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  • Klance fluff
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    I don't update super often :) just a bunch of stories. Sometimes one shots, sometimes multiple parts! !!!! None of the characters nor the show of voltron belong to me !!!!l

  • Theif~(Klance) //OLD//
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    //Completed March 25~2017// "Keith, are you a Theif?" "Why?" Keith smirked, as he knew this was one of Lance's stupid puns. "Because you stole my heart" He said in a surprisingly smooth voice. Keith couldn't help but laugh, "Well, you said thief wrong, but.. One thing is for sure. You've sure stolen mine" ~~~~~~ Hey...

  • My Star~ A Klance FanFiction
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    Keith looked towards the sky, "Are you looking at that same star, Lance? The one you told me you look at each night?" He asked, whispering these words to himself. his dim, Violet eyes gave a splash of hope in the pool of darkness that surrounded his room. But the star's glow was enough to bring his eyes to life, and m...

  • Flowers For My Enemy
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    Voltron soulmate au where you can feel all of your soulmate's pain, and flowers grow in the open wounds. - - I do not own these characters or the cover art

  • Kik A Klance Fanfiction
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    TRIGGER WARNINGS -cutting -suicide Lance accidently messages Keith on Kik. Will this mysterious message build a friendship or completely destroy it? Only time will tell.