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  • CONCUSSED. | TAEKOOK - complete
    14.3K 979 9

    "stop trying to hook up with me again, dumbass, i'm concussed!" "huh, guess you really could say i fucked your brains out." in which taehyung and jungkook hookup in a bathroom, and taehyung ends up with a concussion.

  • insomnia » yoonkook [ #Wattys2017 ]
    141K 6.1K 36

    » [completed] « jungkook stumbles into a site named and when he accidentally clicked on yoongi's mixtape, he ended up listening to all of his mixtapes. and it gave him insomnia. [sloppily written | no editing made] © fuckedbyoongi

  • Lamb Skewers(m.y.g+j.j.k)
    241K 12K 32

    lamb skewers were a no-no for jungkook, but the boy behind the counter wasn't.

  • Wide Awake (BTS Jin FF)
    42.1K 1.5K 26

    Maybe I, I can never fly~ The voice is mesmerizing.... I walked towards the source of the voice.

  • Can you love me ? || BTS JIN X READER FF ||
    18.9K 551 32

    " I'm your husband. " " What? " " I'm Y/N husband " " WHAT THE H**L " The appearance of a man who has an equivalent face with a model that can melt the heart of any woman with only his smile. This is not acceptable to Y / N. She hate him but its change from Jin's private villa incident. What is that? How does she ove...

  • Cooking Love (Jin x Reader)
    34.4K 935 21

    You like cooking, he likes cooking, but there's one thing you don't like about him. He's a cooking playboy. You were beautiful but you were only focus on your things. He plays with girl's hearts with his cooking but you changed him. Boys fall for you but you ignore them. You guys are rivals. Will you fall for him or n...

  • Seongsaeng || Seokjin- Kim Seokjin X Reader. (#Wattys2017)
    33.3K 633 22

    In which you are a new student in BigHit High and Kim Seokjin is your homeroom teacher. What could go wrong..? Right? #25 in jinxreader♡ [DISCLAIMER: I do not own BTS nor Kim Seokjin, All rights reserved.]

  • Online Dream
    5.7K 583 60

    Adalina fan account gets noticed by the lohl. See what happens when BTS Kim Taehyung starts liking and posting messages under her posts. - - - - - - - I do not own BTS. This is a work of fiction. Please do not steal any of my work either without my permission. Thank you and enjoy 💜❣

  • Wrong Number // Park Jimin
    12.8K 588 36

    A girl who doesn't care for labels gets a message from an unknown number. Park Jimin texts the wrong number instead of Taehyung. (This story contains harsh language. Read at your own risk.) Started: April 7, 2020 Ended: - - - - Copyright © 2020 Hobi_Jiminie

  • letters from an army | jjk✓
    35.6K 660 51

    Jeon Jungkook fanfic || completed the title says it all: "Elle Harper, who are you?" Copyright © mochigull • 2018

  • Puppy | M.Y
    217K 7.5K 44

    | min yoongi | BOOK 1 OF THE BTS SERIES |in which he falls in love with the girl from the pet store |social media cover by princess @DarellyLucero

  • Magical Soulmates ✔ (BTS:Jeon Jungkook X reader)
    32.7K 733 13

    "Are you sure we are different," he said "what if I tell you, we are the SAME" "What do yo....." "I mean that we are both unique and have the same abilities," he cut me off Hi guys !!! This is my first FF and my english grammar is not so good. I hope you will enjoy the story

  • Your Touch ✔️
    17.3K 512 43

    An alternate universe where Jungkook, a famous idol, meets his soulmate. Both he and his soulmate don't believe in true love and soulmates. How would they both bond? A collaboration book by Min_Yoongi_my_cat and Yeonbean34

  • 𝕋𝕣𝕚𝕡
    3.7K 373 20

    BTS X READER "THE WATER'S TOO STRONG! HOLD ONTO SOMETHING!" "JOONIE- I-" "NO! STAY WITH ME! I'LL FIND YOU, OKAY?! DON'T WORRY! I'LL FIND YOU!" ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~ So that was where everything started. From there, you will encounter more interesting people. Very very interesting people. All h...

  • Busan || jjk
    30.6K 1.7K 20

    "Home is where the heart is." But for her Busan is midnight hair and doe eyes. Busan is Jeon Jeongguk. Her home. . . . . bestfriend!jungkook, idol!jungkook, idol!bts, friends to lovers au.

  • A Chance - Bts X Reader
    114K 2.4K 47

    Don't be afraid to take a chance. You never know how well it can go!

  • Ours (Sugamon X Chubby! Reader)
    61.8K 2.6K 23

    Soon my vision cleared and I could hear what was going on. "(Y/N)! Calm down!" I looked up at the face that was right in front of mine. Tears were flowing down my face, like rivers. A sense of relief rushed through my body. ~~~~~~ BTS Fan-fiction ~~~~~~~ Some mild language ~~~~~~~ #1 xreader 2/10/20 ~~~~~~~ Started...

    12.7K 1.1K 12

    in which the constantly scared delivery boy walks in on a gang war... and she teaches him to be brave.

  • WINGS. | bts short stories
    790 42 1

    a collection of bts stories for all the ideas i have and because of all the time i don't have. a different bts member each chapter x reader, they probably won't be related in any way.

    3.6K 306 9

    she never knew how much she needed his smile until he was gone forever

  • sister ー jjk
    2.9M 91.7K 109

    what happens when you finally meet your brother's youngest bandmate, who happens to be the same age as you and loved by millions? "Oh God! He is going to murder me!" "No, because I'll murder him." A story full of cuteness, video games, bickering, rivalry, competitiveness, bangtan, a great bestfriend and an over-protec...

  • 𝕾𝖔𝖋𝖙𝖞
    58K 3.2K 10

    A certain hyung has a soft spot for the maknae. STARTED: 7/9/19 ENDED: 8/10/19

  • The Wedding Destroyer (J.JK)
    161K 7.9K 32

    "Hello, I'm Y/N your personal Wedding Destroyer." You spoke softly into the headset, the slurp from your coffee echoing through the line just moments after, "How can I assist you today?" "It's Jungkook," you paused as you recognised the masculine voice replying to your earlier question, "I have another job for you." ...

  • Idols Girl P.JMff (On hold)(Under MAJOR Editing)
    727 139 8

    "Why, why does everything happen to me." I feel lost nobody to hear me nobody to lean on when I am sad I try to run away from the reality but it hits me and comes back to me. Untill I met him. I hope you like this book! -Authors note Credit for cover: @_taesty_ Credit for previous cover: @MatyMaryMatyJm Credit...

  • A Slow Roast
    293 19 19

    Min Lynn is a very nice girl and sweet like sugar. Kim Namjoon on the other hand is arrogant and a jerk in the beginning will one spill of coffee cause a lot? Find out and see. Started: November 12, 2018 Ended: November 10, 2019 COMPLETED! (P.S Do not copy this please and thank you!)

    6.9K 227 12

    Everything started with a pair of red converse high. ❝ There's a big difference between Infatuation and Falling in Love ❞ ⠀ㅡ Phil McGraw Plots are fictional. Stories are original. Please don't copy-paste it to somewhere else without any permission. ⓒ All Rights Reserved, 2016

  • Ready Player One | OT7 x Reader
    49.4K 2.6K 32

    Your endless game fantasies with BTS! "So what now?" Yoongi casually takes a sip of his juice, "What do you think? Y / N's a literal daddy. I think it pretty freaking obvious at this point that we need to kiss up and trust her to carry us. This little missy looks freakishly reliable " When it's up to you to save thei...

  • Best Friends | j.jk
    110K 3.8K 52

    the boy you were secretly in love with. In your eyes he didn't really change but you are afraid of loosing him. You are making him feel happy and he is making you feel happy. He is proud of you. You are proud of him. You know him better than anyone else. He knows you better that anyone else. You are watching him flirt...

  • Collateral beauty | JJK FF (Editing)
    55.2K 1K 22

    ❝I can't love you.❞ ❝Neither can I.❞ A Jeon Jungkook college!au © Doryart 2019

  • Always with you ( BTS Jimin fanfic )
    21.2K 654 27

    The story of you and your husband, Jimin, process through marriage. Filled with only sweet and lovable moments including some fluffy scenes ( He he ) Your name would be : Eun Ha Husband name: of course it's JIMIN!!!!❤️ This would be my first fanfic for BTS, so I hope that you would enjoy it...