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  • "Undertale Pics"
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    There will be some Ships,Lemons and Many Many More! And just to remind you!,The arts are not mines! If it is! I'll tell you! T^T Bye!

  • Ask or dare my characters: tournament of power
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    Nothing to say really

  • » memes «
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    To satisfy your crippling depression! Idek anymore lol. These are also just funny stuff in general so please don't complain. These aren't my memes by the way so credit to the people who created them! ~PLEASE DON'T GET OFFENDED THESE AREN'T MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUS~ -Thank you~

  • Help me with the darkness (Depressed Kirishima x Bakugou)
    3.3K 102 32

    After Kirishima is diagnosed with severe depression, he doesn't know what to do with his life anymore. He is nervous to confess his feeling towards Bakugou, afraid of his abusive father, and afraid of people bullying him for being gay. He makes a fatal decision. But little does he know what'll happen after. And what'l...

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    ☆.。.:*Credits to IG & Tumblr.。.:*☆

  • Throughout The Years (Black & Zamasu x Growing! Reader)
    11.1K 280 7

    Black brings a human baby back with him to the cabin him and Zamasu lives in. As the two take care of the human, there's infinite possibilities as to what can happen. Let's just say things will get a little weird at times.

  • Fused Roommates
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    I decided since regular roommates is doing well. might as go for a fused one

  • Falling Under Your Spell-Dragon Ball GT X Male Saiyan Reader
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    I actually enjoy GT a little bit. So I was bit surprised-Well not surprised but more taken aback by how there was little to no GT fanfics. So I want to fill that void a little bit. Btw I don't own GT, Dragon Ball is a franchise created by original Author Akira Toriyama. GT was a project created by TOEI Animation. With...

  • Fused Book
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    Gogeta: Welcome to our book.

  • DBZ/DBS: Truth or Dare
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    Hi guys. So, for further information go read the first part of this story. Just have fun and enjoy your stay, I guess. If you are new here, feel free to check my other DBZ book - DBZ/DBS X READER. Your Mig-chan

  • A Lustful Rose (Goku Black X Goku)
    3.8K 60 1

    Hot nights filled with passions unimaginable... One rose stands before it all with a smirk...

    Completed   Mature
  • Goku X Frieza oneshot (Christmas special!)
    1.3K 35 1

    Goku tries to cheer and warm up a cold Frieza on Christmas day!

  • ♥︎𝕂𝕒𝕜𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕘𝕖♥︎
    5.2K 329 47

    Just some 𝟙𝟠+ pictures of goku and vegeta, nothing much.

  • The Villains
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    For my evil characters

  • Gogeta/Vegito X Reader Oneshots(Rewriting)
    2.3K 40 3

    Imagines for Gogeta and Vegito. Under editing and rewriting.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Prince's Slave
    5.5K 210 7

    Bleh! Still can't write a description! Sorry! This is a VegeKaka story. There will be yaoi, rape, violence, mature language, and Mpreg. If any of these are triggers to you then this story isn't for you. You've been warned!

  • LIFE
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    Don't ask

  • Ask the sans's
    3.4K 61 50

    So, originally, in this universe, Dream and NM aren't together but they both have feelings, you can ask all of the Sans's anything, and also you can ask my OC Luna.

  • Life in this house!!!(gogeta x vegito/ssj4vegito x ssj4gogeta/goku x vegeta)
    1.5K 68 7

    in this book it tells how life is for all of them in one big house but things do get *cough cough* goku: u ok?! miyaoko: yeah I just can't say wat I wanna say out loud. vegeta: u better or else!! miyaoko: or else wat!! I'm not scared of u! prince of no one!! vegito: she just told u lol! vegeta: S-SHUT UP!! miyaoko: ye...

  • Errink; Why do you care?
    95K 2.4K 24

    Error loves Ink, but he knows Ink hates him and will never love a screw up destroyer like him(or so he thought). Error ends up cutting himself from his depression. He believes nobody could or will love him. Ink knows that Error has been gone for a few weeks and he hopes that Error isn't planning anything. Yet, all he...

  • Hamilton on crack
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    Read the title

  • Dirty Desires ■ ~A Kakavege Ship Story~■
    8.3K 392 33

    Two yaoi saiyan lovers relationship unknowingly develops through marital hardship.

  • Life Of The Meme Squad {DS Fanfic}
    22.7K 873 13

    {THIS BOOK IS POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!! Sorry for the inconvenience, and enjoy what is available so far until than!} Why should the good guys get all the attention when the crazy people have a more exciting life? Justice Reigns always makes the Meme Squad pay for crimes against their cause, but is that really w...

  • Virginia rates your ships
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    WARNING: this is just my personal opinion. please do not be offended if I give your ship a bad rating. this is all just for fun.

  • Best Of Piccolo
    8.3K 257 37

    Wow .... The Second Book In My Little Dragon Ball Z Quips Thing . Piccolo .... Oh My Flip ! He's One Of The Major Badasses That Make Up Dragon Ball Z . I Mean It Just Wouldn't Be The Same Without Him . He's Cocky , And He's Just ... ♥‿♥ (^~^) Can't Explain It He's Awesome . To Be Honest , He's Kinda Cute In A Namekian...

  • If Goku was the Ideal saiyan
    26.6K 265 14

    In this story I basically change a bunch of thing to try to make it different from the source material

  • Piccolo x Reader Last Female Saiyan
    43.3K 1.3K 9

    Could the Saiyans have sent another baby to earth? Or could it be just by luck that one landed there. One female Saiyan remains, and could she possibly steal the heart of a Namekian? Let's see.

  • Scouters Are Red, Night Skies Are Blue [ Goku x Vegeta ]
    57K 2K 24

    After his life being saved by Prince Vegeta, Goku struggles to tell his new master how he really feels and hopefully not take things too far without getting into trouble . . . or should I say . . . into the next world. **AUTHOR'S NOTE: There's smut and m-preg!** **AUTHOR'S NOTE 2: I wrote this thing when I was in high...

  • Mom and Dad Still Hate Each Other (✅)
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    The tale of this dysfunctionally delightful New Asian family continues! • • • [I DO NOT OWN ANY ARTWORK OR MUSIC]

    Completed   Mature