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  • oneshots // viktuuri
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    oneshots mainly based on the ship viktuuri, from yuri!!! on ice. some oneshots may include more than one ship, and more characters than yuuri and viktor.

  • Enchanted - Victuuri AU
    116K 4.7K 37

    Victor nikiforov is a prince in the kingdom of crystal waters, he needs to marry to become a king but arranged marriages happen where he lives, he goes to a mascarade ball to meet an enchanting beauty named Yuuri Katsuki. He gets to dance with him, get to know him, and they both fall in love. Yuuri has to leave and Vi...

  • Blood and Ice
    12.7K 332 12

    Yuuri is in a bad situation. Makkachin has recently died, and Yuuri blames himself. He notices Victor, Yuri, Otabek, Christophe, even his own family has been ignoring him. Victor assures him that he doesn't blame him for Makka's death, but Yuuri thinks otherwise. When Yuuri is attacked by who he thought was a friend a...

  • I fell for you (Victor x Yuri)
    331K 8.1K 38

    This is my first yaoi. May contain smut. Hope you like it! P.S. I changed the cover.

  • Victuuri Moments
    113K 1.7K 22

    ⭐️ Includes only yaoi (boy x boy) photos ⭐️ Might contain *smut* content fanarts/pics/moments ⭐️ Dedicated to all Victuuri shipers! 💕 Dont like yaoi? Then I violently advise you not to read this book! 💕 Pics may get more *interesting chapter by chapter ;) Ranking: #1 - historymaker #2 - yurionice #2 - victuuri #4...

  • Learning to love
    59K 1.7K 23

    Yuri is a student and we all know that he's going to college but what happens when victor the college professor? Well of course victor gonna teatch but why is the teatcher flirting with the student? And out of all the student he could of flirted with he flirted with Yuri and how does one simple flirting change their...

  • Dangerous (Viktuuri Mafia AU)
    23.2K 631 7

    In which an innocent Japanese college boy meets a Russian mafia boss in a dark back alley of a club. And in which he is forced to give the guy a blowjob. ~ The Character are not mine but the story I created around them is <3 ~ Smut guaranteed (my first ever written smut tho)

  • Hanahaki Disease {Victor X Yuri Fan-Fic}
    33.3K 758 35

    AU: It was unrequited love at first sight for Yuri Katsuki. Being best friends with the most popular guy in school Victor Nikiforov for five years now was hard for him. He wanted nothing more but for his feelings to be returned. But because of a life threatening disease he must accept the fact that it'll never happen...

  • The Big Book Of Victuuri
    118K 1.8K 12

    I am bored and decided to make a book of beautiful beautiful yuri on Ice, Victuuri pictures so here you go~

  • Victuuri One Shot
    1.9K 84 1

    Yuri wonders what'll happen after he wins the Grand Prix... or if he'll even win. This is about Yuri's final season as a figure skater with the support of his idol and LOVER????

  • victuuri/viktuuri ↣ fragile
    83.7K 4K 24

    " Skater's have such fragile hearts, so let's see how much it would take to shatter them. " [COMPLETED] #UWAwards Winner in #Fanfiction 11.07.2017

  • Yuri x Victor
    14.2K 256 4

    Yuri and Victor make a big breakthrough in their relationship

  • 200 day of Couple prompts
    14.8K 976 200

    Exactly what it says. These are not long they just spose to be cute and funny. But there is smut on occasion. Thank you all this book was so much fun to make I hope I can make just as many people smile in 2021.

  • Our Little Miracle
    183K 4.8K 11

    After five years of the titans being defeated, Eren and Levi fall in love..which soon led to them getting married. But during their honeymoon, Eren becomes pregnant. And now Levi is doing the best he can do to help Eren out with his pregnancy. tbh this is my first ereri/riren fanfic, so I really hope that it doesn't...

  • Cream? - Viktuuri/Victuuri AU
    45.7K 1.9K 23

    Yuuri Katsuki is a small anxious man who's only 24 and works at a coffee shop as a job while managing college at the same time. What happens when a sudden super attractive foreign exchange student comes to his classes and comes to the coffee shop too?

  • Sudden Love Story [Yurio On Ice, Viktuuri] (Eng)
    27K 776 14

    *Yuuri was 13 years old the day he met the boy who in 10 years would be his husband. But he didn't know that. *Viktor was 17 years old the day he met the boy who in 10 years would be his husband. And if anyone had told him that, he wouldn't have doubted it. NOT SHOTA. Viktor and Yuuri will fall in love over the years...

  • Mine Only, // victuuri ( Yandere )
    50.6K 1.5K 19

    ( noted that the yandere progress would be quite slow because of the plot twists and dramas I have already planned, please stay on board though! I assure you it's going to be exciting. Well in my perspective view tho ^^ ) yandere AU! #angst #force #drama #mpreg Must you look at me with those dreadful, teary eyes? M...

  • Stripped On Ice {Yuri On Ice AU}
    41.4K 1.4K 25

    I'm Katsuki Yuri and I'm a stripper. Yep thats right, one of those people who dance on poles sexily for money. I do my best once I take a glass of champagne or two. I make good money compared to my friend Phichit. It all happened one night, normal night at the On Ice Strip Club, that's when everything changed when a...

  • The King of the Ice (Victuri)
    173K 6.1K 35

    His name was Victor Nikiforov. Silver hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could charm anyone. His talent for ice skating led him to the top of every podium he competed for. He was the King of the Ice. No one cared about Yuri Katsuki, who would soon become his Prince.

  • Mafia II Victuuri Mpreg
    4.9K 90 3

    Victor Nikiforov is one of the most wanted Mafia boss in the world. Victor Nikiforov is handsome, and gets everything he wants when ever he wants. Yuuri Katsuki is a famous detective. Yuuri has captured many wanted criminals. Yuuri is the top agent in the whole agency. Nobody has seen Victor before so they don't hav...

  • Victuuri Lemon
    270K 4K 35

    "Hella smut!" ______________✍🏻 If you are not 110% okay with the Gay™, please feel free to make your strongly encouraged exit; this is not recommended for you at all. =] This is my collection of original writings; it is ongoing, and is mostly made up of one-shots between two males--either Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri...

  • " I want to make you mine.."Yuri and Victor Smut
    379K 6.4K 28

    Victor may show a sweet innocent side of him ... but what if he had a secret ? A secret involving Yuri begging for Victor to ravish him. (18 or older please this is HARDCORE SMUT ) Btw I'm starting from small to BIG AF LOL

  • Victuri/Viktuuri Oneshots (Lemon!!)
    64.7K 951 9

    Bxb lemon/smut!! Alright! Prepare for smut ladies and gentlemen! Some of these ill just mess around with and others I'll be serious about. This will be as gay as the show! Cause I don't think there can be anything gayer than the show tbh. Anyways enjoy

  • "Oh, Daddy!" | Victuri/Victuuri | Smut - Lemon - Yaoi
    25.8K 314 10

    Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov - student and coach, friends, lovers, fiancés, and so on. Every relationship has its ups and downs, its ins and outs, its struggles, losses, and benefits - theirs just happens to have a lot of sex involved, ranging from kinky to sappy to straight-up angst-y. Follow Viktor and Yuuri t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Victuuri Smut
    27.9K 524 4

    Just a lot of Victor x Yuri smut

  • I Want You [Victor x Yuri lemon]
    44.3K 511 1

    I'm sorry for creating this abomination. Thats all I have to say. Yuri!!! On Ice Fanfiction lemon WARNING: THIS IS FOR MATURE READERS

    Completed   Mature
  • My Eros [Victuri lemon]
    12.7K 226 1


    Completed   Mature
  • Winter Wonderland [Victor x Yuri Lemon]
    8.2K 119 1

    YAS Long af SMUT MADE FOR @chainsaw-kun THANKS FOR THE IDEA :3

    Completed   Mature
  • The New Year {Victor x Yuri lemon}
    6.1K 103 1

    Hey guys I'm super sorry I haven't been writing! I haven't been getting any requests and I've also been having a bit of writers block, please forgive me! But yeah if your guys didn't know, I am still open for requests. Also I'm writing this own my phone instead of my laptop so I might make some errors and my autocorre...

  • Deep
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