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  • Light to my life (on hold)
    2.2K 445 18

    Meet Edna a beautiful and intelligent girl. She wins a scholarship into the best school in Lagos Nigeria. She is out to be a successful woman in future. Daniel is a cute, tall and brilliant student. A school celebrity having almost all the girls running after him. Daniel is totally smitten by Edna on their first enc...

  • Lost in friendship
    248 40 5

    A young girl who has always wanted to be successful in life and who is always loyal to her parents and her one and only best friend, not knowing the person who has been stopping her from accomplishing her dreams, was right under her nose............Read to see what happens.

  • Loving Heights (Heights Series Book 1)
    792 219 31

    When carefree sexy-as-sin 36-year old billionaire, Coco Heights, meets her secretary's 20-year old son she had thought of him as sweet but the young man soon had her thinking and doing things that were deliciously hot and dangerous... Highest Rankings 🌟🖤 #42-Manhattan❤ #37-fallinlove❤ #19-oppositeattract❤ #21- upper...

    Completed   Mature
  • Poems I Never Shared (COMPLETED)
    903 232 50

    Poetry, Another fruit from the tree of literature. WRITTEN BY Madinah Jolaade Abdul Poet and novelist. @Madinah_Writes Poetry is literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhyme. 'Poems I N...

    845 315 29

    Under 168 Hours... It's all about a Nigerian teenager, Humaira and her younger sister, Zainab going through difficult times together. After the death of their mother, both girls have to sacrifice their happiness for each other in order to keep the bond of sisterhood. But... Would their relationship grow stronger or l...

  • The Life Of A Quiet Girl
    8.2K 3.3K 30

    Curiosity is a willing, a proud, and eager confession of ignorance. S.Leonard Rubinstein But then again, they say curiosity always kills the cat..... Meet Kayla Adedamola, your average teenage girl who is always in the habit of daydreaming and curious about things that are most...

  • The Unlovely Father
    160 40 2

    "THE UNLOVELY FATHER" is a story that portrays injustices and misdeeds of a man against his wife and children. A disastrous event occurs which brings restlessness to the lives of his wife and children. Are they able to overcome the tragedy? It is a simple plot but one that is well-written and absolutely masterful in...

  • Eyes backward, stepping forward
    4.7K 1.9K 13

    One dreadful night was all it took to turn Ashley's life a hundred and eighty degrees. It never occurred to her that she would have to leave her beloved town, but unfortunately, there was no other choice. She moved towns with her mother to turn over a new leaf and start fresh and was welcomed by her neighbor. A grey...

    1.3K 275 27

    "We are not perfect doesn't mean we don't matter". Dive into the world of a teenager who is on a quest to fit in and tries her best to overcome challenging situations.

  • Glass Slipper
    52 13 6

    When you hear or read the words "Glass Slipper", the first thing you think of will be Cinderella and her Prince charming and her happily ever after ending. But nobody stops to think of the struggles in the relationship before a happily ever after ending is acquired. Everyone just wants to read or hear the fairytale pa...