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  • forced marriage!?(on Hold)
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    In this none of the Goddess and goss are related... (i might make a different cover later-)

  • depressed bryan x Jon
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    This is my au please no hateful comment please and thank you

  • Bryan x Jyles x River
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    Exactly like it sounds. And yes I know I have like 50 other story's I'm already struggling to keep up with but fight me it's cute! Also there will be one shots that don't have the third it's just cause I got an idea and i wanna execute it. Also I made the cover because I couldn't find any art if all three! If you find...

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  • thefamousfilms ship book.(Requests Closed)
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    any ship you want from any series of his. I will take fluff and smut. Please I would like to see more requests on other series and not just the fnaf series please!

  • Between Two Worlds
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    After the whole war and problems of the camp was solve, the only thing that needed to be solve is what Bryan's punish will be? The Oracle made up it's mind about the punishment. It will be removing all if Bryan's memories about being a demigod replacing it with mortal memories and also removing the memories about bei...

  • Thefamousfilms fnaf6 oneshots
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    Oneshots with characters! Maybe lemons, maybe not. Just request a ship and I'll think of a scenario to put that ship in!

  • 𝙱𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚍𝚢❥︎☻︎ a famousfilms story
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    there was once a boy named bryan... He was a young teen in a horrible world but different things happen to different people, after all he was not ment to be in this world anyways....

  • Crush
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    Jon x Bryan

  • Bryan's Sick
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    One day Bryan walks to Freddy Land only to walk into a huge tornado and gets sick.Will Bryan be okay?Will the others help him?Find out by reading right Now!

  • TheFamousFilms Angst Storys! {Slow Updates}
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    Like it said in the title, this book will be full of 'little' angst storys. there's nothing else left to say- bye!

  • [TFF]Crack on a Highway
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    The Glamrock Animatronics decided that the only way they could get answers about their past was at Freddy-Land. Only problem is, how will they get there? Well they... In this story, Jon does not yet know about Bryan's death, and Bryan's death has not been publicly announced to the world. Molten is still acting as Br...

  • Origins of Olympus Oneshots (Season 1 and 2) *completed*
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    Basically just oneshots from the origins crew. They are minecraft role players and they make great content.

  • Demigods and Animatronics
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    Freddy Land an amusement park that animatronic reside with the owner Bryan Films. it was supposed to be a normal day...... ya no. the portal malfunctioned and now Bryan Films along with Shadow Freddy, Molten Freddy, and Circus Baby get sucked in only to end up in a whole different dimension. will they be able to get o...

  • TheFamousFilms FNAF AUs
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    This is a book about my ever changing TFF AU. The more I think about it, the more my AU evolves, so I decided to make a book on it. Also, I'm sorry if there are a lot of mistakes. Most of the time, these are being written at midnight, and I kinda just wanna get it over with before I change my AU even further. Plus, I'...

  • ❣♥❤❤Lost soul❤❤♥❣ ( TheFamousfilms fanfic)
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    It's been at least a month and a half since Bryan powered on. He's just a shy bean and hasn't regained his memory still. When molten comes he gets his memory but an hour later, His memory from being at the Mall pizzeria returns♥. Molten is now determined to get his friend back. No matter the cost.. Bryan still has fa...

  • Who's Showtime Bryan? (TFF) {DISCONTINUED}
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    What happens when showtime Bryan suddenly remembers his past? What if he goes to freddy land and sees everyone after so long? How will they react to seeing him? Find out in this fanfiction!

  • •⏱Turning Back Time⏱•
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    Just read the story to find out how desperately Molten wants ;&($@2 back.Cover made by me and sorry if get any part of the timeline wrong.

  • [Insert Title Here] TheFamousFilms Fanfiction
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    Warning: May include adult themes such as mentions of PTSD. Bryan finds himself in a rather...tricky situation. He and his friends were about to close the portal for good this time but a particular event made it all go downhill. Instead of closing the portal, Bryan finds himself in the past! "What the hell did I get m...

  • My Shipping Book
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    All Of These Ship Will Be From TheFamousFilms Roleplays

  • "Artemis, Come Home"
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    For as long as Artemis could remember, he was an orphan with a strange shadow quirk. But what happens when he discovers where exactly he came from? this is an au idea that I had on Twitter where Artemis from My Hero Origins is the child of Bryan and Inpu from Origins of Olympus.

  • My TTF AU (Discontinued)
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    This is an old TFF AU of mine that I discontinued. It's kinda bad, just to warn you.

  • The Famous Films Foursome
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    This is an AU of TFF. It may have spoilers. Also, it's about ship of Molten, Bryan, Lefty and R.Freddy. It may contain ships which you may not agree with. Please no hate about this. 🥺.

  • Thefamousfilms ONESHOTS
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    bryan and the gang will expirience different relationships i wont do smut at first cuz i suck at writing it so i will write it when im ready if i ever am

  • thefamousfilms one-shots
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    the title

  • Molten and the baby Famousfilms
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    Molten finds Baby Bryan in front of the pizzeria abused by someone. He takes care of him and here is what happens.

  • TheFamousFilms Oneshots
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    Hey guys so I can only do fluff but I can try some lemon but don't be mad if it doesn't happen anyways I'm taking requests and I might not do all of your guys requests.

  • Jon x Bryan / Molten x Lefty
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    this fanfiction is a mixture of two of my ships and may be smut and fluff because you readers deserve it enjoy

  • Thefamousfilms fnaf oneshots(Discontinued)
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    PLEASE DON'T FRICIN READ THIS! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T! This isn't some plot to make you wanna read it more I ACTUALLY don't want you to! It sucks and please just let it burn! The only reason why I haven't deleted it yet is because with all the reads it has I'd feel bad! AND IF YOU STILL DO PLEASE DON'T COMMENT, O...