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  • The Shadows In The Vale
    705 345 10

    Aurelia Bloodwind is the King's personal assassin, notorious throughout the realm for her deadly ways. Follow her story as she unravels the lies she has been fed to discover her true identity. A story of deception, slyness, betrayal and love as she begins to question her every being.

  • The King of the Galaxy
    291K 5.2K 33

    Everyone in Percy Jackson's life abandoned him. No one would accept him, even after he won the gods two wars and jumped in Tartarus for the one he loved most. He was executed for being 'too powerful'. Betrayal shattered his heart and caused one of the kindest demigods to turn fold and bitter. Chaos accepted him with...

  • Percy Jackson, Son of Chaos
    926K 14.1K 31

    Percy is betrayed when Nick Waters, a son of Poseidon and Percy's half brother, comes to camp. Loyalties are tested and enemies are made. Sally abandons him to start a mortal family. Even with the friends he still has, Percy decides to leave the place he is unwanted. He is summoned on Olympus and accused of things he...

  • The Winged Warrior
    548K 12.8K 24

    Betrayed. Abandoned. Destroyed. Percy Jackson has been deserted by those he trusted. But can he rise again? When he is given the option of a new life, will he take it? And will the journey mend his shattered Heart? Percy Jackson rises from the dust as the winged warrior, a cold and emotionless fighter with no remorse...

  • Lost soul
    396 29 18

    Every chapter i write isnt when i wanna write this... i write when im upset. Its when words flow out of my mind and into my bloodstream allowing my fingers to move. Its my reality.... my feelings

  • Azkaban - slow updates
    1K 70 10

    Inside the kitchen, Sirius almost smiles, thinking about the last time Tonk's went on a mission, almost exposing them by her clumsiness and sarcastic remarks. A bright light flashes, followed by a thump. A shriek quickly follows as Molly's eyes adjust and meet the short body. Everyone is silent, the body not moving. T...

  • Snake Boy
    423K 17.5K 20

    Abandoned by the Dursleys at the age of four, Harry is raised by a magical serpent called a Syren. What happens when he decides the Dark Lord is the only one who can help him 'get hatchlings?

  • The Marriage Law
    465 1 23

    Serena Snape is Severus Snape's seventeen year old daughter. Professor Snape raised his daughter as a single father. How will the Snape family react when the Marriage Law is put into practice? Who does Serena and her father each get paired with? (I know I know another Marriage Law story with a pairing with Lucius Ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Harry
    51.1K 895 10

    Every student at Hogwarts has to take a classification test to determine their future. 5 classifications: submissive, dominant, neutral, caregiver and little. what will happen when it's the boy who lived's turn to be classified? What will happen McGonagal and Snape go to 4 Privit Drive to classify the boy,only to find...

  • Dark Prince (HP)
    942K 27.1K 54

    Harry Potter is actually Hadrian James Riddle Gaunt, the son of Tom Marvollo Riddle Gaunt and James Potter-Riddle Gaunt. Seventeen years ago Hadrian's aunt and Da were visiting each other when they were killed by the 'Dark Lord'. Hadrian was sent to live with his aunt's abusive 'muggle' family by the 'Light Leader'. ...

  • Family, Magic, and Blind Love
    417K 13K 46

    Hadrian has been blind since he was eight years old after his uncle blinded him, and for seven years he has lived in an abandoned building pick pocketing off people to survive. After nicking a wallet off someone he shouldn't have Hadrian is saved by two people he doesn't know and taken somewhere he's never been. Jamie...

  • 𝐀 𝐑𝐢𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐞 𝐔𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐥𝐯𝐞𝐝 ║Tom Riddle
    130K 6.9K 69

    "Tell me THE TRUTH!" Valentine Dumbledore is back for another year at Hogwarts. However, everything is closing in on her with epic speed. The shadows of a war are catching up to her and the words of the prophecy are suffocating her. Dwelling on the past is utter agony when one can see the future. Past demons are runn...

  • Echos >>Newt Scamander
    769K 25.2K 39

    The blonde gazed at him, mapping out his face, including the worry tainting it, "We'll find your creatures, Mr. Scamander. I promise." This caught the wizards attention, as he clearly hadn't been expecting her to say that, and his face was somewhat washed of the worry, "thank you Miss Kegley." "You can call me Myra if...

  • The Obscurus Within
    156 11 1

    Harry Potter was sent to his magic hating muggle relatives who wanted to beat the magic of him. He had overheard them talking about his "freakish" abilities. He had believed that they were a curse and tried to lock them up. Little did he know that he was only becoming an obscurus/obscuruial. Ablus Dumbledore was sitt...

  • Taken, Not Forgotten
    284K 8.3K 22

    What Harry Potter was jut living some lie. What of he was really Caelum Severus Malfoy, son of Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, twin brother to Draco Malfoy, and godson to Tom Riddle? What if the night "Harrry's" "parents" were killed was actually Dumbledore framing Tom and an excuse to send "Harry" to te Dursely's so...

  • Creature inheritance
    118K 1.9K 34

    Harry Potter always thought he knew who he was. This changed one night when he came into a creature inheritance.

  • Muggle-Raised Champion
    127K 6.1K 32

    The day before Harry Potter was due to go to Hogwarts for the very first time, his aunt and uncle informed him that he wouldn't be going. Instead, he was sent to Stonewall High. Now, three years later, the Goblet of Fire has named him as a TriWizard Champion. What that means is anyone's guess, but to Harry, one thing...

  • The Unexpected Inheritance
    284K 7.6K 35

    A story where harry potter goes through an Inheritance, finds out he is on the wrong side and has a family connection after all. This fic contains characters that are supposed to be dead but i just could not do it. Also is boyxboy soo you have been warned. Also random updates for better or worse?? -Discontinued-

  • The Circlet Of Elements
    474K 11.1K 41

    Harry Potter finds out the truth. He was never really a Potter.... Read as he discovers, Betrayal Friendship And more about himself and his mysterious inheritance..... Cover by AStrangeEvent

  • It Started With A Heist
    264K 8.2K 31

    He's the law. She breaks it. Emma Lawrence is not your typical girl. She is a professional thief and a con artist. So, what will happen when she meets Jake Parker, a promising FBI agent. Will he be the end of her or everything she ever wanted? After all, everything started with a heist.

  • Monophobia
    17 3 2

    One night a girl with monophobia gets kicked out of her house and her worst nightmare starts to unfold. She is left alone with no one to care for her, until she meets him. *May Contain Mature Content at Times*

  • Is It Worth It? Good or Evil?
    16K 601 90

    This is the updated version of Hadrian Riddle. If you are new to my page, then Hadrian Riddle was the first book I ever created. This is a book about Tom Marvolo Riddle and Bellatrix Lestrange having a child. It's a pretty good story line! I did change some things from the original!

  • Child of Azkaban
    121K 3.8K 20

    Harry Potter has always been hated. His parents hated him that was why they sent him to Azkaban with all the dementors. But what happens when they have the wrong savior of the world and need Harry back. Harry until then grows up to be a spite ful and younger version of tom riddle, when he meets with a slightly sane Be...

  • Not A Princess
    65.2K 2.2K 22

    Elizabeth Ashlie Marin- her mother died, her father ignored her, her ex-boyfriend was an abuser, her brand new step mom hated her, she lost her job, and she was known to be a college drop out. Her story picks up when she turned twenty, and moves with her uncle whose a president of a biker gang. I do NOT own any rights...

  • Together, Or Not At All: a Harry X Voldemort|Tom
    1.1M 39.7K 74

    AU: Tom and Harry are in Wool's Orphanage at the same time. History may hate us, but they'll never forget our names. How wonderful; how strange. To be loved by something that hates all else. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was completely out of my control. You are...

  • Neither Can Survive (Book One)
    267K 7.1K 30

    "I'm sick of being the 'Golden Boy', the 'Savior'! I just want it all to end," I scream to no one in particular. It was another Summer at Privet Drive and I don't think I can take another moment of it. I sit up from my spot in the garden and wonder what would've happened if I join Voldemort in First Year? With a swoos...

  • Queen Of Mafia ✔️
    55.6K 1.2K 37

    "Cam! Cam! Where are you?" I started screaming. Already scared that he might died. "Mary..." I heard someone say. But it was too quiet to know where it was coming from. "Cam where are you?!"I was already panicking. Suddenly I saw a silhouette in the darkness. "Cam! Is that u?" And I hold my gun tightly. "Mary" an...

  • Neko Harry Potter
    106K 2.6K 16

    Harry Potter one day is abuse to the brink of death but is saved by his creature inheritance. He goes Gringots finds out that the light is not as light as they seem and when he finds out the order of the Phoenix then attacks. He turns into a cat and Lucious Malfoy finds him. He learns things about and sees a different...

  • Daughter of Light
    239K 9.6K 37

    "You, my dear, are a demigod." She said. "Excuse me, what?" Her granddaughter asked. "You're one of a kind, dear." ~ΔΟΛ~ ΔΟΛ~ ΔΟΛ~ Clover Beckert wasn't exactly living the best life. Yeah, she was studying in a private boarding school. But she didn't know any relative of hers much less her parents. Being abus...

  • The Betrayed Hero.
    989K 29.1K 37

    Harry Potter never thought his life would turn out like this. Harry goes through a Creature Inheritance and learns that he has become what the Light hate: A Dark Creature. He goes to Gringott's to learn more about himself, but instead learns the truth of who he truly is. Harry learns that everything he knows is a li...