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  • come back to me // dreamnotfound
    423K 13.6K 9

    He's missing. He's gone, out of reach. But Dream is determined to find him. He has to, because if he doesn't, what was all of this for? George goes missing, and no one has any clue on what happened to him. Determined to find him, Dream goes to England to find the truth about what happened to his best friend. TW: This...

  • your heart sang // dreamnotfound
    1.6M 3.8K 1

    TW: This story heavily deals with the effects of suicide, death, etc. It is a main subject, and a very heavy one. Please proceed forward with caution. They had been inseparable, two hearts that would forever be one- and yet now one was gone, and George was only left to pick up the broken pieces of what had once been...

  • Dear Dream By Qekyo
    41.7K 835 1

    dnf one shot by Qekyo on ao3! cover art by @dTartasart on twitter!