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  • Living with the Walker Boys | PREVIEW ONLY
    64.2M 255K 15

    Completed. Zoe Baker is 16. She and her father have always been close, he's the only person she's ever trusted. Then, Zoe's father has to move to Wyoming. Worse off, he doesn't have the money to bring Zoe with him. He sends Zoe to live with a friend, Rob Walker. What Zoe isn't told is that Rob has 7 children, all boys...

  • Perfect Addiction (BEING PUBLISHED MID 2022)
    85.1M 2.9M 57

    When Sienna finds out her long-term boyfriend has been cheating on her with her sister, she devises an elaborate revenge plot to take him down by training his drop-dead gorgeous rival in the fighting ring. But a sizzling, passionate affair wasn't part of the plan... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • 14 Nights In Emeliano's Bed (CURRENTLY REWRITING)
    16.1M 148K 11

    NOW EXCLUSIVE ON RADISH 14 nights. 1 Billionaire Bad Boy. 1 Woman at his mercy. Emeliano Alfredo, a ruthless billionaire, becomes Rebecca Lewis's worst enemy after getting into an argument with him in the streets of Orlando. She soon finds herself a prisoner in his mansion, where she would have to spend 14 Nights for...

  • Fate of Collision
    464K 20.4K 28

    After a one night stand on New Year's Eve, Lia and Derrick don't expect to see one another again. After all, she's a Harvard PhD student and he's a professional hockey player for the Boston Knights - there's no way their paths should cross again. Except when they do, it's immediately obvious the chemistry between the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Businessman's Escort✔️(Wattpad version)
    4.6M 137K 47

    *I advised reader discretion on this book* There are two rules to being an escort. Rule #1: Do whatever the client wants. Rule #2: Do not fall in love. Lacey Powell never imagined her life in the escort business. She never expected her life to turn out this way, but it did. Having learned the trade's business and t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Red Is The Color Of Desire
    602K 19.7K 21

    "I'm assuming you're a pirate, am I correct?" She asked. His smirk turned into a full blown smile, he merely nodded his agreement. "Ah, I see. You're probably going to rape me senselessly and maybe keep me as your torrid sex slave? And then once you grow tired me, let me guess, you'll throw me overboard?" She said def...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hate at first sight...
    777K 25.2K 52

    Hate at first sight: Zack Collins was the playboy everybody wanted to be friend with at college, he had the brain, looks and fortune that made girls drool over him everywhere he went, and made him tabloids' gossip whenever he was caught with a female, but little did they know that he only want...

  • To Love, Once Again
    456K 16.1K 102

    What happens after the end of an isekai novel, when the heroine's finished the job she'd been summoned for? Sera, was just an timid, ordinary uni student. After losing her life to a runaway truck, she'd found herself summoned to a savage world, where traces of magic have left its mark, and military power is king. Ther...

  • Fight for me (Completed)
    704K 20.1K 35

    Amy Green knew she was too good for Ethan Harris. She knew falling in love with a hot millionaire like him was stupid. She knew Ethan falling for her was crazy. She knew marrying him was insane. Yet she shut her brain and followed her heart until he realized she was not enough. It's been three years since she stopped...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meant To Be
    484K 12.3K 39

    After 2 years of disappointment of ever getting pregnant, Adeline and Alexander's marriage is falling in despair as silence creeps the air. And when the wind of happiness blow on their side, they decide to make things between them work but their plan fails when Alexander's mother gets in their way forcing them to sepa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lycan King's Human Mate
    7K 1K 82

    "Now listen to me carefully, Energia," he said with a sinister voice. "This, is mine." he said with his hands brushing my mouth. "This, is also mine." I watched as his hands move down to touch my ass. My breathing quickened and just at that moment, in between my thighs dripped wet. "Did I forget to say this?" My mo...

  • That Royal Betrothal
    9.1K 783 48

    "Feisty? I like that," I uttered. I smiled at the thought of her trying to take charge once I bedded her. "Stop ordering me, Zack." she seethed, slamming me back. I spinned her into my arms but she retaliated, spinning me back. This makes us roll continuously till we hit a large tree. "Then quit being difficult," I...

  • The Soldier's Roommate
    196K 10.1K 35

    Alice Epione starts a new job, one that should finally jumpstart her career. She soon finds out that her dream job comes with a catch, a tall, dark, and handsome one at that. Will she face the challenge and turn Elijah Howell's world upside down? Or is he too far gone, already? A story about love, real life, and the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crossing Lines [Complete]
    4.7M 172K 67

    **PUBLISHED NOW - FIND THE LINK IN MY PROFILE!** "So... Do you come here often and feel up strangers in the dark?" he asks, his intense eyes twinkling with amusement while the faint hint of allure runs across his features. "No, no. I... I don't usually go out actually." "I see..." He smirks. "I must be lucky, then." ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rooming with Mr. Perfect
    3.5M 22.2K 21

    {EDITING} |All Aaron McCarter wants is to make his roommate's life a living nightmare, but will love get in the way of his plans for revenge?| ***** "He hates her. She kind of hates/loves him. What happens when they are stuck together in the same dorm room for th...

  • Made For You [COMPLETED]
    7.3K 1K 60

    She is still healing from the death of her childhood friend. She can't let go of the past, she can't get her mind off it. So instead she lives for the moment. Tho' surrounded by love and care, Julia Smith needs to fight and stop blaming herself. But why does it feel like a difficult thing to do? Sure bad guys do have...

  • Finding Ava ✔
    357K 10.8K 34

    Absolutely breathtaking cover by @cityheist ~ Dear Max, For you, it might have been simple. For you, it might have been something to keep you from being bored. But for me? It was so much more. I thought we would be together forever. I thought what we had was love. I guess I thought wrong. You broke my heart and I'l...

  • Conspicuous Secrets
    362K 12.4K 66

    "Never, under any circumstances, tell anyone the truth." That was the number one rule. After changing their identities and starting new lives, Lydia and Jaxon hope to find safety from their dark past that is looking to come back to haunt them. However, things get complicated once Lydia meets a mysterious bad boy with...

  • The Bad Boy And The Mermaid
    2.2M 14.8K 6

    [Book available on Radish app] Hunter Brantley is a college student and always causing trouble at school. Golden Brown hair, metallic silver eyes and arms covered in tattoos. He's everything that a cliche bad boy story needs. Being expelled through school over a dozen times is not something new for Hunter. Dumping gi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Little Lies
    3M 112K 31

    Ajax Preston West III has everything he's ever wanted, all but Harper Morgan. The one woman he's waited for, the one woman he's always wanted. His best friends sister. Taking over his parent's cattle ranch, he's closer to her then ever before. After years of ignoring his feelings for the sake of his friendship he's re...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Wallflower Mate
    2.5M 125K 36

    *Chosen Mates* Mary Elizabeth Carter have gone through the Mating Ball for five consecutive years with no luck in snagging a mate. She didn't care if had a rank or he wasn't all that attractive. All she wanted was to be mated and sated. Yes, that's right. Thoroughly fucked. Now, at the age of twenty-five she was well...

    Completed   Mature
  • In Your Own Words
    85.6K 5.5K 33

    Everyone on campus knows Weston Maguire. He's the only hockey player worth watching on Bader University's team, and a great guy by all accounts. Nobody knows Cassie Belford---not really. They notice her, sure, but she's got a talent for making sure people don't stare long enough to see what she's hiding. At least un...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Queen of Hearts
    566K 15.6K 50

    #First book in the Queen series# Kylie Jones, daughter of Robert Jones President of the Hells Dragons MC. Her story is a little different. She was once the shy princess of the MC hanging around the clubhouse waiting to be claimed by her knight in shining armor. Her fifteenth birthday was supposed to be a grand celebra...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wedding Flowers [Completed]
    2.1M 81.3K 39

    Highest Rank: #1 in ChickLit Addison Thomas has been fascinated with flowers since she was little. Her and her mom would plant flower after flower making their home look like a flower shop. Addy has made her dream of opening a flower shop come true with the help of her friend. Marilyn Thomas' Flowers is bustling with...

  • Disarming Dakota | ✓
    14M 509K 65

    Right when Silvia Ellington is about to start her senior year, her mother decides to have her move in with her aloof father and his "perfect" family in California. She promises to be on her best behavior, and for the most part, she's able to keep her snappy attitude in check...until she ends up going to a...

  • Claimed by the Sicilian Mafia
    3.5M 137K 32

    Adalina Romano is tired of being manipulated by the men in her life. First, her greedy uncle drags her half way around the world and forces her smack dab in the middle of an outlandish deal between him and the heir to Sicily's largest mafia, the Cosa Nostra. Now, she finds herself in the clutches of a man who makes he...

  • Love Theory
    3M 135K 38

    Nick doesn't believe that a marriage needs love to survive, and he's out to prove it by marrying a stranger. But after proposing to headstrong waitress Annabelle, his theory begins to fall apart... ***** Nick Brady has only ever seen marriage as an...

  • Blackmailing Aria [Book 1 of the Stavros Series]
    4.7M 102K 14

    After four years and her first heartbreak, Aria never wanted to see the man she remembers as Xander ever again. But after a mix-up in hotel rooms, Aria runs into him, and he's not who she thought he was. Billionaire, Alexander Stavros has only ever been in love once. It was with a young, wild, carefree girl who capt...

  • Loving Marcello
    10.2M 379K 47

    After having her heart broken by the boy she'd been in love with her whole life, Brimmy Somell decides to take a little...vacation. Little does she know, it turns out to be much more permanent than she had originally thought. After meeting tall, sexy, and mysterious Marcello Pietro, Brimmy finds herself having to make...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tangled In Strings
    2.2M 109K 37

    It's official. Scarlett Bardot's life has become one chaotic mess. Less than a year ago, she sat on top of the world, endless possibilities of success and prestige before her. Just one year ago, she was one of the most powerful women in entertainment. After just barely scraping herself out of a difficult past, she h...