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  • Life Under the Hijab | ✔
    1.3M 63.1K 34

    He once abandoned her to her bullies, but now he has redemption on his mind. Little does he know that this woman has other plans and that life would force them together again. * * * Being a Muslim was not made to be easy. Zaynub understands this because she's living through difficulty after difficulty. With family and...

  • Hushed Confessions | ✔
    165K 16.2K 39

    A witty Muslim, a hot cop, a hilarious band of friends, and a psycho killer. What could go wrong? * * * Meet Sajdaa Taha. A sassy, hilarious, and intelligent seventeen year old Muslimah. Being a Muslim in a society where majority of the people see Muslims as terrorists has got to be hard. It gets worse when Sajdaa st...

  • Prince from Paradise | ✔
    48.6K 4.1K 32

    Their love was like a wildfire. Once spread, there was no stopping them. What started as an innocent glance became the magnitude of their flame. * * * In a country, where justice had no value and freedom was suppressed, lived two souls. Lies tore them apart, hatred planted a seed in their hearts, families plotting a...

  • Stars After Midnight
    14K 1K 19

    *THREE COMPLETE SHORT STORIES* A fairytale of adventures where heroines and heroes meet in different worlds with different customs, where their love has no bounds and their struggles have no limits. Set in a period before our time, these couples hold onto their love like their last dying breaths for all eternity, the...