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  • Nobody's Type *BBW love story*
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    two sided POV read and learn👀👀

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    " how long will take for this for the go" I don't know she told me . Maybe i should leave . Started- September 25 2020

  • The Broken Girl
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    I could hear them searching my room. "Where is she? You said, she would be here. We made a deal. I gave you 50 pounds of weed and cocaine. You gave me your daughter to pay me off." The man said angrily. "She'll be here soon and she'll be all yours to sell. Anything you want her for. "Dad said. My watered eyes. How cou...

  • 16 and Pregnant B#3
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    Book #3 to 16 & Pregnant

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    Venous never had or wanted anything in life but took other plans for the better and worst, Sometimes when you can feel danger the best bet is to avoid it before you come to face with it.

  • Little Something Like This💕💕.
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    Aija has been a mother since she was sixteen , many douted her even her sister . But she stayed strong for her babygirl x'arii 🤞🏾 . Truth aka Saint 🖤 has been thru a very hard life with his brothers . They never really had mommy or daddy and him being just a infant at the time they left was hard on them . What will...