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  • Paris In The Rain [h.s]
    9.3K 787 35

    "I'm Harry Styles. The artist." ~~ Two heartbroken individuals happen to stumble into each others lives and completely change everything. Read to follow Aurora and Harry's journey through these ups and downs as they fall in love but can't seem to escape their past lives. ~~ Aurora Honeycutt, the florist. Harry Styles...

  • Dirty Little Secret| H.S | Harry Styles Fanfiction
    2K 302 24

    Cara and her best friend Katherine have been joined at the hip since they were three. Excited to be home from college to spend the summer together but little did they know it would be Katherines older brother, Harry, would be the thing to test their friendship to the maximum. *mature content* *alcohol and drug consum...

  • It's you [H.S.]
    15.4K 620 73

    With such a magnetic attraction, they could afford to wait for their perfect moment. So, when the time is right, Harry and Eloise finally get to embark on something magical together. Navigating their blossoming relationship through tours and a burgeoning new career, the hiatus and new directions, they experience all...

  • the moon [h.s.]
    32.2K 5.5K 87

    in which harry is a hot-shot columnist for new york's most popular lifestyle/fashion magazine. he has his dream job, he thinks, but he's constantly sad and stuck in the past. then he meets the moon; or a girl named luna. finally, someone who gets him. if only she would just let him adore her. » [non-lowercase] This is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ever Since New York // H.S.
    2.3K 307 29

    Oh, tell me something I don't already know... It's been three and a half years and Evelyn Winters is a completely new woman. Working at THEMEGA means she spends most of her days around the hottest celebrities in the world. Some are more friendly than others, yet Evelyn finds no interest in being a part of their world...

  • These Violent Delights
    654K 10.1K 20

    🚨READ WARNINGS// 18+ ONLY 🚨 Kylo Ren captured you with the intent of extracting Resistance intel from your mind. After the interrogation, he planned on torturing you and killing you with the cruelest stroke. But then he became a man obsessed. He had to have you. And make no mistake: Kylo Ren always gets what he want...

  • Stall 2 |H.S| Harry Styles
    6.3M 156K 66

    *Story containes MATURE & EXPLICIT CONTENT* THIS IS A SEQUEL / PART 2. Read "Stall" before this book, unless you just like spoiling things for yourself. If that's the case, you do you boo. "Something can be both delicate and violent" *** Harry lowers his eyes at me as he backs me up against the wall, the red lighting...

  • Invisible || h.s.
    21.8K 1.8K 37

    "I know you have your own agenda, Harry, but you helped - that's what matters." - Hope meets a mysterious stranger in a bar, who takes her on a journey to discover shocking secrets about her family. As she struggles to adjust to her new reality and subsequently let go of her troubled past, the man who was once the emb...

  • Personal Assistant ➵ H.S.
    7.8K 1.1K 38

    in which an ambitious, but lonely heart meets her match in the equally ambitious and lonely heart of none other than famous record label manager harry styles, who she tries so hard not to fall for ◆ "You didn't think to mention to me that the man I had a one night stand with was potentially going to be my new boss?!"...

  • Innocent
    3.1K 594 33

    "Those five words were everything I had been working for since the moment I moved to Santa Barbara. I finally had her exactly where I needed her to be. The person closest to my enemy, one of the people he cared about most, finally saw him for who he really was. The only problem was she became the person I cared about...