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  • Sheltered Sacrifice (SUS #1)
    10.6K 412 54

    SUS #1 The secret's kept upon herself, and she has no intention to reveal it. All to guard her love.

    Completed   Mature
  • His Source of Life
    1.8K 63 17

    Bridgette Selvistre, the epitome of beauty, elegance and class had the turn of her life when the friends she thought were true to her locked her in an abandoned building. A fear she had never felt before surfaced as the horror of the dark and rainy night terrified her. She was cold and crying, begging for help in the...

  • Outside That Building
    5.3K 201 23

    After 15 years, Tryza Atienza found herself standing in front of a tall building where the men who taught her how to love herself worked for many years. It was exactly 5 years after BTS' disbandment, and her first time to go to Korea. She never got the chance to meet them before. It was all because she didn't had the...

  • Unrevealed Thoughts (POEMS)
    2.9K 149 23

    If you want to bleed, get inspired, and get caught by my words, then read my poems. GOLDEN RULE: Copying the poem is strictly prohibited! -flame_pixie