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  • Let's Hurt Tonight
    649K 12.1K 60

    She was just a senior in college, trying to finish her degree, when she accidentally ran into the critically acclaimed musician, Harry Styles. ... "Oh, I'm sorry, love. I'm Harry. Harry Styles,"

  • Let's Love Tonight
    167K 4.9K 33

    The sequel to Let's Hurt Tonight.

  • Forbidden
    3.2K 197 12

    They were forbidden lovers bound by a contract that they would never engage romantically, but once you begin to fall in love, it's nearly impossible to stop it. ... "You're staring," Adelaide whispers. I blink a couple of times, coming out of my trance. Adelaide smiles softly from where she leans against my pillows...

  • The Night We Met
    125K 2.9K 41

    It all started with a one night stand. *Rated mature for language, sexual scenes, and references to drugs