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  • Infatuation (Published)
    3.4M 88.1K 47

    Lukas Andres Cruise - Consunji is the SOLE heir of the CONSUNJI EMPIRES and being the Sole Heir, Lukas had no interest in keeping the family money - he would rather spend it. He lived his life believing that when the right time comes, he will inherit everything but things changed when some low life woman named Apollo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just a night with him (Published)
    9M 181K 24

    Seven years ago, Sheenalyn Ybarra made a mistake of joining a fraternity, seven years later, Sheenalyn Ybarra made a mistake of entering Sancho Consunji's turf. Witness how Sheena's life turns around because of the ruthless man who have marked her twice. Consunji Series 1st Gen Book # 02

  • Hands all over (Published)
    4.5M 92.3K 27

    Once upon a time is only applicable in fairy tales and princesses. Aura never believed in those but when life gets the best of her, she started hoping for a hero that would save her from the world she was in. But what would happen if the blast from the past named Adam Ignacio Consunji comes back and picks her up? Witn...

    Completed   Mature
  • She will be loved (PUBLISHED)
    1.8M 38.6K 22

    Laide Consunji grew up always getting what she wanted. With just one word, she could have everything the world can offer. She had the perfect life every girl dreams about. But despite of it all, she was longing for something - someone - a person she had always wanted but she could never have. Why? Because he's marr...

    Completed   Mature
  • The runaway heiress
    4.3M 50.9K 20

    Yza Consunji had always had choices. She grew up having everything even if she didn't ask for it. She had a perfect life although she just wanted to be ordinary. What would happen if the reluctant heiress runs away to find herself? And what would happen to the two men fighting for her heart? Who would she choose? Who...

  • Stolen (Published)
    5.7M 74.1K 23

    If something got stolen, will you do everything just to take it back? Consunji Legacy # 07

    Completed   Mature
  • Until you are mine
    7.8M 151K 33

    Ynna Johanna Consunji is the youngest daughter of The Sancho Consunji - she is a princess but not everything for her is easy. Yna was convinced that her brother Yllak, hates her and that saddens her big time. Yllak Joaquin Consunji is trying his best to control his feelings for his sister. He is in love with her and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Exclusively His
    4M 88K 25

    Yvo Jorge Consunji's life turned black and gray when he got his heart broken. He is a Consunji and yet his heart is broken - that was a first and that was his deepest darkest secret -nobody knew and he will kill if someone finds out. He spent his whole life plotting for revenge for the woman who broke him at alam niya...

  • Love Somebody
    6.3M 142K 33

    Ares Adolf Consunji is high mighty. He believes that everything will go on his own way but when his long time FuBu left and was nowhere to be found - he found himself dealing with Bathseeba Madlang-Tao - the only one who knows about the person he as looking for. Witness how Ares Consunji's life turns around as he dea...

  • Who you love
    9.9M 208K 33

    Hermes Atlas Consunji is the ruthless among all. He was proud of it. He didn't care. What he wants he gets but his life became a little bit lighter when his little angel came along. He was happy - still ruthless but happy but this happiness was cut too short when his baby mommy took his angel away. Now Hermes spend hi...

  • Someone to love
    5.3M 125K 27

    Hera Adriana Consunji is the queen - and as the queen, she is entitled of everything that has something to do with her surname. She can have everything she had ever wanted and because of this she thought that she was contented. Until she met Hades Sanz Vejar. They fell in love. They broke the myth. They are insepara...

    Completed   Mature
  • Harder to breathe
    5M 126K 28

    People have callings and this calling is the reason why we follow our hearts. And in Javier Ignatius Consunji's life --- this calling mattered the most. He wanted to be a priest --- to dedicate his life to serving God and others. It was what he had always dreamed of. But just like every other story --- something chang...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unkiss Me
    7.4M 184K 38

    Casiel Antonniette Consunji had a perfect life. She had a job - that she loves, a perfect family, an expensive car - she had everything life has to offer - perks of being a Consunji Princess. But her life got complicated when a controversy ruined everything in her life. She had nothing left to do but leave their hous...

    Completed   Mature
  • I was born to love you
    4.6M 119K 25

    Gianna Franceska Consunji - Dela Monte is the epitome of a living Princess. Her parents brought her up that way but she's not spoiled although she gets everything that she wants. Gianna wanted a Romeo in a shining armor. Zeus Alejandro Vejar is a man of the world. Just like the Greek God Zeus - he had so many women...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shiver
    4M 120K 28

    How can a lost soldier find her way back to her home? And how can a self-centered bastard see things in a different way? How can the two find their way back to their old selves? Consunji Legacy # 16

    Completed   Mature
  • Once Mine
    4.3M 138K 34

    What will you do if you feel alone, afraid and vulnerable? Hyan Ysobelle Consunji - Demitri feels this way ever since the other half of her died. She felt alone most of the times, afraid because she doesn't have someone to lean on to, vulnerable because she has a secret she couldn't share to anyone. Ayaw niyang maki...

  • The way I was
    1.8M 56.8K 20

    What will you do if you found out that everything you believe into is nothing but lies? Consunji Legacy # 18 Date Started: Sept 2016 Ended: Jan 02, 2017

  • Sweetest Goodbye
    3.6M 108K 33

    Hyacinth Ysabelle Consunji doesn't believe in fairy tales or happy ever after, she doesn't even believe in the sanctity of marriage. Para sa kanya ay nasisira ng kasal ang lahat ng bagay, just like what happened to the marriage of her parents. Para sa kanya "annulment" brought her parents together but marriage ruined...

  • Dare you to move
    6M 172K 30

    Ysmael Pio Consunji is a typical teenager with lots of dreams on his side. He knows his goals and he aims to fulfill it for his father to be proud of him. Diretso ang plano ni Ysmael hanggang isang araw ay narinig niya ang dalawang salitang bumago sa lahat sa buhay niya. "Buntis ako." Sa isipan niya ay hindi maaari...

    Completed   Mature
  • Barely Naked
    928K 28.3K 16

    Nautica Consunji is the youngest daughter of the business tycoon, Yto Jose Consunji. She is a part of an influential clan and because of this, all her moves are being watched by the public. She needed to be the best example of a perfect daughter but the problem is Nautica Consunji is a lesbian. Love has no boundaries...

  • Tangled
    2.3M 78.6K 23

    Everybody loves Apollo Simoun Consunji - Vejar but he doesn't really see that. Ang mahalaga lang sa kanya ay ang kakambal niyang si Achilles Sanz Consunji - Vejar. He was willing to give up everything just for his brother to be happy. He loves him unconditionally that when he asked him to let go of the woman he fell i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Losing My Mind
    3.3M 109K 27

    Hala! Nahulog-log-log-log si Alerica Bernadette nang unang beses niyang makita si Achilles Sanz Vejar. Her young heart beat for him and it stayed that way for a very long time. Ilang beses man niyang sinubukang kalimutan si Achilles ay hindi niya nagawa. Dinama niya ang bawat sakit, hapdi at kirot na nakukuha niya dah...

    Completed   Mature
  • Locked Away
    2.2M 69.3K 24

    Finally, after a long time, Apollo Simoun Consunji - Vejar is in love. He was in love with Sabrina Noelle Lactaotao - the woman who changed his life. Sabrina, is very much in love with Apollo too, she wanted to be with him for as long as forever takes. She planned on giving him everything but there was something that...

  • One more night
    2.4M 82.4K 24

    Mainitin talaga ang ulo ni Hunter Ray Demitri. In his opinion, siya ang nag-iisang pinakamatinong anak ni Yza at Helios Demitri. He spent his whole life trying to do good in his parents' eyes, but one incident made him doubt himself and it involves his brother's friend - Junk Nagao. Consunji Legacy # 25

    Completed   Mature
  • Crash into me
    3.1M 96.6K 30

    Mazikeen Maia Consunji COURTED her high school crush. Yes, she was the one who courted him dahil naniniwala siya na kung maghihintay lang siya na siya ang ligawan ng crush niya ay walang mangyayari sa kanila. That's why she did everything para mapansin siya ni Gonzalo Mora. Her dream came true. Naging boyfriend niya...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seduced
    2.8M 94.8K 20

    Alejandros Vejar is happy and he is gay. Nothing is wrong with being gay. His family loved him. It took a while for his father to accept him but he still accepted him for who he is. he supported all his decisions. His family loved him despite of it all. But then... something changed... Consunji Legacy # 27

    Completed   Mature
  • All I ask
    3M 104K 33

    Kairos Vejar's life is perfect. He has a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. Lahat ay nasa kanya na at masaya siya dahil dito. Pero isang pasabog ang bumago sa buhay niya. Now, he has no idea what to do, he is confused, scared and lost. He doesn't want to loose this chance. They say that the truth always hurt...

  • I knew you were trouble
    2.4M 89.6K 21

    Orion Consunji hated Red's former secretary, Victoria. She is too stiff, too organized and she always always rude to him. He made sure that he will suffer every minute she spends with him, but a realization changed his perception of her. Now, the only thing Orion has in mind is Victoria's welfare, he will do everythi...

  • Treacherous
    2.4M 93.2K 25

    Andromeda Consunji is living her life to the fullest. She wants to be happy, she wants to be carefree and she just wants to fuck. Her life is perfect and it became more perfect when she met Ruel - that macho dancer slash gigolo. He is a good fuck and she enjoys every moment with him. But when her secret is revealed...