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  • South Boys #6: Bad Lover
    83.9K 5.4K 3

    This guy is bad news. Pretending to be cute and nice while hiding an evil inside. Although Zandra Asuncion dislikes Michael Jonas Pangilinan, she gradually comes to understand where he is coming from. She foolishly finds herself aiming to fix him, unaware that she's falling into his trap called 'love', as this guy, de...

  • South Boys #1: Kiss Master (Published and to be adapted soon into mini-series)
    15.2M 765K 72

    He's as loyal as a dog who follows her around, but that was before she gave him up. Arkanghel, the charming high school boy who taught Sussie's young heart to love and gave her her first kiss is now the cold and arrogant CEO of a massive company. And aside from being unreachable now... Arkanghel detests her to boot. S...

  • South Boys #2: Heartbreaker
    13.9M 764K 82

    He's her human trophy. Carlyn doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, as long as she has Jordan Moises Herrera, her sensible and almost perfect boyfriend from the Science Class. But just when she started falling for him for real, Jordan suddenly realizes that he was too good for someone like her. South Boys #2 JFSTORI...

    Completed   Mature
  • South Boys #3: Serial Charmer
    4.4M 249K 64

    She may be beautiful, but she is aware that she's quite the airhead and is pretty dense. As such, Vivi masks her weaknesses behind a snobby and haughty façade. Then she meets Isaiah, who sees through her from the get go, an existence that threatens her disguise... South Boys #3 JFSTORIES

  • South Boys #4: Troublemaker
    5.2M 328K 73

    He is trouble incarnate. While she's a studious, well-mannered student, he's a delinquent who gets tangled up in all sorts of problems. They are completely opposite... yet unexpectedly ended up in some kind of weird "secret" relationship. South Boys #4 JFSTORIES

  • South Boys #5: Crazy Stranger
    3.5M 210K 67

    As far as she remembers, she's the obsessed one. Laila does some crazy things while secretly fangirling over the campus semi-cal cutie, Asher James Prudente, and that includes hardcore stalking. So how does Asher, who's totally not interested in a weird and not-so-pretty girl like her, suddenly become a crazy dog who'...

  • Heartbreaker Bonus Chapter
    215K 8.8K 2

    Jordan Moises Herrera and Carlyn Marie Tamayo's ( Do not read this if you haven't read Heartbreaker yet )