4

    This a love story between the girls in the dbz/Super

  • The Shapeshifting Trainer
    29.4K 253 8

    Long ago, there was a man that wanted to understand everything about Pokémon and ran tests on them. He even got data on a new race of creatures that he couldn't even describe. But when his son found out how awful he was treating the Pokémon, he tried to stop him. In the end, he gained the ability to change forms, lost...

  • DRAGON BALL (male reader insert)
    1.1K 29 6

    is just the same dragon ball story just that know the reader is part of it I don't own dragon ball I don't own the caracters they are property of akira toriyama and toei animation

  • The Alolan Adventure ( Pokémon Sun And Moon X Male Reader )
    22.4K 198 7

    ( I'll add one later. )

  • Endless (Bulma x Male reader)
    43.8K 832 7

    What if Goku had never come to Earth alone but instead came with his older brother? How would that have changed things for the two? How would everyone react to this new addition and is it possible that some romance can be formed along the way? (Bulma x Male reader)

  • Meggy x Reader
    17.1K 206 50

    You were sitting around the castle one day when you meet an inkling (Now human) named Meggy. As the story goes on you and Meggy go on all sorts of adventures and fall in love

  • Meggy x Reader
    6.7K 62 5

    This is the story of how the reader and Meggy (An inkling girl) meet each other and fall in love. This is my very first story, so feel free to give me any tips or tricks I can use to improve!

  • Meggy x Reader
    8.8K 42 15

    One day, you were at the Castle sitting down on the couch playing Super Smash bros Wii U when Mario started to introduced you to his best friend Meggy. Later, you start to develop feelings for her and go through many crazy adventures with Meggy. Along the way you will encounter a lot of Villains who want to do nothing...

  • Ben 10 (2016) x male reader Tennyson
    1.7K 19 5

    You are Bens 13 year old big brother you joined them on their trip across the country and you gained the omnitrix instead of Ben, but things will happen later that will have affects on the story

  • Good of Raditz
    3.9K 118 34

    After five years of peace a new threat comes to Earth its reveal to be alien and he's not very happy with Kakarot. Whoever this Kakarot person is because he's after him or her

  • Stop Mocking Me! (Goku Black's Son X RWBY)
    29.5K 267 7

    Goku Black. The Kai known as Zamasu in Goku's Body. The "Evil" Goku, so to speak. But this isn't about him. No, this is about his son, birthed into the Schnee family on Remnant, Y/N. Being the "Black Sheep" of the "White Sheep" family, he was mocked, abused, tortured, you name it, it happened to him. Until that one fa...

  • Meggy X Reader: Endgame
    18.3K 264 41

    A decade after the events of Meggy X Reader, Xeggy and Wario-man return, but they're not alone. They've hired every single villain the heroes have tussled with in the past. The heroes must reunite and fight for the future of the Multiverse. Along with the old villains, new powerful villains have rose from the dust, su...