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  • The soccer player (Neymar Fanfiction)
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    ||Completed|| Hello, my name Is Jessica messi, yes my brother is Lionel messi but I don't care about that. I wanna be as good as him but I'm not. I go to one practice of his and my whole life changes after I play goalie. I'm kinda glad I went that day.. Cover by: Kylee00 Trailers by: luzsanchez271

  • Soccer Lover
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    Natalie is a senior in high school and is finally able to take the class she's been dying to have her whole high school year. She's the shy gamer girl even though she loves to sing...She takes care of her younger siblings because something bad happens to her parents. With the help of not only her "Uncle" but her best...

  • Falling for the Goalie and Other Dangerous Sports
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    Maddy Gray, 15, thrives on soccer as a fiercely self-reliant center defender. Thrown onto a boy's team with a few female friends, she is set on making the affair strictly professional. But when famed, self-centered, and unbearably attractive goalie Derek Weaver catches her eye (or more so her head), things take an une...

  • Soccer or Love?
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    Peyton Jensen (PJ) is a senior at Jackson's Memorial High School, and only cares about one thing. Soccer. As head captain of the girls varsity soccer team jaguars she is determined to bring them all the way to state championship. She starts finding things from her past & slowly battling with her fathers death when s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Coach's Daughter
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    Anna Mason loves soccer. Her father coaches both the boys' and the girls' teams at her high school. Because of this, she's at the boys practices everyday, playing with them most of the time. Charlie Baker's family just moved to Salem, Indiana. He's been waiting to tryout for the boys' soccer team ever since they arri...