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  • Hopeless Hate
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    Juliette Skye I'm broken. Lonely. Empty. Cruel words and even crueler people have taken all that I had. I need someone to save me. To give me their hand so I don't drown. But instead I am pushed back in the water. By him. Knight Spencer I'm raging. Angry. A monster. My past has made me this way. I have seen the wors...

  • Towards Redemption [HIATUS]
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    He was nothing like her. "I've got your next assignment," The caller says, "Are you ready?" He loads his gun. "Always." She was nothing like him. "Are you sure that this is allowed?" She asks. They were the two sides of a coin; "I'm a fúcking assassin little girl. I kill for money and sometimes, just for the fun of it...