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    How I got 1 MILLION followers? How to make a viral story with 200 million reads? How I became a Wattpad Star and got my stories monetized? How I got my books published and closed projects? My secrets will be revealed here and the tips in making book covers, good synopsis, getting followers, votes and so much more. Thi...

  • ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇɢᴀʟ ᴀᴡᴀʀᴅs 2020 [OPEN]
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    Open (👑) Judging () 👑 Closed () 👑 I believe that every book is unique and it's high time that our books get the recognition they deserve! 👑Are you an undiscovered writer?👑 Join this award to get more reads/votes and even get the opportunity to make top 3 in your novel's genre! Make sure to share this award with...

  • Review Book (any genre)
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    What you need to know: 1. Must be your own work obviously 2. Everything I say is constructive criticism. I will be honest. (Here's a secret: There's no such thing as a perfect story) 3. I'm open to fan fiction. It'll just take me a while to review, because I'd rather get the references. That means I'll have to watch...

  • The Road to Wattys
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    The home for all your Wattys resources and education. You can find the Road to Wattys Podcast here, connect with other writers, and read up on tips and tricks.

  • Thriller Writing Workshop with Kanchana Banerjee
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    Join us for a 5-day thriller writing workshop with Kanchana Banerjee. Here, you won't just learn how to write thriller, you will also have daily tasks so you can write along! *** Kanchana Banerjee is an author with HarperCollins. She has written & published two books - Nobody's Child (2019) and A Forgotten Affair (201...

  • What Not to Do With your Stories + Other Randomness
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    Ever wondered what not to do with your stories on Wattpad? No? Well, whatever, here is the (not) complete guide to the most annoying cliches you find in a lot of books. Keep in mind that these are MY opinions and are meant only for humor. They are not- in any way, shape, or form meant to offend anyone. If I do offend...

  • Flowers Summer Awards
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    (Closed for judging) Hello guys! I am terrible at descriptions, so please just take a look inside. Wink wink**

  • Wattpad Confidential: Proven Reader Engagement Techniques
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    BEFORE YOU PUBLISH A NEW BOOK, READ THIS ONE FIRST! Are you a rookie to Wattpad? Are you a veteran on Wattpad? Are you struggling to get reads? Are you tired of advice books that were written by people who published before 2013? Following this advice, I went from less...

  • Wattpad Mentoring
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    Have you found yourself lost in the wonderful world of Wattpad? If yes, this may be the book for you. Fill out a form and be assigned a personal mentor to help guide and support you as you start your Wattpad journey. Or perhaps sign up to become a mentor and have the chance to help give advice and tips to new writers...

  • Announcements
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    This book will contain all the announcements and contest details from Wattpad India. Add this book in library for all the activity updates. Cover Credits: @mystiquewillow

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    Hi guys Open [🧊] Judging [] Closed[] If you are one of the newbies Want to get recognized for your work And want to have good number of reads Here is an opportunity for you...

  • The 2020 Watty Awards
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    The Watty Awards are Wattpad's annual celebration of the galvanizing, inventive, diverse voices that choose to share their stories on Wattpad every year. The Wattys are so much more than an award. They're a celebration of what it takes to tell stories. This book contains all the rules and regulations on how to enter...

  • CoC-1 (A collection of Covers)
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    These covers are requested by my friends,and they WROTE great stories,and poems.Inside this book the original writers details and story Summary are given in short snap. So please go and read their BOOKS,motivate them, they write awesome. All links given inside the every books details.....Enjoy!

  • Lost Dreams Book Club
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    This is a book club that aims for your entire book to be read and commented on. We are always looking for dedicated members who want to improve their writing and reviewing skills. In need of useful feedback throughout your entire story, from beginning to end? Come on in to find out if this is the book club for you.

  • Wattpad Exclusive Interviews
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    Get a sneak peek into the mind of these brilliant writers through the conducted interview! Some maybe your favourite, some maybe new, but at the end, you still have to explore! Get on board to know some of these fantastic minds, writers and designers alike! Let their dedication be an inspiration for all of you. Much...

  • Masterclass | Shunali Shroff | Art of Fiction Writing
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    Join us for a Wattpad Masterclass with Shunali Shroff as she teaches us The Art of Fiction Writing Brought to you in association with @BloomsburyIndia