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  • Meeting Mrs.Mills
    42.6K 1.6K 20

    Dr. Mills and Emma Swan. What more can I say?

  • Promesse Au Clair de Lune (ShinKai)
    1.1K 225 20

    Promesse Au Clair de Lune literally means "Moonlight Promise". In this a ShinKai (Kudo Shinichi x Kuroba Kaito) AU, where Kudo Shinichi is known as a famous private detective of Strasbroug, France named Jimmy Kudo and Kuroba Kaito is known as a beautiful floweriest named Rosalia Kuroba, who aspires to follow her fathe...

  • quarantined in storybrooke
    2.4K 214 24

    Emma Swan and Killian Jones have been living a good life, happily married, and free of any problems, ever since the Dark Fairy's curse. Now the Covid-19 pandemic approaches them, and they have to live their lives seeing their family less. - ❝"Hello citizens of Storybrooke," Sidney Glass, the news reporter for today op...

  • The Queen's Heart
    19.1K 963 29

    Emma has been captured by The Evil Queen and is being held prisoner in her castle for high treason. With no way of escape in sight, Emma begins to wonder why was she captured at all, and why has The Evil Queen kept her alive? With each day that passes, Emma and The Queen become closer to one another, and it's not long...

  • her regal majesty | lana parrilla; regina mills
    5.9K 251 21

    oneshots about our best regal lady, Lana Maria Parrilla and her characters :))

  • Harley Quinn x Female Reader ( girlxgirl )
    15.4K 521 3

    You're the new girl working at Arkham Asylum, when one day you saw the infamous Harley Quinn's name on the list of your patients. Your past with Harley started to show from the moment you were at her cell. Y/N stands for "Your Name"

  • NightQuinn
    35.7K 1K 27

    Dick Grayson and Harleen Quinzel are both tired of their current situations, they need a change. Something new. Someone new.

  • Demon Slayer One Shots
    1.1M 15.8K 81

    Demon Slayer one shots! Cute and Fluff!❤