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  • Ready for the Gen Z revolution?
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    I want that you picture the world, the world that it can be. The world that we can create together. Yes, with your help, you can change it to be better! Your inner voice matters and your opinion. So, let people hear it, make them listen. Some of them will try to push your thoughts down, but do not give in. Scream what...

  • Spider man and The Avengers: Hope, Trust, and Family
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    WARNING!!!(SPOILERS)!!!!! (I do not intent to insult anybody or any of that, I'm just making a story, the cover was created by me, I do not own any of the Marvel characters, I will inform you if a character is mine, I'm not a pro at writing and there will be errors, but I hope you enjoy.) Peter Parker, Spider...

  • When Mortal Heroes Meet Myth
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    Percy Jackson and Avengers crossover. From mostly Spidey and Percabeth view point with a few exceptions. Percy and Annabeth are trying to go back to normal after the Giant War when a strange interaction with a certain spider hero gets them and the seven caught up in one large misunderstanding. Thanks so much to @Celes...