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  • Mario x Luigi
    10.9K 77 4

    Luigi and Mario fall in love with each other and (Mario the gay one)

    Completed   Mature
  • Damn Uchiha
    210K 6.5K 30

    Sasuke is a rich, good looking, emo, playboy at Konoha private academy. He's the "king" of the school. Everyone flocks to him, he even has his very own "royal court". What will happen when a certain geeky new boy with blonde hair is the only one to stands up to him? I do not own the cover photo or any of the character...

    Completed   Mature
  • School's Dare (SASUNARU,COMPLETED)
    85.8K 1.5K 7

    In school, if you get 10+ detentions by the end of the month, you'll have to go into the office and pick a dare from a box. (Btw Sasuke has a crush on Naruto at this point) Naruto, the school's biggest trouble maker, got sent into the office and picked up a dare. "If you're a boy, wear the girl's uniform. If you're a...

  • hiding my feelings ~ZoSan~
    361 8 2

    this is zosan!!!!! hhhhhhh fuck its been a while since i last watched or read zosan but omf i love it still and this is based off of a comic I saw on yt about zosan basically sanji is scared of telling Zorro how he feels about him and in the later chapters he tells him and they fall in love well that part wasn't in th...

  • ZoSan: The Pleasure Boy
    28.6K 703 9

    Strawhats lands on the summer island Erusaelp, and oddly tries to win off a sex slave in an auction. [ A ZoroxSanji Fanfiction - R18 ] COMPLETED ✔ [3-8-2021] Under Editing

  • Kiribaku smut
    101K 858 7

    This is very good and detailed smut that I worked really hard on so please don't judge it badly

  • Kiribaku smut
    45.9K 372 7

    Very detailed smut

  • Kiribaku Smut/Fluff
    139K 1.2K 4

    bunch of smut for y'all horny devils🍆🍑🍆 bunch of fluff for y'all innocent babies🥰😊🥰

  • Kiribaku smut
    79.3K 482 7

    I SWEAR THIS IS VERY DETAILED AND REAL Achievements: #7 in Detailed. 🤩

  • Curiosity Law X Luffy
    30K 447 5

    so this person made this really good umm.. story and she/he never continued so i want to continue it myself im only in my teens so don't go hard on me in the comments thx for reading Onepiece does not belong to me i update every week on saterday

  • Luffy the neko~ (Law x Luffy)
    79.1K 2.3K 11

    Luffy gets turned into a neko (half human half cat). Will Law be able to resist the cute neko boy? (LAWLU~)

  • Law x Luffy One-Shots {LawLu}
    15.4K 331 5

    Short LawLu drabbles that I happen to think of........ in the middle of the fucking night because I wake up and search for food.... whilst craving LawLu *insert evil smirk winky face majig here* *WARNING* Some chapters may have smut, light, hardcore whatever, but just letting you know I will, *WILL* warn you when it...

  • Pleasing to You (LawLu Lemon)
    8.8K 201 3

    Luffy had become a little distant with Law recently and has been hanging around Sanji and Zoro a lot, especially Sanji. Law has had enough of being refused and tries to find out what exactly Luffy is hiding. ⚠️Some Smut/Lemon scenes and a lot of Yaoi ⚠️🔞 Mature 18+🔞 (Tho everyone under 18 is still gonna read) If yo...

  • Unexpected Love (Law x Reader story)
    30.5K 629 23

    Ice. A girl with the power to control it. A surgeon with a heart as cold as it. But when they meet, will she be able to melt his frozen heart and fix it, piece by piece? IF YOU SEE THIS STORY ON ANOTHER PLATFORM, IT'S NOT ME. I ONLY WRITE ON WATTPAD.

  • It's A Gift~ Trafalgar Law x Reader
    249K 11.4K 28

    Your life is not ordinary, but it does get lonely. Until you make an unlikely and... Demonic friend...

  • A Taste ~ Trafalgar Law X Reader
    81.8K 4K 16

    Life has grown increasingly boring for you over the decades. Nothing seems to interest you anymore. The only excitement came from hunting and that was depressingly brief. And then the new guy came.

  • Our Arranged Love Story
    77.7K 1.9K 24

    Luffy and Nami, two complete strangers, learn to love each other through their arranged marriage. -A One Piece Fanfic with the pairing Luffy and Nami. -Genre: Romance, Drama, Humour, Action -This fanfic can also be found on under my username "Awsme Grl" . Vote for the chapters you liked! Tha...

  • A confession to remember [ LuNami ]
    4.2K 82 1

    It was just another ordinary day on the sea for the straw hats when suddenly a mermaid turns up on their deck. Who was she? And what was this tale she spoke of 'lost love'? Ship: LuNami (luffy x nami) Disclaimer: I don't own one piece Cover art not by me (can't find original artist) One shot

  • Stuff
    247 34 30

    IDK XD

  • a love story of yin and yang- obito x kakashi
    188 10 3

    these two different people fall in love at young and something happens to the other and the only way you'll know more is if you read this book

  • Obito x Kakashi Smut - Oneshot
    7.5K 61 1

    Read the title, its easy

    Completed   Mature