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  • A Step Into The Dark | Cal Kestis AU
    1.5K 58 7

    Cal Kestis. Broken, alone, Inquisitor. Eva Taris. Broken, alone, Jedi. Two paths cross when the newest Inquisitor is given a task. Find and capture the broken Jedi. Things can be dangerous when you take a step too far into the dark.

  • Through The Galaxy | A Cal Kestis Story
    17.8K 514 20

    Cal Kestis is a Jedi, a former Padawan who survived Order 66 after the death of his Master, Jaro Tapal. After escaping the Second Sister, and meeting the crew on the Mantis, Cere and Greez aren't the only ones he meets. Kylin Gailes is a human girl from Coruscant, living in a small home after the death of her parents...

  • The Unknown Reaches | A Cal Kestis Story
    2.4K 83 7

    The holocron was destroyed. Trilla was gone. Now, Cal and Kylin are faced with different challenges. The duo begins on a new journey across the galaxy, determined to stop the Empire. However, the fiery anger still rages throughout the ranks of the Imperial army. The Jedi must be stopped. Join Cal and Kylin as they e...

  • trust me • cal kestis ✔️
    7.7K 306 22

    "I can't help if you don't trust me." or in which a former stormtrooper becomes an unlikely ally to a former jedi padawan... [cal kestis x tn-0237] [takes place during the events of the game] STARTED: MAY 2020 FINISHED: AUGUST 2020

    698 42 4

    ⇢ " not often is it that the force brings two souls such as yours together. " in which a rouge storm trooper is aided by an exiled jedi on her journey to find her family ⇢ cal kestis x oc ⇢ original plot ⇢ marblefloor | 2020

  • Hostile || Cal Kestis
    4.4K 101 9

    Cal Kestis was forced into living a lie, leaving behind the legacy of the Jedi. That was, until he met Trilla Suduri - the Second Sister of the Empire. Set in the events of the ending and after Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Started - 26 Nov 2019 Ended - 22 Jan 2020

  • A Witch and Jedi
    9.5K 69 2

    Star Wars Fanfic Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Fanfic There might be something between Cal Kestis And Nightsister Merrin.

  • Visions
    59.6K 930 42

    When Ezra has a vision directly before an important mission, things start to change, and Sabine starts to feel things towards him she can't--and isn't sure she wants to--understand. Then, the newest member of the crew goes missing, and Ezra and Sabine have to come to terms with their feelings, and where they stake th...

  • Star Wars Rebels: Come In, Spectre Six
    20.3K 383 17

    A LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY... The Battle of Endor has ended, the Empire has been demolished, and Lothal liberated for years. But one mystery has yet remained... Ezra Bridger has been missing since the Liberation of Lothal. With his Master dead, people think that Ezra wanted to die. But not Sabine, or...

  • Star Wars Rebels - Lost
    18.9K 368 22

    POST SEASON 4 FINALE With a decisive victory at the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance have successfully killed the Emperor and ended his reign of terror over the galaxy. But the tale is not over, years before, during the fight for Lothal, a Jedi was lost. Now it's time to bring him back. Old and new faces alike jo...

  • Falling For The Enemy
    27.7K 313 12

    Ezra Bridger, Padawan to Jedi Master Caleb Dume and a full fledged Jedi Knight. Sabine Wren, an unorthodox maverick from Clan Wren, House Vizsla. When these two enemies are left on a deserted planet, can they work together to get off? Will the develop feelings for each other? Or will tradition lead these two to a Duel...

  • It All Started with a Fight
    3.4K 209 16

    Ezra and Sabine never liked each other. They've been mortal enemies since day one. Until one day, they are forced to work together when something major changes in both of their lives. AU Real World!!! I DO NOT OWN SWR!!!!

  • The dance must come
    2.9K 43 10

    Post season 4 of SWR Ezra and Thrawn went missing after the liberation of his home he loved. Will Sabine and Ashoka find him in time before the reborn first order comes back after the galaxy. Love of friends and a certain someone will be ones strength or weakness.

  • You Broke Me...
    57.1K 869 25

    Witness the story of Starkiller told in a way adapted from the original. Twists, turns and a galaxy changed forever... All from one moment that would've mean the world to one young Jedi... Credit to Meldy Arts for the left side of the story cover, gotta love that picture.

  • Star Wars Rebels Aftermath
    15.2K 293 14

    After the last cliffhanging episode of Star Wars Rebels season 4, Sabine and Ahsoka team up to search for their close friend, Ezra Bridger. 💕 There will definately be many Sabezra moments❤️ (Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters in this story, this is a fan fiction.)

  • Star Wars: Into the Unknown
    4.3K 83 33

    Actually 29 Chapters. Not my story belongs to lothcat1138. You can find this story and others on no account needed. Lothcat1138 's version of the story after the Rebels finale with strong connections to the wider Star Wars saga as well. Out in the Unknown Regions, a mystery slowly unravels that will p...

  • The Hardest Love in the Galaxy
    83.3K 1K 35

    Ezra and Sabine suddenly form a romantic relationship. But things only harder as they still have work for the rebellion.

  • In The Hands Of The Enemy, a Sabezra fanfiction
    83.6K 1.6K 37

    Sabine and Ezra were assigned on what was supposed to be an easy mission. In a turn of events, Ezra gets captured by the empire. It's up to Sabine and the rest of the Ghost Crew to save their youngest member. Meanwhile, Sabine has been struggling to conceal her growing feelings for Ezra. Will Sabine get to tell Ezra...

  • Missing You: SWR Fanfiction (BOOK 2)
    49K 1K 31

    II COMPLETED II This is the sequel to In the Hands of the Enemy, so go check that one out if you have not done so already! It' s been months since the daring rescue, and things have not been looking up for the Ghost Crew. Ezra's condition is uncertain, and has not emerged from his coma for three months. The family...

  • After ✔️
    24.6K 938 28

    "I can't wait to come home." Sabine Wren knows that Ezra Bridger is counting on her to bring him back. With the help of Ahsoka Tano, that's what she's going to do. But she'll need a crew for one last desperate attempt at bringing him home. Jacen Syndulla has an odd dream about a white wolf. His uncle Zeb brings him ba...

  • Endings are New Beginnings
    2.5K 88 3

    **MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES FINALE OF STAR WARS REBELS** Sabine has followed up some leads over the years about Ezra, but everything only ever turns up to be a wild loth cat chase. Rebuilding Lothal and fighting the Empire hasn't given her much time to do a full out search for her old friend, but after the Empire...

  • Sabezra Forever
    120K 1.7K 47

    Ezra has had a crush on Sabine since day one. Little does he know, Sabine feels the same way. When they admit their love for one another what will happen? Will they stay together? Find out in Star Wars: Sabezra Forever. Beautiful cover made by @sabinewren05 and cover art by @meldy_arts ALSO I do not own rebels or any...

  • You can count on me
    7.9K 185 11

    This story takes place after the final of Star Wars Rebels. Sabine and Ahsoka are looking for Ezra. After all the years Sabine has been protecting Lothal, she finally wants to find Ezra and bring him home together with Ahsoka. Will they find him?

  • Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Different Worlds
    43K 782 27

    Sabezra The story about the Ghost crew. Ezra is in love with Sabine but Sabine don't like how Ezra changes after she were with her family. Sabine likes Ezra but only as a good friend or brother. But what happens when Ezra and Sabine are alone? Will Ezra care about Sabine and say the way how he feels? Will Sabine say w...

  • Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Future of Mandalore
    56K 1.2K 65

    Some Sabezra moments. It's been years since the Empire destroy Chopper base. Kanan and Ezra trained much more than before. Hera was promoted to the leader of the Phoenix squadron. Zeb is talking with Kallus all the time and Sabine was ready to fight for her clan

  • (COMPLETED) My battle - Reylo Fanfiction
    309K 8.6K 41

    This book is set three months after Rey last saw Kylo Ren. (BEFORE THE EVENTS OF THE LAST JEDI) #4 in Reylo fanfics :') If Rey and Kylo Ren turn out to be related we're all going to hell... - HA BITCH YOU THOUGHT REYLO IS CANON BYE The artwork belongs to its rightful owner. • • • I...

  • A Reverse Dowry
    6.7K 364 18

    The Bride lap in to the Bed, Ann the Bridgroom ged till her The Fidler crept in to the midst Audrey "Rey" Morningstar's family is stuck. Their money has gone up are offered a solution. Not just that but there is one thing she must do in order keep the money flowing. She is now confused, worried and troubled, good thi...

  • The Czar's Apprentice
    66.8K 2.3K 49

    "May God bless the Czar and keep him far away from us" Or in this case the Czar's apprentice... In the early 1900's Russia's economy is down and affecting every small town , like Jakku. The loud spoken stubborn Rey Kenobi must help save her family's farm ... And she has two ways of doing so... And both are absolutel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty and the Sith Lord
    209K 3.9K 22

    She was once a scavenger in Jakku ... Now she was a slave girl to The First Order ... {Reylo } ••• original Star Wars characters and places by George Lucas ••• DISCLAIMER: all artwork goes to original artist ! Please take the time to admire their beautiful talent ! Warning : book has spoliers for The Force Awakens an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty and The Sith Lord Episode II A New Force
    66.5K 1.9K 23

    *** sequel to "Beauty and The Sith Lord" He promised her that their child would be born in a world full of light , but he doesn't seem to be sticking to his promise . How will this affect the beautiful scavenger and the beastly Sith Lord ? ~Reylo AU~ •••Original Characters by George Lucas ••• *** all art goes to rig...

    Completed   Mature