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  • My Alpha, His Omega [OMEGAVERSE]
    673 44 17

    Jeyhun Park constantly has a dream about an Alpha, whom he can't control himself with. He wonders if it is a subconscious dream or a physical response to his needs. What ever it is.... Jeyhun is desperate to find out. Will he learns the true meaning behind his dream? Or will he forever dream of this mysterious Alpha?

  • Anomie
    190K 7K 51

    she had hate deep in her bones. she would've killed. again and again and again. a wattpad featured novel © 2019 ayanna joseph || all rights reserved

  • Rogue
    2.1M 120K 55

    Book 1 : The Fated Chronicles Levi Calderon. The eldest child to the alphas of the number one werewolf pack in the world, The Dark Moon Pack. Though adopted, he's never once felt unloved or lower than his other siblings. He's grown up with nothing but a loving family in a wonderful pack. But he still feels empty...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha Mates
    9.1M 366K 84

    Book #1: The Mated Series Julian Heil, known for his intelligence and calm exterior. As the future alpha of the Black Moon Pack, he only cares about his pack and their safety. He has managed to develop one of the most dangerous packs in the entire world, feared by many due to his lack of emotions. That is of course...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fair Enough
    6.8K 1.7K 54

    It was always three of us that had intertwined messy love lives, one thing couldn't happen to one of us without happening to all of us,simultaneously ofcourse... Maybe that is what kept so close, for a while anyway...nothing lasts for ever without some suffered effort to the death!

  • The Prism
    201 46 19

    Alex radley never thought death would ever go after her if she limited her fun partying life that everyone around her warned her about but rules are meant to be broken if you hang around X- and his crew. No matter where you hide death always finds you, no matter what you do never call death unprepared because he will...

  • Random Drawings
    3.2K 637 30

    Just me trying to improve my drawing skills . I draw out of inspiration from anybody. It can be imaginative drawing or from a picture. I try my best 😝😎. I love to draw but I'm too lazy😊. I draw and its ok👍 but it is not perfect . And if you see this , do take a look and comment to make me know my mistakes to try b...

  • Finding His Voice
    963 50 10

    "please hold on Andy the police are on their way ok "I plead for him to keep his eyes open. "I...I...I ca--- " Andy choked on his words as the blood began to gargle in the back of his throat ." ANDY!! ANDY!! open your eyes! PLEASE! " I wasn't sure if Andy was going to make it or not because of the condition he was in...

  • Baby It's Cold Outside
    1.2K 51 9

    Daniel had always had the best life. He had a loving family, wonderful older brother and sister, and loyal friends. He'd always been happy. Then, his mate came. It just got better. 2 years later, he's engaged and pregnant. And on the night of the wedding. It was like a spell had been lifted. He caught his mate cheatin...

  • Rise Above ✓
    887K 35.2K 25

    There's something killing the alphas around Maviz, planet of the werewolves. Dallas Crane is the best and number one officer in the Peace Force and Investigation Team - he loathes that his omega status makes people want to walk all over him and so he takes it as a challenge to anyone on a higher status. Then he meet...

    Completed   Mature
  • Untethered ✓
    122K 8.4K 23

    Isaac Kirk's world comes to an abrupt halt when he finds out his Soulmate Mark isn't identical to that of Jamie Ryan's; his best friend and the guy he's been in love with all his life. Isaac's mark is also in COLOUR, which is an even worse fate, because it's rumoured that people with coloured marks don't even get to h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dragon Queen.
    510 32 23

    A war, a war that leaves all dragons dead....... Well almost all of them. Only one egg of each species were left behind after each egg found it's rider. Sky a pretty determined girl sets out on a journey to bring back the good old days of the dragons and their rider as the Dragon Queen. Follow Sky, Snow, Trevor and Ta...

    Completed   Mature
  • Otherworldly Experience [Book 1]
    485K 18K 25

    The son of Poseidon is done staying in his kingdom surrounded by the same things every day. Hale persuades his father to allow him to leave for while...under one condition. When he comes back he is to marry Naida, a water nymph that has been chosen to be the new Queen alongside of Hale. Hale isn't okay with the marria...

    Completed   Mature
  • Le Renard
    128K 8.3K 32

    Tae has always had the ideal life up until a few years ago when everything seemed to change. No longer was he well-known and loved instead he was ridiculed and teased about who he now was. That is until he meets Alistair and Levi, a peculiar pair that have instantly taken him under their wing. They introduce him to a...

  • Master
    902K 52.5K 46

    Lincoln Wolf The first vampire to have ever walked the face of the earth. Made to be used as a tool of destruction, bringing about death, chaos, and misery to all who crossed his path. After centuries of following this desolate path, he broke free from the shackles which bounded him, but still doesn't feel truly fre...

  • Meeting with the President's Son
    244K 43.8K 89

    All Jade ever wanted was to meet the president's son. Two things that get her into trouble. Her mouth and her brain. What happened after she finally met with the President's son? Talking about the President's son When Jade finally met him, He was cold, yet Jade was close He was distant, yet Jade was near He never knew...

  • My Days At Crown School √ (BOOK ONE) COMPLETED
    394K 53.8K 67

    All the way from Abuja, they say Crown School is the best secondary (High) School in Lagos state, Nigeria. Meet Suzy, the girl who won a scholarship and found herself attending the best school ever in Lagos, Nigeria. I'm sure you don't want to miss the fun! Just go and laugh •••• 🎉 First runner up of African Writer T...

  • • faey's personal hell •
    79 12 3

    if you hadn't guessed...i am faey, and these are my collective story ideas! some from myself, some from others feel free to enjoy a set of one-shots all inspired by the mind of one confused teenage girl my topics do vary and there's no set genre warned! i might take requests but make sure to be descriptive [...

  • When Best Friends Kiss (Book 1)
    8.9M 277K 45

    (Book 1) Alex and Liam have been best friends their whole lives until a drunken kiss leads them down separate paths. As time passes, they must face truths they never expected. ***** Alex Camejo and Liam Santos have been thick as thieves since they m...

  • Our Strange Love
    866K 53.8K 55

    Through a strange series of encounters, a delinquent high schooler and upright university student find love. ***** No longer interested in clubbing, kissing girls, and committing petty crimes, 18-year-old Riley is trying to find meaning in his dull, lonely life. Then he chances upon Eran, a blunt 24-year-old grad stu...

  • Sunflower
    68 7 2

    He was standing in the middle of a sunflower patch. This story is about two boys named Cam and Honey. When Cam sees Honey in a sunflower patch he can't deny that he's beautiful.

  • 𝙖𝙗𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚 [BXB]
    505 36 9

    A prophecy to be made. A world full of sword-fighting. A kind prince who is soon to be ruling over the Okaedo kingdom. A deaf commoner with missing pieces of their life. This world's balance of good and bad is starting to tremble. Is life truly as "normal" and peaceful as they know it? Despite it, feelings blossom i...

  • Moonhaven 2 (M2): Round 2
    145 17 23

    Book 2 of the Otherworldy series! It's been three weeks since Alex Prior had his lethal meeting with a drug dealer, and a baneful encounter with a sinister individual known as Eric Hyve. It hasn't been easy keeping his feelings about those recent harrowing events in check, but his friends -- and new boyfriend, have ma...

  • The High 5
    38 0 21

    |Now FULLY PUBLISHED on Amazon Kindle books!| Also Book 1 of the Otherworldy series (EIther Moonhaven or this can be read first, as long as both are read to continue the series)! Since Aivie Mercer was 6 years old, she began having overwhelming feelings that she was destined for something greater, and that her future...

    Completed   Mature
  • Moonhaven
    316 74 24

    Book 1 of Otherworldy series! Alex Prior and his father, Grayson Prior, come home to an unpleasant surprise one day after a school soccer game, leading Alex's parents on their way to a divorce. A couple weeks later, Grayson stumbles upon a mysterious and friendly letter addressed to his reclusive son with an address...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Forest gxg
    187 9 3

    Its just gay with a story line you might like it idk give this a chance and youll find out

  • Traces of Delilah ✓
    70K 7.1K 30

    After moving to Connecticut for the summer to room with her long-time best friend, Chastity Blake doesn't know what to think of the charm bracelet she finds, tucked under the floorboards in her new bedroom, with the initials D.K. engraved into it. However, when she begins to see people she's never met before and scena...

  • Glass Walls | ✓
    14.7K 1.2K 69

    ❝Perfect family, perfect house, perfect lies.❞ White lies, dark family secrets, scandalous rumours, and damaged reputations. This is London, 1884. The Davies-Russell family seemingly have it made, but nothing can be certain in the midst of the Victorian era. [Book #1 in The Hydebrooke House Series. COMPELETED.] © 201...

  • Voodoo Queens of New Orleans - Vol. II
    46.6K 4.4K 23

    The second installment in the Voodoo Queens Series ** Darkness Prevails - the words favored amongst the many cursed and downtrodden of the Bayou of The Shunned. Lisa Dumont is now a prisoner of the Bayou of the Shunned - the vast, godforsaken territory ruled by her aunt and Supreme Witch, Sajida the Shunned, who aide...

  • Woven Words
    61 0 10

    I don't know what came to my mind, but I think i will be filling this up with my poems. This should serve as my poem storage 😂 I wrote these pieces everyday for my so called boyfriend, but never acted as such. This was my way of expressing my moods and how i felt towards him.