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  • Nia +Tess
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    If you can't tell by the brightly coloured book cover this is a Nia and Tess one shots book ... not much more to say there. By the way, I don't own ravenshome or any of its characters, or at least that's what I think your supposed to say for books like this aren't you? Ye, lets go with that.

  • "I...I think I like you"
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    just read it you might like it.

  • [[ bestfriends in love ]]
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    love story of nia baxter & tess from disney's raven's home. Nia and tess have been bestfriends since forever,, but what will happen when tess starts to have new feelings for nia, will nia like her back? Or will Tess's feelings ruin the friendship? What will their parents think? Read to find out ;) WARNING MATURE CONTE...