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  • A Guide to Witchcraft
    47.4K 899 29

    This guide covers the basics of witchcraft: practices, rituals, beliefs, magic, items. It is mostly directed toward beginners but anyone can benefit from it. Everything is explained clearly and definitions of possibly confusing or unfamiliar words are given in the beginning of each chapter. This is a book for someone...

  • The Dark Sides {Complete}
    391 40 13

    This story was based off of a Oneshot my twin made so I hope it isn't bad and that you like it! ❤ Disclaimer- The characters in this book do NOT belong to me and nither does the art unless said otherwise!

  • Sander sides incorrect quotes
    32.2K 1K 89

    Basically memes and stuff I found online about the sander sides. I don't own anything. I found these online, etc. I don't own the characters as well, that right goes to Thomas Sanders #1 incorrect quotes #2 thomassanders

  • Nuclear~Sanders Sides AU (Moxiety//Logince)
    47 6 2

    In a wasted world, everything frayed and broken...What's to come of those that survived? Cover art drawn by me :D

  • Sanders Sides BROTP One-Shots
    33K 1.2K 51

    A collection of Sanders Sides One-Shots with a loose plot tying them together.

  • Patton Angst||DISCONTINUED
    8.4K 203 23

    So yeah here's some A N G S T

  • I'm Sorry (A Sad Sander Sides Story)
    10.5K 445 21

    Patton, the cheery dad-joke telling father figure. He loves his fellow sides more than he loves himself. Way more. He hates himself. A lot, and he can't stop the wave of depression consuming him everyday.

  • Hell (Party!) {Complete}
    13 9 3

    If you have ever been told that you are going to Hell because you aren't straight then I think you will enjoy this book... ⚠️If you are Christian and don't like the talk of the LGBTQ+ community or Hell then DO NOT read this!!!⚠️

  • I'm fine.... | Patton sanders angst
    809 52 3

    Patton hasn't been feeling to great recently, his stomach pleading at him but everytime he ate it didn't help.... His hunger gnawed at him everyday. Everytime he was touched the hunger would ease a slight bit but......... No one knew what was happening to him.... ( this is mainly inspired by the podfic 'everytime we...

  • Patton........are you ok? Moxiety
    4.6K 120 6

    This is a moxiety story where Patton is suicidal and is goin through a lot.....will the other save him in time? Or will he end up dead? Read to find out! Please don't send hate this is my first story

  • A Logicality Story 💙🖤
    6.5K 197 29

    COMPLETE! This is a story about the love between Patton and Logan. There will be some Prinxiety in it but Logicality is the main ship in this fanfic. Characters: Logan Patton Roman Virgil Some of Thomas I will write a small introduction of the book so make sure you read it first. 💙🖤

  • Messages • Sander Sides •
    244K 12.1K 45

    -Highest #616 in Fanfiction- 3.10.18 Mistake 1: Thomas makes a group chat. Mistake 2: He puts his sides in it. (Completed)

  • E M P T Y - A Sanders Sides Story
    77.8K 3.5K 27

    [COMPLETED] "Logan, please don't do this. I'm so sorry, I truly am," Patton whispered. "I - I love you, please let that be enough." "I wish it was," Logan whispered back, taking a deep breath. "Turn around." "No!" Virgil protested, gripping the door handle tightly enough to make his knuckles turn white in desperation...

  • Mirror Man - Prinxiety AU
    62.1K 3K 22

    Roman is a normal teenage boy. His life in completely normal. Until one day, when he walks into the bathroom to put on makeup before school. In the mirror there is a boy. A boy with purple hair, a black and purple hoodie and black eyeshadow. Roman can see the boy and the boy can see Roman. The boy tells Roman about...

  • Their Sides (Patton Sanders X Reader)
    25.9K 1K 52

    Bella and Thomas were neighbours and friends and had been for years but both of them had a secret that they were both hiding from eachother and the world: their sides. This remained a secret for years and no one, not even their family knew. That was until one day... ◇ Y/N was Bella's morality but what happens when she...

  • Love? (Logicallity) [FINISHED]
    6K 271 13

    This takes place right at the end of the 2/2 Nostalgia Video. Logan finds that he likes the dad like trait. The story follows him as he comes to terms with these new feelings. **The whole story is in Logan's POV** Highest Rank: #1 in Logicallity

  • How Can You Be So Trusting?
    19.8K 1.4K 56

    This is a Moceit story. Janus is 15 Virgil is 15 Logan is 16 Patton is 16 Remus is 16 Roman is 16 Logan and Janus are cousin's and Roman and Remus are twins. Sequel: Mr R Creativiti If you don't like Moceit you can ignore. If you do I hope you enjoy my boring story. 9th story in the 'virgil' tag - 4/10/19 1st story...

  • A Tired Father.
    1.8K 98 15

    Patton is tired, He's tired of being alone. Janus is sick, Sick of being treated so horribly. Emile is Worried, Worried that the new babies won't get adopted. Remy is in Love, in Love with someone who might never know. (I also don't own any of the fanart placed in this book. (If I drew it (As I am a artist.) I wil...

  • A Little Ghost Help
    2.8K 177 17

    Patton has a difficult home life, but he doesn't want his friends to worry about him. So he plasters a smile on his face, not letting his friends know. When Patton and his friends start a paranormal activity club, they are lead to the old Davis house, that is rumored to have a ghost haunting it's walls. One day, the g...

  • Fake feelings on the daily | Patton Sanders sides angst
    18.1K 748 31

    I feel like this is currently on hiatus, so- DW, we only have one chapter to go until this thing is finally done lol- It'll be finished once I get the motivation to do so Patton has always been the most cheerful. He's always cracking jokes and smiling, and he's the cutest of his friends. So he's the most happy, right...

  • Text Messages| Logicality human au
    74.2K 3.3K 29

    When Patton accidentally texts the wrong number telling him his not so happy thoughts, the person on the other end can't help but grow worried. Maybe they can help him?

  • Emotionless Robot? (Logicality)
    26.3K 1.2K 12

    Logan has feelings for his good friend Patton. Patton doesn't know. Logan has no idea how to act. (Many thanks to IITheBlackCanaryII, C is my muse.) (No Deceit in this story, sorry, I've been writing this for about 2 years now...(just thought I'd clarify that I didn't write this story with him in mind.))

  • Germs (Logicality)
    16K 878 7

    Patton's new roommate is strange. His name is Logan and he hates being touched, dirty, things being dirty, and has a lot of phobias. Patton just wants to know...why? Sorry I suck at descriptions! Hope you enjoy! ❤❤❤❤

  • Patton's fine, right?
    125 10 2

    Wake up to no friends Go to sleep with no friends but have a new scar Everything will get better for Patton scar by scar

  • Sander sides Oneshots/Fluffshots
    72 8 4

    ill take any requests ill add tags as we go

  • Logicality - Panicking and Love (Completed)
    24.8K 1K 23

    This book has a LOT of stuff about anxiety, and not the trait. In fact, Morality is the one with a bit of an anxious side himself. When Logan finds Patton in the middle of an attack one day, what will happen? Honestly I am making this because I want to show it's okay to have weaknesses because it can help you and othe...

  • Heartbreak | Patton Sanders
    11.2K 390 11

    { Credit @ Thomas Sanders for the characters } When you look at somebody, what do you see? The pure happiness they give off, The cheering of glee? Yeah he's smiling. But inside he's dying.

  • Mr. Positivity (Logicality-high school au)
    9K 356 3

    ((Disclaimer-this was a dare from my friend, hate her not me)) Patton is always happy to help, smiling, laughing, practically leaking with positivity. But it's scary how much a smile can hide. Logan doesn't get fooled easily and makes it his goal to find out what's happening. ((TW- Abuse, Mention of rape, Self harm, d...

    5.7K 152 10

    Depressed Patton AU, Trigger warning - mentions of suicide, self harm, depression, mental illnesses and other sad shit so be careful if that triggers you, New Sides in The Mind Palace, Hope y'all enjoy this shitpost of a thing!! "It's kinda funny how others see things I can't see, how others can see tons of colors and...