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  • Frog x Reader (Popee The Preformer)
    1.2K 42 2

    for all you kinky yiffers out there ya turkeys

    8.8K 76 4

    Every day i wake up and having the urge to kill myself Please don't read this (safe yourself)

  • Popee x Reader
    202 1 1

    A steamy story about when you walk into the makeup tent right before a show. You find Popee there and thats when the magic happens.

  • popee x reader!!! *SUPER HOT* *NOT FAKE*
    475 7 1

    u and popee r performing then something happens...... 🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • Succ My Yiff ~ (Popee x Reader) ~
    5.6K 106 5

    Popee was a yung $me×¥ furboii who was into vore... I mean you, lul. (mature content; ain't 4 yung furries)

  • Popee X reader (fluff)
    24.1K 405 13


  • FNAF Lemons/Fluff
    706K 7.9K 80


  • Oncelerxreader One-shots!!!
    49.4K 541 9

    A bunch of one-shot scenarios for all them Onceler fangirls! Sorry I suck at descriptions, first time making a xreader so cut me some slack! Also requests are open!

  • Breaking Bill
    376 25 1

    Bill Nye, a famous scientist. He's also famous for his meth making skills. Bill is no sweetheart, behind his happy exterior, he's a cold blooded drug machine.

  • Fnaf lemons (Human)
    68.6K 378 8

    A whole bunch of fnaf lemons, oh great... The usual pairs, like fronnie, Foxica, Fangle, all those... and others of course. Gay and lesbian allowed. I will take requests.