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  • Once Upon A Blue Moon (unedited)
    1.1K 321 49

    Formerly Known As 'The Ghost In My Attic' "I came so far and worked so hard to find you.... And that too in the perfect scenario, mood And environment and now you want to leave!? " he says in a low tune as he begins move closer to me. At this point.... I am appalled by what I am hearing and I desperately hope what I...

    Completed   Mature
  • To Light My Fire ✔️
    2.3K 398 38

    A fantasy-thriller in the time period of today's world and mindset from the past. It takes place in Peerland, Louisiana, and surrounds the life of a 16 year old teenager Eve Palmer who is the daughter of a pastor. Eve goes through family drama that isn't the usual. She finds out that she has special powers that are s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Healing
    148 30 8

    Broken he was,People wanted him while I needed him and wanted to heal him but I too was broken. Isabella Greene is a sweet and loving child, The famous Billionaire's daughter. Her parents dies, will she survive? Alexander Stone is all broken, lost his family at the same time...

  • Royal Thief (Editing)
    4.8K 950 52

    Annabelle, a Mexican-American is a pickpocket who steals from anyone to survive and fend for her sick mum. Successful in her criminal act and enriching her own pocket until she stole at the wrong time, from the wrong man...The Prince of Britain. What will Annabelle do to set herself free from the prince? This is a mod...

  • Broken Pieces
    3.5K 890 30

    WHEN YOU LOVED SOMETHING THAT WAS KILLING YOU, YOU HAD NO OPTION BECAUSE IT LEFT YOU NONE. How could you run, how could you fight, when you were already attached, addicted to it. You let it define you. How could you leave it when that was all you got to remain stable. You couldn't just let go despite knowing what effe...