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  • TEMPTATION | 18+ Spec Ops
    1.8K 92 6

    In which a protestor meets the precious babygirl of the Chief of Police.

  • AGENT | Anonymous
    19.6K 844 20

    Newly recruited Agent Scarlett Pierce was a determined woman - just waiting for the chance to take on her first true mission. She had worked alongside sexist men for almost a year now, wanting only to be considered an equal. And as America turns up in flames with the deaths of black men and women at the hands of raci...

  • Daddy Anon x Reader
    51.8K 1K 27

    All you wanted to do was support the BLM movement, yet you didnt expect him to come. -sorry for spelling errors, I double check my writing before I post it but somehow I still miss stuff.

  • The Anonymous Legion
    39.9K 1.4K 21

    After the death of an African-American man, Americans start to become aware of the corruption in their police forces, and those in power. As protests for black rights start, y/n decides to join in the fight for equality, but at a protest, she meets someone who opens her eyes to the world of hacktivists who go by the n...

  • Tear Gas (Spec ops guy)
    59.5K 2.1K 43

    Melanie desperately tries to get away from the crowd, shielding her face in pain as she falls to the ground. Almost suddenly, she feels leather hands grip her body and pull her up. -Everything in this story is FICTIONAL. I don't know what the guys real name is and i doubt this would ever happen but enjoy the story a...

    5.8K 617 10

    maya is a strong, confident, independent woman that doesn't need a man laying his jacket down over the puddles. she won't take less than she deserves or shit from anyone. she refuses to be seen as anything less than a man's equal. goddamn, it's really hard to tell herself that when the thing she wants most is for her...

    47.8K 3.8K 54

    she's a stripper looking to make extra cash, he's a multimillionaire model looking for a fake girlfriend. it's just a contract, at the end of the day. no sex, no feelings, no strings attached, right? god, emery's gonna find out that she is so damn wrong.

  • 4FEARS
    20.6K 2.6K 60

    Completed Camila goes to a peaceful protest, only for it to backfire and she is saved by the one, the only, Alpha. Will his cold heart and pride get in the way of them having a relationship? Who the fuck knows because I definitely don't!

    Completed   Mature
  • protector <3
    18.9K 733 13

    this is a more wholesome approach of the spec ops guy fanfic! the song makes me cry but i love it! i hope you enjoy and remember pls keep his identity a secret, we want to keep him safe! 💗

  • SOLO
    181K 13.3K 89

    ⚠️ EXPLICIT MATURE CONTENT ⚠️ moving to the city meant eye-opening new friends, a refreshing sense of freedom, and a mysterious man that seems hell-bent on getting to know her. moving to the city meant getting away from an abusive ex, controlling mother, and sheltered bubble that kept her from seeing the world and u...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tank on the streets, Tank in the sheets (spec ops x reader)
    67.6K 1.6K 29

    Basically a smut about that really hot tall guy who was protesting in DC, Tank. Now also containing Riot. Contains: Protests Daddy Kink Dominance Handcuffs Rough/Pounding Humiliation?/Teasing Control Toys

  • Riot (reupload)
    74.3K 657 26

    All credits to @anicajeann ! It's her story not mine! Wattpad deleted her account follow her on instagram @3ddanica !

  • tank's whore
    78.1K 1.9K 23

    spec ops/tank fanfic. you're a doctor, who protects the injured protestors who were shot or tear gassed. somehow you end up in the care of the hot ass tall dude at the protest.