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  • Izuku renewed adventure
    642 32 4

    in a world where most people are born with a mysterious power known quirks but another 20% are born without one the story is about a young boy named izuku who went through struggles after struggles and got into the number one hero School UA as he went through most troubles and most happiness with his classmates two ye...

  • Ghost Rider: Izuku Midoriya
    2.4K 123 8

    a story I grabbed from my docs. izuku becomes ghost rider and an accidental pervert. Female only quirk user Ghost Rider Izuku. Dekubowl

  • Izuku The Unstoppable Chain Hero
    17.3K 373 6

    Run... Run... Run as fast as you can. He's here, why do we keep running? We got quirks we can beat him. You idiot! No one can escape him, He's a monster in human bo-, wait did you hear something? What? It sounded like ch- I KNEW no one can escape the KUSARI YARO!(Cover not mine.) It's also posted on Fanfiction named K...

    4.6K 86 5

    Izuku didn't have a good beginning after learning that he had a legendary quirk, the same quirk as the Wolverine shortly after he was taken by an organization was working on making super powered soldiers where they tried to turn him into the perfect killing machine to kill All Might and plunge society into chaos. Tha...

  • MHA: Reincarnation of the Strongest Saiyan Warrior
    13.1K 294 8

    For a long as he could remember Izuku always felt as though there was part of him that was missing. A certain Desire to not only be a hero but to also push himself to the very limit and always striving to fight strong opponents. However as luck would have it a certain incident would be the catalyst to awakening this m...

  • I Love Him More!
    9.3K 231 7

    Izuku Midoriya has and will face many challenges as the successor to All Might. But what about the challenge of romance that will whirlwind into his life, no matter how dense and insecure he is? All rights to Horikoshi

  • I Love You
    28K 653 15

    It's been a week since the Overhaul incident nobody except a certain ponytail girl noticed how strange her classmate izuku midoriya is acting,after a little talk between the two the relationship of this two classmates will change completely

  • His Beginning, Her Hero (Izuku x Momo)
    58.3K 1.4K 33

    An Izuku x Momo story starting during the Kamino Ward incident, except things go very different than intended. Izuku Midoriya, with the help of his four other friends, go on a mission to save their classmate Katsuki Bakugou, however things don't go as planned and the raid goes south very quickly. What will this mean f...

  • Somnambulist Seduction
    5.6K 277 6

    The bond between a student and their teacher is rather simple. One is there to learn, the other being there to teach. But in a much more, explicit form of defining it, one is there to give. And the other to take. Join Midoriya as he learns from the R-Rated Hero what it truly means to show out in both power, and good l...

  • Surging Fists (Izuku x Itsuka)
    46.5K 1.3K 31

    Izuku loved to talk about quirks and the upcoming internships that he and his classmates would attend, so he couldn't help himself but eavesdrop on his Vice President's conversation during lunch about the internship she and someone he didn't know would attend. One thing led to another and now he was having lunch with...

  • Izuku's Inner Demons
    75.2K 1.2K 48

    Izuku was having a perfect life, He got a quirk, He made new friends and he was attending U. A to become a hero. Somehow, things got a lot better for him when a blonde-haired boy makes him the next king. !!!! I do not own any of the powers or characters mentioned in this story. If I do, I will mention those OC char...

  • My Jinchūriki Academia
    10.4K 173 8

    This is a crossover of My Hero Academia and Naruto. Izuku Yagi always dreamt of being a hero, until he was told that he was quirkless, but his family and friends still loved him. As for Izumi, Katsumi, and Shoka, they would get overprotective of him. Momo Yaoyorozu was born with a creation quirk, with her parents bein...

  • Love!They Live.18+ (izukuxmomo)
    5.7K 150 7

    Izuku and momo are graduated from U.A. high . Living their lives as pros.....this book will one-shots book to show their love's like romance story....... . . I hope you like it and vote .. .. to know more 😸 (for izumomo readers).. #3 izukuxmomo:::17-03-2021

  • Artificial Hero
    30.9K 688 25

    Hey guys, back at it again! Even though im working on another book I've decided to do something else while that one is on cooldown. this is going to be....well the title and cover image explain a lot. Izuku is going to be an artificial hero. Now the marvel universe won't exist and hizashi will be alive for a while. Hi...

  • Quirk: Haki (Slow Updates Due To School)
    10.9K 129 9

    (this is my first time making a story so don't hate on me) This story Izuku Midoriya will have haki this will include the advanced versions of haki (the haki is equal to Shanks' power of haki) I got inspired by izuku has haki fanfictions Pictures gifs and videos are not mine My Hero Academia is not mine I do not own...

  • The Cursed Hero
    90K 1.6K 24

    Midoriya was born with a quirk nobody was able to identify, not even him. After his first encounter with All Might, his future is changed but not in the way you expect. Will he be able to walk the path of a hero with his unknown power and the doubt inside his mind? Will his darkness overcome his resolve of what a hero...

  • Izuku Kaisen
    9.1K 117 17

    The story follows the life of izuku yagi as he was living his life with his family quite peacefully until he and his sister went to the quirk docter and life changed completely for now we follow the his jurney of how he became the no 1 hero All characters are owned by horikoshi this is a mere fanfiction

  • Right Place, Wrong Time (Izuku x Kendo) [Discontinued for rewrite]
    80.8K 1.6K 32

    [DISCONTINUED IN FAVOR OF REWRITE] Rewrite: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Izuku Midoriya meets Itsuka Kendo while on a cinnamon roll run, the two...

  • The Norse Hero: Fenrir
    80.4K 1.8K 29

    Common quirks are based on simple things. Even Bakugos strong flashy explosion quirk it just dynamite. But there is absolutely nothing simple about your quirk being based on the Norse God: Fenrir. With the great strength of the wolf god, Izuku is sure to claw his way straight to heroism

  • Much Needed Love(Yandere Succubus Momo x Depressed Deku)
    6.4K 291 7

    Izuku Midoriya is depressed due to being bullied and their father abandoning them. His mother Inko had died from a heart virus. What happens when he encounters a fallen girl with a spiky black ponytail, who just so happened to be looking for her husband/soulmate after she was banished by her family forever to live th...

  • MHA: The Horny Fox
    19.4K 451 6

    AU. In a world where women of the dominant gender for both heroes and villains. Men are nothing but "breeders" of society. However Izuku was an exception. The first male in decades to have a quirk and a powerful one at that. How will the female world of MHA deal with a Male with the powers of a Kitsune and the libido...

  • Different Shades Of Green
    41.4K 831 7

    After finding out that Ochako was cheating on him with his childhood tormentor, Izuku felt alone and betrayed but little does he know that three people will help bring light back into his life. P.S all art used in this is owned by it's respected creator or creators P.P.S I apologise for any grammer mistakes or misspel...

  • Two Sides Of The Same Coin
    31.5K 881 8

    Momo yaoyorozu, one of the most respected students in U.A, beautiful, smart, strong, and confident, and she has a secret boyfriend, her boyfriend is one, Izuku midoriya, top model in japan, a scientist, and of course a vigilante, but she doesn't need to know the last part. Hi! This book was originally called "Momo's b...

  • Canine Instincts
    52.5K 1K 10

    After living in a forest with a pack of wolves, a green haired boy is rescued and brought back to the civilization. Although is difficult for him to adapt to the life in the city, he will count with help of friends, and a star-crossed lover. I do not own the characters nor the art shown in the fan fiction. Only the pl...

  • Hᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴇʟʟ ᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ sᴏ ʟᴜᴄᴋʏ?
    2.3K 89 1

    *She comes from one of the wealthiest family of japan.* GIRLS- No problem *She's the most beautiful girl of U.A* GIRLS-No problem *No matter how much she eat, she remains in perfect shape.* GIRLS-okay(jealous) But when they came to know about her boyfriend. Every girl of U.A said one thing.... ...

  • Fairy Tail: The Shadow Hunter
    26.1K 560 6

    After he enters the portal, Sung Jin-Woo was transported to another world. He was entered into another world in Fairy Tail. Jin-Woo joins their guild and he keeps his Identity he's from another world and most powerful possessed his magic.

  • Beauty and the Titan
    18.5K 519 27

    Afer getting kidnaped just before her 10 birthday, Momo didn't expect to find a friend in such a situation.

  • Magnetic Deku
    26.3K 455 27

    Izuku has a quirk here. Can manipulate all things having a little or full metal in it, can fly using magnetism from earth. Basically has powers of magneto from X-MEN. Ship is izuku x momo. First story plz go easy on me

  • The ghost of Musutafu
    5.7K 94 8

    Follow Izuku Sakai's journy to be the greatest Samurai hero. He seems good on the outside, but on the inside he's hiding something, something he will not let get out.

  • Deku childrens from the future
    47.8K 585 13

    one day Izuku was in his class room a black swiri pool open drop 33 kids in the class room. The kids look at deku now he is a dad