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    good day everyone, this story is purely fictional, some parts of it are delicate. this is my first story to be released so it's a bit lame.

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    Isang lalaking napunta sa isang lugar kung saan may makaka ekwentro s'yang isang babae na makakatuklas sa kaniyang sekreto. Isang lalaking may tinatagong kakayahan na kaniyang pinagmanahan sa kan'yang mga angkan. RomCom Tragedy.

  • The Left Crutch
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    This story is all about the guy and the girl. The story shows the unconditional love of him that even if she is disabled, he still love and care about her that's why the greatest joy of her felt not only because he loves her but he is willing to accept along with her imperfection and incapability. As they don't know w...

  • Clashes From The Depth
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    This poetry is all about the battles from negative thoughts just to strengthen the life.

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    She's simple, He's billionaire, She's goddess, He's dangerous, Paano kung magtagpo ang landas nilang dalawa sa hindi magandang pangyayari. Ano kaya ang mangyayari, may mabubuo kayang pagmamahal o ito na ang simula ng bagong away.

  • The Unforeseen Feeling(COMPLETED)
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    (COMPLETED BUT UNDER EDITING) Plea Zyhea Corañez is one of the girl that seek for the person who will love her. She seek in facebook,groups and even her crush friends. But she stoped,when she met him...Harris Ivan Gray. Biglang sumabog ang lahat ng hindi inaasahang pangyayari at nararamdaman, Ano kayang ang naramdaman...

    Completed   Mature
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    Loving someone is not a sin but loving someone who doesn't even exist can change your perspective and giving you a standard that no one can ever reach. What if someone suddenly came into your life? And that someone you thought will be your happily ever after? Yeah, I think I devoted him, I hopelessly devoted him...

  • black lipstick (COMPLETE)
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    this storie is a ugly girl turns into beautiful woman hope you like it😊😊😊 note:taglish