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  • What It Means To Be Accepted//kings college//hamilton AU//
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    Its Alexander's first year at Kings college and it's not like he can say hes excited about it. But when a new student transfers up from South Carolina to attend school in New York will Alex finally see his chance to make friends or will he see other chances with this new kid. It's his first year. What could happen? ⚠️...

  • Broken Boy (lams)
    108K 4.8K 75

    That Hamilton High School AU that no ONE asked for Alexander Hamilton grew up in a small island in the Caribbean. When he was 16 he escaped to the new world of New York where he will spend the rest of his childhood with the Washingtons and their other adoptive son, Lafayette. John Laurens, the local 'tough boy', fight...

  • I Miss You ~ Lams
    113K 4.3K 20

    "How can you miss someone you've never even met?"

  • Hamilton University
    949K 34.3K 30

    The Hamilton college AU that nobody asked for but I wanted to write. Seriously, if you haven't listened to the Hamilton soundtrack GO DO IT. What happens when the immigrant orphan, exchange student, the school jock, and literally the gayest guy known to existence become friends? This will mainly be Hamilton X Laurens...

  • To The Two Of Us (LAMS)
    46K 1.5K 31

    How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman dropped in a forgotten spot in the Caribbean grow up to be a scholar? The college year has barely started and and Alexander finally made a few friends. They all go out drinking and that's how he meets John Laurens... Modern!AU for Hamilton

  • The Beauty Of You // Lams Soulmate AU
    101K 4.1K 24

    Alexander Hamilton. The boy who was born in Nevis by his mother and father. The boy who watched his mother die. The boy who survived a hurricane. The boy who was moved to New York to start a new life. The boy who is abused by his father. The boy who is bullied. The boy who would rather just forget that he has a s...

  • In New York You Can Be a New Man
    413K 20.2K 30

    "The story of then, told by the people of now." When 19-year old Alexander Hamilton arrives at New York City, he leaves behind his past of horror and death to join America. My fanfiction/story tells the tale of the Founding Fathers as they struggle through college life, love, and drama in the 21st Century! +++++++...

  • This is the eye of the hurricane
    96.7K 4K 25

    Yet another modern Lams fic that nobody asked for. But who doesn't love Lams am I right? Apart from historians obviously (they won't admit it's real) Google help me..... please...... I don't know Americ- oh look a rainbow Anyway enjoy

  • Roses~
    27.2K 899 20

    Alexander Hamilton. the nerd who had a crush on a jock, and bully. John Laurens. The jock, who had a crush on a certain lil nerd he always give hell to... And a rose, which symbolises there love for each other. The stem might be thorny and rough, but the flower is beautiful and delicate. idek this is gonna be terribl...

  • Not So Perfect~ Lams
    9.1K 499 19

    Alex has a picture perfect family. He was a beautiful wife, whom he loved very much, a five year old son named Phillip, and another baby on the way. Everything was perfect until Phillip started Kindergarten and Alexander almost immediately catches feelings for his new teacher.

  • You and me college years lams
    17.5K 364 26

    Alex i'm 17 i'm attending kings collage to become a layer i keep people at a arm distance and i attended to keep it that way until i met the gang but who could actual care John i'm 19 i'm attending collage for biology to become a marine biologist I love people and all that life has to offer then i mee...

  • Hush
    77.2K 4.1K 29

    After life threw Alexander around for years, things finally started settling down. He had a loving family, an education, and caring friends. A home. But of course, the world isn't quite done with him just yet. When he starts talking to John Laurens, supposedly bratty, snobbish, rich John Laurens, and finds out that wh...

  • Laurens, I love you a lot (Lams)
    4K 182 8

    Sequel to Laurens, I like you a lot! Hope you enjoy it

  • Lost - A Hamilton Fanfiction (Book 1)
    68.9K 3.3K 60

    John Laurens is a young psychology student straight out of college. To make ends meet, he applies for a job that no one else wanted - to be a therapist at a mental asylum. He witnesses broken minds first hand, but one day, he has a patient who is ... different. What happens next turns his ordinary life upside down. Bo...

  • Hamilton University: Senior Year
    353K 15.5K 28

    (Hey, you might want to read the one before this as it is a sequel. Just a suggestion, my friend.) Join the Hamilsqaud™ and Southern Mother Fucking Democratic Republicans for another year at Liberty University. There will be: friendships, romance, drama, enemies, and heated arguments about turtles. CREDIT FOR COVER G...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Shot (LAMS school au)
    222K 9.4K 44

    As an impoverished orphan, Alexander Hamilton didn't have many options; a full-ride scholarship to National Academy boarding school seemed like the perfect one. /// LAMS for sure, kind of a mixed bag though /// (I don't own the cover art or Hamilton)

  • Hold Me
    252K 10.4K 20

    John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton become roommates while attending university. Everything is going well for the two until Thomas Jefferson sticks his cane in their business. -- John did his best to shake the rain off before he got to his dorm. Just before he reached his room the power turned off. Great. He found t...

  • the choice and the heart break *COMPLETED*
    3K 113 36

    John Laurens is a sweet nice kid he cares for others but he is sadly depressed no one know why but his 3 friends Lafayette ,Hercules mulligans and Peggy he is the oppsite of Alexander Hamilton he is loud has lots of friends and is looking for someone to love and can sometimes he a bully what happens when they end up d...

  • If I Could Tell Him (lams soulmate au)
    102K 3.2K 26

    Ps. I wrote this when I was like 10? Frankly it's not my best work, I DIDNT know when to use commas?? And other things, forgive the grammar. Since the beginning of your own life, a string is attached upon your finger. That string is the one that connects you to the person you will live with the rest of your life with...

  • One and Only (LAMS)
    284K 10.2K 33

    Another basic modern college au sorry Literally stereotypical to every college au fic u read (yes there is a storm chapter) with a FEW plot twists bc you know meee ;) When Alexander Hamilton accepts a scholarship into King's College he meets an amazing new group of friends, in doing so also finding the one and only, J...

  • Love shocks
    3K 160 20

    Sooooooo this is basically about alex and john. When ever john ever did something bad, his body would shock him. He was just born that way for some reason. Doctors never really did figure it out why. Sometimes his body would shock him for no reason at all. So living was quite difficult. But when he meets a certain Ale...

  • |The Truth|Lams|Modern AU|
    102K 2.8K 52

    Literally the same thing as any other lams modern college au. Cover By: Bisexual Sarcasam

  • Feelings || John Laurens + Alexander Hamilton.
    8.5K 274 16

    Yep. Im that girl. Got so addicted to Hamilton, read so many Lams fanfics I decided to write my own. which probably sucks.. And no one will read. Lams College AU Fanfic. "I'm John Laurens, you new here?" "Uh, yeah, Alexander.. Alexander Hamilton."

    Completed   Mature
  • Domestic Life Was Never Quite My Style
    628K 23.1K 44

    The sequel to Hamilton University: Senior Year!!! Join the meme team in growing up, getting married, and even having kids. Will they stay together, or drift apart? IF YOU KNOW WHO DREW THE COVER PLEASE TELL ME!! Word Count: 68,600

  • Unwanted Tattoos (LAMS soulmate AU)
    77.5K 3.4K 57

    In almost everyone's eyes, John Laurens is just that spoilt boy that nobody likes, who's parents have a lot of money, who's just a stupid nerd. Lafayette and Hercules can't protect John every hour of the day, especially not from Alexander Hamilton, if that even counts as bullying. The lion on John's wrist- his soulmat...

  • Laurens I Like You a Lot
    22.7K 1.2K 31

    John Lauren's and Alexander Hamilton, this is a long story, they met at a bar, where Hamilton also met his best friends, Hercules Mulligan, Aaron Burr and Marquis De Lafayette. There is an instant spark between Hamilton and Laurens and they fall for each other almost instantly. Hey guys! This is a modern at type thing...

  • These Dumb Flowers | LAMS | Hanahaki AU
    70.2K 1.8K 26

    ! TRIGGER WARNING ! ENDED: 14•December•2018, while dying inside at like, midnight Please save me

  • A Million Things - Lams ✔️
    33.6K 1.7K 40

    *LAMS COLLEGE AU* "Um...hi," the man said as he closed the book on his legs. He sat up and stretched as he continued speaking. "You must be Alexander. My name is John Laurens." Alexander watched John in silence until he finally cleared his throat. "Y-yeah! That would be me!" he sputtered out. John stood up and walked...

    Completed   Mature
  • messages//lams ✔️
    215K 8.2K 35

    "thomas we really need to get working on the project" "sorry not thomas this is john" //au where everything starts with a wrong number //ships: lams, mulette, meggy, jeffmads //lots of fluff, not much angst, and some smut because i do that apparently

  • Internet Friend - Lams College AU ✔
    97.5K 4.6K 32

    20-year-old John Laurens makes a new friend online whom goes by the name of, WritingTil'51... [Completed! ✔] Warnings/Keep in mind before reading: First fanfic. I only portrayed Eliza like this for storytelling purposes. Many plot holes, seeing as this is my first fanfic. When I was writing this, I was (still am) very...

    Completed   Mature