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  • Almoons - The Sources #1
    12.6K 1.5K 47

    Just a few lucky humans were chosen to migrate to Selino, land of six moons, when Earth was falling apart. Now Earth is long gone, and the only thing stopping the humans from taking full advantage of their new planet are Selino's five native species - angui, maxis, fabri, ranae, and caeli - and the hybrids, or hibri...

  • Six Tides: The Official GFC Extras Book
    1.4K 215 13

    "If a human was listening to me right now, I'd clock them so hard they fell all the way back to Earth." "Ummm-" What do you do with: - A road-trip-turned-car-chase, featuring an inexperienced driver and a drunk mushroom? - A chaotic group chat, featuring a snot ton of memes and a severe shortage of productivity? ...