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  • A.I.
    48.7K 3K 18

    Computers have become a thing of the past. Everyone now travels with an A.I. Synthetic. That is, if you can afford one. Which Jack can't. Instead, he comes across a junked A.I. and works hard to rebuild it from scratch. Only his model isn't like the others. It's not just some computer. It has advanced far beyon...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Tell Mark (yaoi boyxboy smut)
    53.7K 1.5K 31

    yaoi smut threesome don't like. don't read

    Completed   Mature
  • Kidnapped (Markipler, Natewantstobattle, MatPat)
    2.1K 205 27

    Y/n was a normal shy girl who was obsessed with Markipler, Nathan Sharp, and MatPat from game theory. She always dreamed of meeting them and being a YouTuber herself. Being the summer before her Junior year of high school she was just relaxing in her room texting with her best friend until something happened...

  • Nateiplier One Shot(s) XD
    23.3K 975 35

    One shots of the two amazing people Markiplier and Natewantstobattle!

  • Anxiety ( Darkiplier X Reader )
    209K 6.3K 31

    Indeed. You will be kidnapped and yes, somehow, something will happen. But of course, I can't say whether the outcome will be good or bad. For that would just be ruining the surprise.

  • Dark Times (Darkiplier x reader x Markiplier)
    24.9K 709 22

    You and Mark have been dating for a about a year now. Unfortunately for the both of you, Dark is getting jealous. When October rolls around, Dark begins to get a little more power, and he plans to use it to get to you.

  • Virus (Antisepticeye and Darkiplier)
    87.1K 2.4K 17

    {COMPLETED} You wake up in a dark room with a pounding headache. You try to move, but your arms are tied behind your back. Wondering where you are, you cry out for help, but your screams are lost in the darkness. Suddenly, you remember what happened. The earthquake, the creepy laughter, the guy pulling you into the co...

  • Septiplier ~ A Stupid, Stupid Dare BOOK 1 STUPID,STUPID SERIES
    254K 6.8K 23

    A house party. A dare to kiss Mark. Total. Confusion. Jack realizes he has feelings for his best friend, but Mark doesn't know. And it certainly doesn't help that they live together.

  • ♡the Club♡ (Septiplier)
    1.6M 42.9K 18

    Sean has escaped an abusive prison of a relation ship but now he is homeless and has no where to go. He finds a help wanted sign for a new club called 'paradise' that is owned by the goergous Mark.

  • Bodyguard ~ Septiplier
    126K 5.2K 11

    Seán is a celebrity singer and Mark was just employed as his body guard. // "Can I be your bodyguard?" Mark asked, pulling back but still resting his hands on Seán's shoulders. "It's fine wit' me. But... My fans can get shite crazy..." //

  • Spreading (Antisepticeye, Darkiplier, Natemare, etc.)
    113K 3.2K 37

    {COMPLETED} The air is thick and cold. You're sitting up in a hard chair. A headache forms as you slowly blink your eyes open. It doesn't take more than two seconds for you to realize they're covered. Oh no, you think. This can't be happening again. You reach for your head, but your hands don't move. You pull again, a...

  • The Kings (PewDIEpie x Antisepticeye x Darkiplier x reader)
    30.7K 731 33

    You are a girl that is obsessed with three Youtubers, Pewdiepie, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. One day you get enough money to go to VidCon. You are so excited to meet all of the Youtubers. But when you meet them something is wrong.

  • The broken kingdoms MarkiplierXReader
    228 10 9

    Your a slave to darkiplier your hoeing someone will save you then you heard of markiplier he was going to chose one person to save Will it be you???

  • My dark class darkiplierXreader
    2.6K 37 17

    Your a wich/Girl That dose magic and you go to a school to learn you have antisepticeye darkiplier markiplier Jacksepticeye for your people that tech you

  • DarkiplierXReader the dark side of me
    21K 239 42

    Your 23 years old your a YouTuber and u find something or some one thats follows u who or what is it

  • Ask Mark's Alter Egos and YouTubers' Dark Sides (closed)
    516 3 8

    Ask away! Or dare them to do something. Your choice. Characters listed inside. Thank you to everyone who interacted with this, and sorry to close it!