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    Mimisola has always been this carefree, outgoing, sociable and loving girl. All of a sudden, she recoiled and became its obverse, everything changed in her life and the carefree girl was now replaced by a calm, introverted and most of all quiet, she talked rarely, and eventually, she became entirely mute. From being m...

  • Struggles of A Nigerian Teenage Girl
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    We all can relate somehow sha. ~~~ I know I suck at descriptions but this is just some relatables that I am very sure every Nigerian Teenage girl relates to. Enjoy!

  • HER MOTHER IN LAW(A Nigerian-themed novel)
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    Bamidele just finished receiving a phone call when he dropped the bombshell right in front of his wife's face. ''What, how can you say that? Please tell me you are joking!''Damilola screamed and tried pulling her hair out in anger. ''But, it's not heard of, it's just not done! Doesn't she have her own house?'', She ad...

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    Meet Jemima, a christian and a lover of God. Born by Christian Ministers and raised in the way of the Lord. But then Jemi's lovely family is crashing, her parents are opting for a divorce. Jemima falls in love and gets into an unexpected relationship that she has to keep a secret. Her relationship with God grows sou...

  • Behind the haze
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    ******A Nigeria novel****** What happens when all what Molara faces is humiliation, embarrassment, and hatred, she becomes very depressed and frustrated......... ******** ******** " How will I endure in my new school? how will I be able to face my new classmate? how will I be able to cope? how will I...

  • XOXO: A Game of Wits
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    ***********Nigerian themed Novel****************** Loving is immature and brings nothing but heartbreaks and pain What we want *Money *Fame *A house on the Island It's all a game that needs courage and a lot of deceitful moves...Do you think they can never fall into the net of love??? You can fool Lagos...But you cann...

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    Apart from beauty, brains, and a loving mother, she doesn't have anything except one thing that she knows can never leave her, MISFORTUNE. But all this changes when she meets Alex, her lucky star. He's got it all. Is it money? Fame? Name it, he's got it all. When things seems to be falling in order, Jessica's biggest...

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    "What's your name though? "He asked seemingly interested in her. She jerked up, suddenly conscious of her atmosphere.her eyes widening in alarm as she stared down at her two feets rubbing against each other with a certain uneasiness. not daring to give him a reply, she bit hard on her lips. He chuckled, noticing he...

  • His Bride (Slow Updates)
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    _she said she really grew up poor like me Don't believe in nothing but the Almighty Just a lil' jean pure white tee She never did forever be nobody wifey_ ....Tonight I'm walking away, Lined up in mind, on the grind, yeah yeah.. Ayo Fashola grew up between hate and love of women of different kinds into a successful aw...

  • Chocolates and Wine ||Slow Updates||
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    Omotara Ruby Rowlands is the fairest of them all. Popular brand influencer and fashion enthusiast with a verified tag. Beauty, brains and curves, Tara has it all. Being an illegitimate daughter of the former president has it perks too. Billionaire bad boy, Olumide Olugbenga, youngest African self made billionaire acc...

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    Hazel Peterson is your average 15 year old, she attends Crystal high. She's beautiful, intelligent, smart with a model - like shape one could kill for. Being constantly bullied by Vanessa Evans the school's Queen bitch, she's forced to hide her beauty under her oversized uniform and ugly glasses, Her beautiful spotl...

  • A second chance
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    Oloyode tiwatope , our very own gynecologist , endowed and beautiful woman , A lady every man is to die for , but she always hated any man that crosses her path except those in her friendship circle , all those who believe when ladies say "men are scums"because of what happened in the past . Adeleke Edward , CE...

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    She was a sweet savage who didn't give any fuck. Her words pierced more than bullets. Dating, ditching and flexing her life was all she craved for. Things fell apart in her family and she learnt a lesson that wouldn't be easily forgotten on a Christmas eve.

  • Golden Grace
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    There is more to life than ending up in the kitchen and being a sexual tool of satisfaction of the opposite sex. Life hasn't been fair to Olamma whose parents refused sending her to the university. Nevertheless, she never relented in her quest for education even when she was sent to live with Aunty Mba- her mother's i...

  • 14 Days
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    Just when you think your life is going smoothly. No boy drama, that's if there's any boy to start with, no crazy bitchy classmate who wants to make life hell for you. Just you, your 3 crazy ass best friends and your one year undying crush for one of the school's finest. A pastor's son who has it all. The money, the f...

  • The Things We Do
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    When a suicidal student submits a suicide note instead of an essay, two students are asked to find out who it is but in order to do that, Kasy and CJ must navigate the lives and secrets of their classmates while dealing with their own baggage. After two suicide attempts, Zehan, suddenly returns to school after being a...

  • A Butler To Love ~A Christian Romance
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    #30 Spiritual, #2 Christianromance, #1 richgirl Haunted by a past and burdened with debt, Wren Adams sees no other choice than to accept his benefactor's offer: to protect his daughter for a year. But from the moment he steps onto the Kingsley Mansion grounds, comedic sparks fly between he and his new ward. Who...

  • When It's Over
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    God First ✔️ Family Second ✔️ Self Third ✔️ Jewel always thought that was in order in which things went. But when she catches herself putting everyone before her, her life begins spiraling out of control. The family she once knew, the man she thought she'd spend forever wi...

  • Reasons Why I Love Jesus | ✓
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    Everything starts in class when a classmate asks Sarah, the 'Christian girl', why she loves Jesus so much. And with much courage Sarah decides to answer the question by giving her the multiple reasons why she's so in love with CHRIST.

  • Bible Verses
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    In this book, we give Bible verses and comment on what it means to us. This us to help you memorise a verse.

  • Scarlett's Scars (A Christian Romance) | ✓
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    ❝𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝗿𝘀𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗻, 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗱𝗲𝗲𝗽𝗲𝗿 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝗰𝗮𝗿.❞ BOOK ONE OF THE BROKEN SERIES A story of heartache, heartbreak, abuse and betrayal. Two hearts unknowingly beating as one. Two souls drawn together, awaiting their destiny. A story of finding hope, extending grace and receiving the ultimate...

  • Why I Can't Rule The World
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    Sometimes, expecting something out of someone is the worst way to connect with them. Tin Tin Amble knows this all too well, coming from a family with a father who wants him to do everything but what Tin Tin wants to do and a mother living in fear that her marriage isn't scaling up to what she expected. Not to mention...

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    A CHRISTIAN LOVE STORY ---------- Of gloomy days, of sadder days, Yes, Jane has seen them all, what she doesn't know is that there's a silver lining for every gloomy cloud if only she lets the master in. Two human angels stumble on her path in life and yes, things take a different turn, In the latter pages of these bo...

  • Best Christian Romance Novels
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    Get all the best Christian romance stories on wattpad by all your favourite writers

  • The Cages You Build
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    CHRISTIAN WITH A DASH OF ROMANCE. Is beauty a curse? Is it a curse when all everyone sees is the beautiful outside and not the wounded soul hiding inside? The world has never failed to remind Mia Taylor that she's as pretty as they come. Her appearance has been used to the benefit of others. It's no wonder she consi...

  • Valerie
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    Valerie, an emotional teenager with a strong mind is being judged daily. she wakes up calm and sleeps with spite. she can't find happiness even in the place she calls home. Every atom of her being is broken but she pulls herself together in the eyes of everyone. Is she ever going to express her feelings with tears or...

  • Switched
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    Jenna born into the hands of a single mum who actually brought her up in every way a proud mother can. despite all these odds she finds herself being hated. going through secondary school was a really one of the hardest struggle Jenna had to pass through. passing through the hallway filled with students she would be l...

  • Neither One
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    Hated by my school, rivaled by my family, betrayed by the others and you still want me to be an angel?. My smile was killed, my heart was shattered, my trust was dissolved...... What remains is, the DARKNESS. Fire and Ice can't play together, believe me I've tried......but that doesn't mean they can't go together...

  • my experience (teen ) By Ayeesha Muhammed
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    Benedicta micheal is a girl who lives in Nigeria( Lagos) just finished her common entrance examination, she was waiting to gain admission into secondary This young child is so excited about living Alone in a boarding house without her parent helping her in times of urgent need at home. Her parent also were in full...

  • Dealing with Mr. Arrogant | ONGOING
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    What happens when Mr. Brash meets Miss. Bashful? ☆▪☆▪☆ "Why? Why the hell do you reject every single idea I work my ass off to come up with?" I fumed. He frowned. "Your designs are outdated. This is a mansion we're talking about not a freaking cottage. Every single thing your dim-witted brain has come up with is total...