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  • Higher Ground [DenNor/SuFin]
    4K 313 34

    A Viking DenNor/SuFin Fanfiction, the fanfiction is a little bit inspired by a song. You have 3 main Viking tribes, The Bondevik tribe which is based on magic, but you also have the Køhler and Oxenstierna tribe, they are based on the strength of their men. The Køhler and the Bondevik tribe have an alliance which mean...

  • Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia Nordics
    524K 12.7K 75

    After hearing people saying how much they want to have the nordics in my original boyfriend scenarios, I decided to make them their own separate book. Feel free to make requests :) 10/2/17 - This book is now ranked 722th in the top 1000 fan fictions, making this the second highest ranking Hetalia fan fiction (high...

  • Dennor ❦ A not-so common fairytale
    1.4K 139 17

    Lukas Bondevik is what you could call a normal person these days. He owns a cottage in the outcast side of town, in the forest. One day he's out, looking for an opportunity to steal some coins. But he gets caught in the act, by a dane, called Mathias Køhler. The Dane gets him arrested, but when Mathias learns the tru...

  • Project LUKAS [DenNor]
    6.5K 510 28

    Mathias builds a lifelike android in the privacy of his own home, hoping to create an artificial intelligence indistinguishable from that of humans. However, he is distrustful of the being he has created, finding himself unable to see a human mind behind LUKAS's glass eyes. Lukas on the other hand, only seems to grow...

  • Nucleic † Dennor
    17.9K 1.3K 31

    Lukas works for a seemingly normal laboratory in Oslo until he hears loud cries coming from the floors below his level of clearance. Fearing the worst, he goes to invesitgate. Upon arriving at the 16th floor, Lukas realizes the lab is far more sinister than expected.