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  • The Price of Popularity (BoyxBoy)
    730K 28.6K 25

    [Completed] Asher's life revolves around two things; being popular and his boyfriend, Danny. Unfortunately for Asher, these things don't really coincide, so he leads two completely separate lives. At school he is captain of the football team, he flirts with pretty girls and parties like there is no tomorrow, but...

  • Scott Mason: Gay Superhero (boyxboy)
    105K 5.4K 33

    Scott Mason is an amateur superhero with a touch of a rebellious side and an unstable hold on his powers. He doesn't expect the new superhero in town, Pitch Black, to turn his life upside-down (or save it multiple times). As much as this bothers him, he reluctantly joins the superhero drama-which includes the insidiou...

  • Confessions of an Ex-Death-Eater
    52.1K 3.2K 37

    A Drarry Story. While Draco is confined to the manor on house arrest, he writes his story, publishes it, then shuts himself away from the wizarding world. Some nine and a half years later, Harry is about to leave the university where he works as a Professor of Defence Arts when he sees a student bent over a stack of b...

  • Stardust
    391K 16.8K 17

    Jake Gallagher has always lead a particularly average life outside of the antics of his unconventional family. Average grades, average friends, and the average teenager's aversion to familial embarrassment, until his life takes a turn for the unexpected. Because sitting three rows and catercorner from Jake in his astr...

  • The Other Side Of The Mirror ✔
    21K 1.3K 15

    [LGBTQ+ FANTASY NOVELLA] Arumni, a land of peace and prosperity, of happiness and magic, where people of all kinds can live long, successful lives. A land where magic is as abundant as water, flowing through everything in the realm. A land of beauty. This is not the land Eli Fawn is pulled into through the mirror in h...

  • The Boy in the Band
    1.1K 150 18

    River is a directionless college kid. All he knows is going with the flow of things: parties, women, intoxication. Somehow, River's flow lands him in the sights of Fin, the mysterious bass player of a semi-popular local music group: Boy Band. The band needs a new lead guitarist and River needs a new excuse to stay in...

  • A Kiss is still a Kiss | TayNew (COMPLETED)
    82.5K 3.6K 35

    [COMPLETED] BoyxBoy On his graduation day, New mustered all his remaining courage to confess his feelings to Tay Tawan, a certified chick magnet and playboy, but got his heart broken after Tay straight up told him he is not into men. Two years later, things made a major turnaround when New woke up on the right side of...

  • THE FALL OF DILLION LUX, tom riddle
    21.6K 1.6K 18

    how far will you go for greatness? tom riddle / male oc started 2020 on-going

  • Outside The Lines [boyxboy]
    1.6M 61K 23

    Sarcastic Theo is just trying to get through his senior year of high school with his sister Thalia and his best friend Oliver. But Theo’s life gets flipped upside-down when the overly flamboyant Dimitri Ivanov is thrust into his life. Dimitri is cocky, flashy, and makes a hobby out of annoying Theo. But Theo begins to...

  • Don't You? (Drarry)
    229K 7.5K 48

    It's been 6 years since the war. Harry and Ginny broke up soon after, and he's living a peaceful quiet life finally not having to fight the bad guys. He still gets nightmares, and blames himself over lost loved ones. Draco Malfoy took to becoming one of the best healers in history. Living in the manor with his mother...

  • You, Me, and All The Spaces In-between
    599K 25.6K 49

    Alyx Miller is a smart, quiet high school student with a raging attraction to Cash Smith: the wildly popular quarter back with model boy hair. When his English class anonymously swap their favourite books with each other for an assignment, Alyx discovers that maybe one of his classmates is a bit more profound than he...

  • Writhe
    300 51 20

    After her best friend graduates from high school, Daphne Liu is prepared to face her senior year alone. The plan is to keep her head down, stay out of trouble, and get out. All of that goes out the window when, on the first day of school, Daphne encounters some people who would proceed to drag her through her last fir...

  • The Boy (boyxboy)
    153K 8.7K 18

    Jay just wants peace and quiet, Ben needs a new friend. What could go wrong? ❀ ❀ ❀ I'll take a quiet life a handshake of carbon monoxide with no alarms and no surprises ❀ ❀ ❀

  • Back To You (Boyxboy)
    1K 85 2

    Their love was doomed from the moment it began. Two boys are cursed by a Goddess and are reincarnated again and again having no memory of their former lives until they kiss each other. The catch? Once they remember who they once were it isn't long until one of them dies a tragic death and they're forced to repeat the...

  • Boys Will Be Boys (v.2)
    97.7K 4.7K 28

    This is the rewritten (better!) version of Boys Will Be Boys DISCLAIMER: This book will contain foul language and general idiocy. *** "You good Keke?" I felt a hand slap my back and looked up excitedly, lips splitting into a grin when Lukas dragged a stool over next to mine. He nudged me with his shoulder, a small s...

  • Fight For You // Wolfstar AU
    52.2K 2.3K 10

    A wolfstar AU (no-magic) {a relatively short story} The 1970s, a wonderful time of bold makeup, bell-bottom jeans, vinyl shops, police brutality and rampant homophobia. You get the gist. In which, Remus Lupin is a fresh-faced wallflower just out of college, supporting his community in miniature efforts, as to not get...

  • stain ☾remus lupin
    1.9M 70.3K 46

    the stains that blotched their shirts were different; his from spilled coffee and hers from accidental cigarette burns. however, the stains on their bodies matched so beautifully. the red hickeys ethereally nested on her collarbones blending with the purple love bites trailing up his neck. [r. lupin] [highest: #60 in...

  • [Old Version] Playing for the Other Team [Old Version]
    3.1M 111K 41

    **THIS IS AN OLD VERSION OF THE STORY** **PLEASE READ THE "BEFORE YOU READ" FOR MORE INFORMATION** Nathan Bone is the prime example of a popular guy. Team captain of the basketball team, handsome, rich and capable of getting any girl he'd ever want. The only problem is that he doesn't really want just any girl. In fa...

  • Albus Potter and the Cursed Legacy | Scorbus
    59.7K 3.2K 47

    The Potter name is nothing but a curse to the now sixteen-year-old Albus Potter. Although he might resemble his father physically, that is where the similarities end. Albus struggles to live up to the legacy of his father, feeling like a disappointment. Growing distant from his family, the only thing keeping him toget...

  • Musical Therapist (Blairon) (On Hold)
    31.6K 1.4K 60

    Blaise Zabini Nobody really understands who or what he is. Yes he is a wizard, but maybe he is something much, much more. Muggle music to him outlet. A surge that keeps the creature at bay. Many people don't know or understand what he is but...neither does he. Read through as you watch Blaise's life unfold as...

  • The Time Lord's Apprentice
    14.2K 651 56

    "But, you're impossible!" "Yeah, and the world is ending, I don't think now is the time." Peyton is an orphan, taken from her mother as an infant by the Unified Intelligence Taskforce. She is raised separately from other children because she is special, she shouldn't even exist. Her mother, the human known as Lucy Sax...

  • Their Sanctuary | ✔
    115K 5.2K 31

    Society sees Storm as nothing more than a rebellious delinquent. I mean who doesn't? He's a 17-year old who smokes, drinks, dropped out of school and ran away from home. And there's Elliot, a quiet rich teenager who saw the other side of him society decides to overlook. They may be polar opposites to the naked eye...

  • Team Spirit
    63.8K 4.7K 42

    Summer's over and Sam faces a dilemma: how to manage a long distance relationship with his first real boyfriend. Joining the volleyball team seems like the perfect answer to get out of town to see Leo. Laura's perfect season is rudely interrupted by Wren, new girl and lesbian hellbent on distracting her from her go...

  • It Started With Letters - Drarry
    257K 11.7K 77

    BEST: #1 in drarryfanfic - Draco Malfoy's biggest secret is the box of unsent letters under his bed, letters that are addressed to Harry Potter. The war is over and the students are returning for their final year at Hogwarts, everyone's ready for a relaxing year but for Harry and Draco it won't be easy. The two boys...

  • never let me go
    59.5K 2.2K 34

    Harry and friends are returning to Hogwarts for an 8th year to complete their studies, but the last person he expected to return was Draco Malfoy. Can he put their old rivalry behind them and start anew? Draco has been dealing with his own struggles since the war, and finds himself in a very dark place when Harry Pott...

  • White Lies // Drarry
    1.1M 46K 31

    Author: Cassis Luna In which, Draco drinks a potion that allows him to see through lies. Harry, evidently blamed, must help him through the effects of the potion. For the first time, they see one another in a different light. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the plot nor the characters. This fan fiction is created by Cassis...

  • thin | ✓
    146K 12.3K 41

    For as long as Ayaan Sharma can remember, he's had his life sketched out for him. He went to the school his parents chose for him. Took the courses they told him to. Handles the family business like he was supposed to. And now he's going to marry the girl they want him to. Enter Mason Dayley. Unlike Ayaan, he's awkw...

  • Love is greater than our cause
    44.2K 2.1K 67

    *Complete* Chapters 1-14: Gellert and Albus in 1899, two handsome, power hungry young adults planning to change the world...they were closer than brothers 👀 Chapters 15-42: 1927-1936, they've gone their separate ways but know they will meet again some day...Dumbledore struggles with the joys of teaching and Grindelw...

  • Merlin- Gone
    56.7K 1.6K 10

    When Merlin disappeared, it took a chunk out of everyone's heart, especially Arthur's. The knights and him checked all of the five kingdoms, but he was nowhere to be found. Everyone just gave up and believed that he died. Because of this, Arthur was a mess and shut himself in his room. If you want to find out the rest...

  • Not Another High School Love Story
    1.1M 49.9K 42

    Ugh *rolls eyes* not another high school love story... [Twist on clichés] A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY *RANK* ·#1 || Closeted--5/7/19 ·#1 || Gayboys--6/18/19 ·#1 || Guyxguy--7/15/19 ·#1 || Bxb--7/29/19 ·#1 || Boyxboy--7/29/19 ·#1 || Gaylove--7/29/19 ·#1 || Jock--7/30/19 ·#1 || Lgbt--8/3/19 ·#1 || Loser--8/3/19 ·#1 || Boy...