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  • Trails of Memory
    1.3K 260 15

    One day, the moon was like a Silver-Plate, and the stars had already filled the sky. The three of them, at the summit of the cliff, laid on the grass. The bitterness of life suddenly spread inside Aqif's mind. He, closing his eyes, declared, "It feels quite heavenly to me. " In Raida's right hand, she was holding a gr...

  • Let go.
    21.5K 238 9

    Allys was a ray of sunshine and smiles when she was a little girl, but facing various hardships that the universe threw at her changed her completely. She joined the military at 19 years old and came back to Chicago to mourn the death of her parents four years later. Grief and pain. She thinks the universe is laughing...

  • One Night ✔️
    5.1K 1K 39

    Trying to make it through senior year... Hoping to have the least amount of distractions, Sienna Martinez has a simple plan for her final year at Ridgeway High School: get good grades and graduate with her best friend, Alex. If her overbearing mother can help it, she'll make sure that Sienna doesn't dare stray from in...